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Betta Fish Vase


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This page contains information and advice about keeping Betta Fish in a Vase.

Betta fish in a vase. Beta Fish in a Vase. This picture shows the "Betta in a Vase" which consists of a large vase with some marbles in the bottom, a peace lily plant, and a Betta Fish. There is also a rainbow ribbon around the vase and a plastic base for the vase to sit on.
Click here for more information about Betta Fish.
Quite often buyers of a Betta Fish Vase have been mistakenly told that the Betta can live by eating the lily roots, but the Betta should be fed floating food that is labeled for Betta Fish and freeze dried blood worms, which are actually mosquito larvae.

Click here for more information about feeding fish.

Betta Fish usually do much better in a large Fish Bowl than in a Vase.

Click here for information about Fish Bowls and keeping fish in fish in a Fish Bowl.

Pet Fish Talk a Podcast about keeping pet fish in aquariums, fish bowls, and ponds.  
Click here to listen to a Special Show titled "Keeping Betta Fish", an MP3 PodCast, hosted by the Bailey Brothers on Pet Fish Talk.

Customer Comments

A couple ... things i would like to mention about Bettas in vases.  I am a breeder, with a couple breeding tanks, grow out tanks, and tons of  bowls with tons of Bettas. I am looking forward to recieving the Betta I ordered from you, and can't wait! They are going to be beautiful. One thing I'd like to say though. This is not hate mail. Just a informative letter to help keep Bettas alive. About the vase:
1. You must feed Betta! They will only eat roots out of desperation.
2. The tray at the top with marbles keeps Betta from getting air. Many of my friends who have Betta in vases have also had deaths.
3. The plant, though pretty, roots will die, releasing toxins into the water harmful to fish.
4. Many people are told never to clean it that the plant will: No! Clean once a week, and feed your Betta 2 times a day!
Also, never house your Betta in less than a quart, they need
excercise! How would you like to be in a closet your whole life? LOL
Thanks for the great service!
Reply. Hello Ashton. I agree with all the points you discussed in your email to us. Thank you.

Customer Comments

I rescued a half dead betta ... last year following Christmas. Now, a year later, my betta thrives while everyone I know is on their third betta or given up.
I had no clue what the difference was other than I genuinely cared about my betta and didn't use him as a decoration in a plant vase. This New Years day I set out to find the survival answer. On the Comments page, Ashton expressed an opinion that vases were not the best of homes for bettas.
My limited, but successful, experience would support that opinion. I keep large sea shells and plastic plants in the bowl. He likes to take cover under the shells but comes out in a nonaggresive manner when I approach.
He also enjoys swimming about. Bettas are an easy, attractive pet but don't ask more of them than can be expected. Don't ask them to sacrifice their lives to enhance someone's decor.
Reply. Hello Ann. Thank you for your important comments.

Customer Comments

I just wanted to say that you have a wonderful and informative site. I couldn't find a site to answer all of my fish questions until I found yours.
I recently bought a male beta and put him in a vase with a lily plant on top. It look beautiful, but I wasn't sure if there was anything special I should do for him. Thank you for answering all of my questions.
Tracy C.  
Reply. Hello Tracy. Thank you for your complimentary comments. We're glad to know that you are finding answers to your questions in this website.

Customer Comments

This site is wonderful! I found answers to all my questions on betas. I started with one I got for Christmas as a gift from a large floral shop and two days later he went belly up. I have made up my own now, treated the water, put my own plant in etc and have had no trouble. Again, this site is great!
Fort Morgan CO 80701
Reply. Hello Karen, thank you for your compliments. We're glad to read that you are putting to good use.

Customer Comments

Gentlemen: Just want to write you regarding my 3 bettas. In previous articles I have read about keeping the bettas in a vase....since I have always treated with whatever pets I have had in my 81 years, like my children (Of which I have 5), I was growing quite concerned about this set-up.
I really enjoy watching them as I sit in my chair all day. I am retired and have little to do with my time. I spend that time doing xwords, playing solitaire, and doing various types of needlework, reading, etc. I talked with one of the clerks in the aquarium shop where I purchased my fish...she has her own "pet" right there on the counter. She assured me that they are perfectly fine in that set-up, since the fish live in tiny puddles in rice fields, etc.
The vase magnifies them and they are so beautiful since, when their fins "bloom", as I call it, they appear so much larger than they really are... I really hoped I would find some positive reports on the vase set-up...I guess I will just have to take my chances on them surviving for a long time.
I remember reading in one of the earlier letters, about the man whose fish lived for several years!! Wish me luck!!! If you have any advice at all, would appreciate it very much. Thanks for your time!!

Helene B.
Baltimore MD
Reply. Hello Helene. Thank you for sharing your comments and your concerns about your Bettas. I am very pleased to read in your email that you enjoy your Bettas, and it sounds like you are taking very good care of them.
Click here now to continue on to another web page with more Customer Comments and our Replies about Keeping a Betta Fish in a Vase.
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