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Page 3 about
How to Measure Aquarium Volume

This page contains Customer Comments and our Replies about How to Measure Aquarium Volume.

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Customer Comments

I notice you have a similar question in days gone by. On page 2 of aquarium arithmatic.
It is pretty important that I figure the volume of a probable sale tank (granpa be a cheap ol bird); before letting my daughter decide occupants. after a week her patience is down and so are her choices at the lfs where a credit was issued. It expires in one more week. It's is bigger than betta hexes but how much so? I have people telling me its 5 and 10. Which is it? Seems almost in between to me.
It is a hexagon with 6 inch panels and 14 inches tall. It seems pretty roomy, but that may be the shape. It is about 13.8 inside corner to inside corner.
I can do some math but the right angles and prime numbers got me lost ...
And the other persons numbers there make it hard for me to filch out the formula.
Reply. Hello G.R. So it's a hex-aquarium with 6" sides and 14" tall, and the question is how much water does it hold in gallons?
Click here to see Karen's question about the volume of her hex-aquarium with 12" sides, which is twice as long as the sides of yours, and so has a base with four-times as much area.

I calculated the area of the base of her aquarium to be 374.4 square inches, so your base has 1/4 x 374.4 = 93.6 sq. inches.

Next multiply the area of the base times the height: 93.6 x 14 = 1310 cubic inches. Multiply by 0.00433 to get gallons: 1310 x 0.00433 = 5.7 gallons.

You probably measured on the outside, so the volume of water is somewhat smaller, and 5-gallons is probably pretty accurate.

I remember having an aquarium that was 9" x 9" x 15" and so held 5-gallons of water. It was a regularly shaped aquarium, but the measurements are in the same ballpark as the measurements of the hex-aquarium that you asked about, and this increases my confidence in my answer, 5.7 gallons.

I hope this answer helps.

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