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Page 3 about
Red Belly Pacus
This page contains Customer Comments and our Replies about Pacus. Click here to go back to the previous page of this discussion.

Customer Comments

I just recently bought a red bellied Pacu. I bought it when it was about an inch and within a month it has grown to be 5" . I have the Pacu in the tank with two 5 inch bala sharks and 4 very small zebrafish, which I was told would be eaten, is that true?
As you might be able to tell I just started with my fish I was told when I bought the Pacu it would only reach the size of a soft ball. I think you are doing a great job of letting the readers know that the get very big very fast and I think that you are trying to dissuade people from buying them, which is fine but instead of saying the grow big fast say be prepared to have a 22"-30" fish.
you also said that people should start out with a 50-gallon tank minimum I think it would save people money if you were to say 250-gallon min. if you plan to keep the fish also a diet of fresh or frozen blood worm, flake food, ! some real vegetables and the occasional feeder fish keeps these guys healthy, big and it makes them grow even faster I think.
and I don't know if this was you or a customer comment but, some one said they rarely grow past 12". That is very wrong the red beliied Pacu will grow to 22" if kept right but they will almost always get to 15" to 18".
Reply. Hello Matt. Thank you for your comments about your Pacu. Pacus will eat small fish that they can catch, but Zebra Danios swim fast and can often avoid being eaten.

We both agree that Pacus grow fast to become huge, and anyone thinking about getting a Pacu should know they will soon need a very large expensive aquarium. Thanks again for your comments.


Customer Comments

I was reading some of the comments from people about the Pacu. I agree with you that Paces are not for everybody - we bought ours in 1979 - he is 25 years old! Not only do Paces grow extremely large (ours is 36" long x 12" deep x 5" thick) they require a long-term commitment in terms of time and money. Our Pacu is currently in a 3240-gallon aquarium that my husband built in our family room and we hope to enjoy him for many more years!
Debra M.
Reply. Hello Debra. Thank you very much for your interesting comments about your huge Pacu. I'm sure that readers will enjoy your comments.
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