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Page 2 about
Red Belly Pacus
This page contains Customer Comments and our Replies about Pacus. Click here to go back to the first page of this discussion.    

Customer Comments

hello my last order i had placed i bought a red belly pacu and he was only the size of a nickel ... not i would has been 8 months later and hes unbeliavble ...
he in 8 months he grew from the size of a nickle to 7'inches long and i have him in a 175gallon tank with 5 inch sharks and 5 inch tinfoil barbs and there all one big happy family ... i just wana thank you for selling me my pacu i love him so much ... :0)
a very happy person
Reply. Hello again. We are so glad to hear you are enjoying your pet. It is always nice to have follow up on our customers and their animals. Oh, and good luck with your new, bigger aquarium you will be getting for your Pacu in a few more months!    

Customer Comments

I was just looking at your Pacu site and was looking at the maximum size as 24+" but rarely bigger than 12".  I just thought I'd say that I saw an absolutely monstrous Pacu at a pet store.  It had to be 36" inches at a minimum and 2 feet tall.  It wasn't for sale of course, but it sure was huge.  Thought I'd tell you guys.
Ted H.
Reply. Hello Ted. Click here to see a video of a Pacu that is at least 30" long. In fact I looked at it closely a day or two ago, and it looks like it's about 36" long and very thick!. So your comments are right on.    

Customer Comments

I just found your website and must say I too own a Pacu almost as big as the one in your video. I have had him for 4 years and he's a monster of a fish, but Love him dearly.
I feed him pellets that they feed carp at the local lakes and he just keeps on growing. Bought the pellets in a 50# bag!!
Currently I am looking for a new home for him and his aquarium buddies. He is quite the conversation piece. I have him in a 55 gallon tank, and the Pacu is approximately 21" long, 10" tall and 4" wide. He can hardly turn in the tank, but I have no place to take him and refuse to put him in a local stream, lake or river as some have, and I will NOT kill him!
I also have a Plecostomus which is approximately 13" and Jack Dempsey approximately 10".
My Pacu is very tame and when I put my hand into the aquarium he comes to me and I stroke his side as if petting him. He stalks me and follows my movements as I go from one end of the aquarium to the other. He is a VERY strange creature.
Can you give me any advice as to where I could go to get him a new home. I can't afford a larder aquarium and don't have room for one either.
Thank you,
Tarrie H.
Reply. Hello Tarrie. First I want to congratulate you and praise you for raising your fish to such huge sizes. This shows that you are a very skillful and devoted aquarist.

In addition to your skill and your devotion to your fish, you have been lucky to raise a Pacu to be 21" long in a 55-gallon aquarium. Your Plecostomus and your Jack Dempsey each need at least 50-gallons of water. Your Pacu needs at least 250-gallons of water and probably much more.


Customer Comments

I just read your article on Pacus. I found it very interesting. I had a black pacu back in the 60's. I paid 98 cents for it. It was about an inch and a half long but quickly grew to about a foot. I went through a number of aquarium upgrades to hold it.
They have a tendency to crash into the glass and I would imagine a large one could break through if the glass wasn't strong enough. In the sixties I couldn't find very much info about them so I didn't know what to expect .
The San Francisco aquarium had a very nice black pacu display last time I was there. That was about three years ago. They had six or seven VERY large fish. Also this week there was a news report of pacus living in a lake here in northern california. I can't imagine how they can survive the low temps. Perhaps they have adapted.
Mark B.
Reply. Hello Mark. Thank you for your interesting first hand information about Pacus.    

Customer Comments

I have had two pacus for roughly a year, and I have to say that they are quite entertaining. They became very friendly shortly after I purchased them (they were approx. 3" when I got them). They are now over 7" each, and readily eat out of my hands. They are so personable that I believe I could catch one with my hands if I tried.
Tiny and Pee Wee are kept in a very large tank with three 5" bala sharks, 6 danios and a pleco. I have never had any problems with them being aggressive towards the other fish. Since their teeth have gotten larger in the past 6 months, they have started chewing on my artificial plants and regularly pull them out. They also like to carry peices of the pea gravel around in their mouths, which is pretty entertaining.
I have been feeding mine vegetable chips, cichlid sticks and shrimp pellets since the beginning, with an occasional treat of carrot pieces, seedless grapes and unsalted nuts. They will eat just about anything. I do small water changes often, and keep decor to a minimum. (These fish need lots of room to play!)
One suggestion - do not keep ceramic tank decorations with Pacu, they will destroy them and the material is not digestible!
If someone is willing to accept their potential size and plan around their playful manner, Pacus make great fish to keep as pets. They are very easy to tame and can definitely tell the difference between one person and another. I just thought I would pass this info on, and I hope it helpful to a few of your potential customers.
Reply. Hello Krisann. Thank you for the interesting details about your Pacus, Tiny and Pee Wee. I get emails complaining that I am discouraging people from keeping Pacus, but I'm not against keeping Pacus.

I just want to caution people that Pacus will get very big very fast, and not to get a Pacu, unless you can make a strong commitment to keeping and caring for them properly, when they become very big fish.

You obviously know what you are getting into, and it sounds like you are prepared to take good care of your Pacus. Thanks again for your interesting comments.


Customer Comments

I have two red-bellied pacu that have outgrown my 55 galloon aquarium. I am willing to donate them to you, if your company would be willing to accept them.
They are approximately 12 inches long and in good health. If you would like them, please advise me on your shipping address, and how to ship them properly.
Sean D.
Nashville, TN
Reply. Hello Sean. First, congratulations for doing a good job of giving your Pacus good care and raising them up to 12", which shows you are a skillful aquarist.

We have mentioned several times that it can often be a difficult problem to find a good home for a large fish. Most of the public aquariums have more Pacus than they need, and are not likely to be able to take yours.

We do not buy or sell Pacus that are 12". Here are three  ideas.

(1)  List your Pacus on FishBowlAuctions, which conducts auctions of fish. Click here to go to their web site now.

(2)  List your fish on AquaBid, which does pet fish auctions. Click here to go the AquaBid web site now.

(3)  List your fish on eBay, which auctions just about everything. Click here to go to eBay now.

Click here for some information on moving fish, and click here for many details about how we ship fish. But packing fish for shipment by an airline requires professional skill, and we do not recommend that you do it yourself.

Click here to continue on to another page in this web site with more Customer Comments and our Replies about Pacus.    
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