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Page 2 about
African Black Knifefish
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This page contains Customer Comments and our Replies about the African Black Knifefish.

Click here to go back to the first page about these Knifefish.


Customer Comments

Hi I have a little problem ..... I have a very quiet, calm happy tank ... until this past week. 1st my female betta looked like someone literally bit her lips off!! Wed my yellow barb .. same thing. This tank has been up and running with the same fish for ~ 2 months: 2 clown loaches 2 serpae tetras 2 yellow barbs 2 dwarf gouramis 1 black knife 1 beautiful lavender betta female 1 pleco Any ideas.??????
I have to say that I watch them all the time and this really is an active but nonagressive group. I have never seen any problems. I feed them black worms 1-2 times a week, freeze dried blood worms, tetra flakes occasionally brine shrimp ....  Any thoughts????
thank you
Reply. Hello Marie. Your Black Knifefish is a nocturnal predator that will eat small fish after the lights go out. A Black Knifefish is not compatible with most of your other fish.

I also notice that several of your other types of fish are schooling fish that live best in a group with several fish of their species.


Customer Comments

Hi thanks for your quick reply .... naturally Spike the blacknife is my favorite kid in the tank ..... If I get another aquarium today ... do you have suggestions as to what I can put in with him .... that wont become his next snack ??????
Also there were originally 6 serpes. then 6 yellow barbs ... and ... yes you guessed it 6 headlights ..... only the survivors are in there now. I appreciate your help ... it's difficult to find a reference .
When I purchased Spike the gentlemen at the store said he would be fine with my other purchases ... and when I told them of my face eating episodes ... they said I had a virus+/or parasite and to use minocin. !!!!!!!!!!!
Thank You so much for saving the rest! Do I need to move the clown loaches also????
Reply. Hello again Marie. Click here to read about compatible tank mates for African Black Knifefish, where you see that Clown Loaches are listed as compatible tank mates for your Black Knifefish.

I think that the misinformation you received reinforces our belief, that you must learn about each species, before
you put it in your aquarium.

I recommend that you click here to go to our Search Page, and put that page in the Favorites folder of your browser.

In the future before you add a new type of fish to your aquarium, go to our Search Page, enter the name of that type of fish and read about it.


Customer Comments

I visit your site a lot and I love it.
My fish craze started about 2 1/2 years ago and your website is where I got all my information on new species and general fish care. You guys have helped me temendously. I just wanted to pass along some information that I have acquired through my own fish keeping experiance.
I've noticed that on your list of compatible fish for African Black Knifefish, you don't have Angelfish, or any Corydora catfish. I have 3 African Black Knifefish, 7 large Angelfish, and 1 emerald Corydora catfish all in a 55 gal tank.
They have all lived in the same tank for over a year now and they all get along perfectly. The Angelfish have actually grown up with the Knifefishes since they where smaller than a quarter. The Knifefish have never bothered the Angelfish, only once we had a problem with 2 Yoyo Loaches chasing all the other fish in the tank. They have several places to hide, and have had several chances to eat smaller fish.
The only fish that they have eaten have been 1/2 inch long fish or smaller. They've never taken bites out of my other fish, either. The only thing that they do dine on regularly is Angelfish eggs. I have 3 Angelfish breeding pairs in my tank and the eggs will only get eaten if I turn all the lights off at night.
I have noticed that there is limited information on Knifefish in gerneral, probably from them being considered a wild species. I think that we should be more open to the compatability of these fish. I don't think that anyone knows everything about these wonderful fish, I've had them for almost 2 years and they surprise me all the time.
Thanks for letting me share,
Mandy (Finny)
Reply. Hello Mandy. Thank you very much for sharing your very interesting observations about your fish. 
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