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Page 2 about
Glass Fish
This page continues the discussion about keeping Glass Fish. Click here to go back to the first page in this discussion.

Customer Comments

Hello, I cannot get over how great this website is. It's amazing!!! I looked around for information on the painted glass fish that seem to be popular in fish stores now, but haven't found any here at this site.
I bought 2 a couple of weeks ago not knowing that they weren't naturally colored. I asked at the store if the colors determined
(gender) or age or anything. The guy just looked at me, not clearing me on the truth that they're injected with toxins to achieve the color stripes.
On-line I found in a few sites that they are ultimately deadly to the rest of the fish (platys, neons, hi-fins, harlequins) that I already have thriving in my 15-gallon. So for now they are quarantined in a much smaller tank.
They don't seem so happy, but go crazy over the brine shrimp they get at each feeding. My question is what do you know about them?
I can't get straight answers from any of the fish stores I've been to since buying the 2 fish. I've been told on-line that IF they survive long enough the colors will drain and they will be fine for other fish. Is that true?
I really wish I could return them to the larger tank, but if someone knows for a fact that their toxic colors will kill off my healthy fish then please let me know and the poor things will remain in the littler tank for a while, at least until I get another stand for the 10-gallon I have in the closet.
Thank you so much for your time and again I LOVE the website. So much true information that I can attest to it's great !!!!!
Thank you,
Reply. Hello Sarah. We are glad to know that you enjoy this web site. Click here to go to the web page about Glass Fish, which includes information about the "Painted Glass Fish", where someone sent us an anonymous email that says, "They take the fish out of the water, take a needle and inject dye into them ... "

We don't know if this is completely true, but we wish the Glass Fish were not "Painted".

We doubt the Painted Glass Fish are harmful to other fish. We have had a few Painted Glass Fish, that eventually faded and became normal again, and they did not seem any worse for the treatment.

We also had one orange "Painted Glass Fish" that stayed orange for a very long time. So they don't all fade. It probably depends on the type of material used to "Paint" them.


Customer Comments

I just recently bought a painted glass fish, and a few days ago I noticed that there was this white stuff growing on it. It started on its tail and now its growing all over its body now. Do you know what it is and what I can do about it?
Thank you- Cat
Reply. Hello Cat. Painted Glass Fish seem to be susceptible to this problem. We do not know what the pathogen is. Click here for more about the difficulty diagnosing fish diseases.
We have been able to treat this problem with The Recommended Treatment in some but not all cases. Click here for more information about the Recommended Treatment.
You might also be interested in a web site that discusses this problem. Click here to go to that web site now.
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