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Page 2 about
Elephant Nose Fish
This page contains Customer Comments and our Replies about Elephant Noses.

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Customer Comments

I have a few questions regarding the elephant nose.  On your website you said they like to have a pipe as a home.  I was just wondering what kind of pipe you mean.  How big should the pipe be?  Should I have more than one pipe if I were to get more than one elephant nose?  Should I have more than one pipe if I just have one elephant nose?  Should the pipe just be like a PVC pipe or something else? I appreciate your help.
Reply. Hello. For many years we put pieces of PVC pipe in the aquariums in our facility with Elephant Noses.

We bought the pipe in 10-foot lengths at Home Depot, and it was very cheap.

Then we took a saw and cut the pipe into pieces about 10" long.

The pieces of pipe would then be long enough so the Elephant Noses could get completely inside.

Next we took medium grit sandpaper and sanded the rough cut ends of the pieces of pipe, so the Elephant Noses would not get cut or scratched by the rough ends left by the saw.

The Elephant Noses always stayed inside the pipes and the pipes seemed to reduce the stress on them.

We kept at least one piece of pipe for each Elephant Nose, so each Nose had it's own home.

But we have now decided to recommend only ornaments for aquariums that are specifically labeled for use in aquariums.

The pieces of PVC pipe don't have such a label, so we no longer recommend them.

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