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Page 2 about
Dragon Fish
This page contains Customer Comments and our Replies about Dragon Fish. Click here to go back to the first page in this discussion of the Dragon Fish.

Customer Comments

Hi, I own a Dragonfish and would like to give you a little info for people who might be interested in buying it. Dragonfish will eat small fish such as neons but they will not chase them. Its not because their peaceful that they won't chase them but they are gobies which wait for their prey to swim in front of them and then they will attack.
They seem to like eating shrimp pellets. You should also cover any holes on the tank because these guys are strong jumpers, even if your tank is half filled. I have seen one jump 4 feet in the air. I also would like to say that you have a great website that is one of my favorites.
Anonymous Email
Reply. Thank you for the additional information and for your complimentary comment.

Customer Comments

Hi --

One of my students has recently completed a web page on the violet goby -- AKA dragonfish -- and would like to use the photo you display ... May he have permission to do so? You can see a draft of his page at:
Thanks --
M. A. Clark
Professor of Biology
Texas Wesleyan Unive
Fort Worth, TX 76105
Reply. Hello, Professor Clark. Thank you for your email and for asking permission in advance to use our picture of the Dragon Fish.

We are happy to say yes to your request, and to thank you for the link to this page. We encourage the readers of this web page to click here to go to the new page about Dragon Fish in the WhoZoo.

Thanks again.


Customer Comments

Hi ...
I was reading some books about caring for aquarium fish and in them I found that  importing Dragon fish is illegal ... I was just wondering if you knew ...
Reply. Hello Allison. Thank you for your email. The fish we call Dragon Fish are not illegal to import or to sell.

There are some species of Arowana that are commonly called Dragon Fish by people in Asia, and some but not all of the Arowana Dragon Fish are protected species and illegal to import. We would never import or sell a fish that is protected or illegal to import.

Click here to read more about Arowanas, where you will see that Arowanas are also called Dragon Fish.

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