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Page 4 about
Algae Eaters
This page contains more Customer Comments and our replies about Algae Eaters including Siamese Algae Eaters and Chinese Algae Eaters. Click here to go back to the previous page in this discussion about Algae Eaters.

Customer Comments

Dear Customer Service,

I am interested in buying 3 Siamese Algae Eaters, which are impossible to find at my local fish store. I have a 65 gallon densely planted tank stocked with angels, small tetras, a German blue ram pair and cory cats.

I have some questions for you regarding your fish. Do you currently have some in stock? Where do you get your fish? How long do you have them before you send them out/ how old are they? How large will they be when you send them?

One concern I have is that I will not be able to see the fish until they arrive, and I have found that this fish is often mislabeled/confused with the Flying Fox, the Chinese Algae Eater, and the False Siamese Algae Eater.

Does certify that this is the C. atrilimes ? true Siamese Algae Eater ? as opposed to imposters? I am encouraged by your description of the differences on your site, but would like that to be reinforced by your customer service. Finally, about ordering.

Ideally, I would like the fish to arrive the week of June 10. When should I place my order to ensure arrival during that week? Do you accept Discover cards? I noticed on your site that you have the Discover card logo, but on the online form, you only have forms for Visa, MC, and Am Ex.

Thank you for your reply, and for providing an easy to use site, sound advice, and the most pleasant online live aquaria sales site to navigate ? if the fish are this good, you will earn another loyal customer.

Mary H.
Lafayette, Indiana
Reply. Hello Mary. We have several large aquariums in our facilities with lots of Siamese Algae Eaters in each aquarium. So we have plenty in stock.

Our Siamese Algae Eaters are collected from the wild in Asia and shipped to us by professional fish collectors and shippers. We hold them in our aquariums, until they are fully acclimated and ready to be shipped, which is usually at least four days.

We do not know how old they are, but we think they are a few months old, and they probably have a lifespan of several years. Our price list says that they are about 1.5" long. Click here to see them on our list.

Click here to read about the scientific name of this fish. There has been confusion about the name. We know the Flying Fox, the Chinese Algae Eater, and the False Siamese Algae Eater. The SAE is not one of those fish.

We have sold a lot of SAE and never gotten a single complaint about the identity of the fish we shipped. Many buyers have emailed us back to tell us that they were very happy with their SAE. One buyer reported spawning them. Click here to read about that.

If you want fish delivered during a specific week, then order as soon as possible and include a Special Request with your order. Click here for the details about making a Special Request with your Order.

We do not take Discover Cards at this time. Click here for the complete details about Acceptable Methods of Payment.

Thank you for your compliments about this web site. We are glad to know that it works well for you.


Customer Comments

We received our siamese algae eaters in good health. Only problem, so as to let others know, be careful if you have an oscar in your tank.

Our oscar was only about 2" in size, but managed to eat one. He's no longer in our tank and the algae eaters that are left are doing fine and finding their way around the tank and working on the algae on decorative plants and rocks.

By the way, your shipping response was excellent and I was able to track my shipment through fedex via the internet so I knew about when to  expect them.

Thank you.
Jeanette B.
Slidell, LA
Reply. Hello Jeanette. We are glad to know the Siamese Algae Eaters that you ordered from us arrived in good condition, but we are sorry to read that one was eaten by an Oscar.

If a fish will fit into an Oscar's mouth, the Oscar will try to swallow it.

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