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Page 3 about Aquarium
Algae Eaters
This page contains more Customer Comments and our replies about Algae Eaters including Siamese Algae Eaters and Chinese Algae Eaters. Click here to go back to the previous page in this discussion.

Customer Comments

I have found everything I've needed to know at this site without a bunch of redirects or see other link stuff. Keep up the good work. I do have a comment on Golden Chinese Algae Eaters that I hope you post.
I needed another Algae Eater so I got a Golden Chinese which a new employee at my favorite store said would be good. He chased my Neons and their relatives relentless. I put him in my Tiger Barb tank and ALMOST killed my small Green Tiger.
I put him in my "Fish with attitude tank" which had a breeding pair of a 3" Pink male, 2" Pink female, 2 1/2" Black male, and 1 3/4" Black female. The convicts left each other alone and were showing increased colors expecially in the females(ready to spawn?).
I figured all would be fine. I arose one morning to find the Black female dead, the Black male wounded, and the algae eater was attacking the Pink female. By the type of wounds I know it was the GCAE that did the damage.
Hard to believe that a 3" GCAE could do this to Convicts. Since I don't believe in flushing them, the GCAE is back to the pet shop. Do the Chinese versions get some type of fish psychosis??? I would not recommend ever buying one!!!!
Bob B
Reply. Hello Bob and thank you for your first hand observations of your Golden Chinese Algae Eater, which I believe is a color variety of the regular Chinese Algae Eater (CAE).

I have seen CAE attack Goldfish many times, and like you I would not recommend them as aquarium fish. Fortunately, we now have the SAE which is a much more compatible aquarium fish.


Customer Comments

My order of siamese algae eaters arrived today, all in great condition, thank you for the extra one ! They are relaxing on some of my broad plant leaves and starting to nibble at the hairy algae.
Bradley D.
Atlanta GA
Reply. Hello Bradley, Thank you for your email. We are always glad to hear that our fish have arrived in good condition and are now enjoying their new home.

Customer Comments

I was hoping you might answer a compatability question with the Siamese algae eaters I purchased last July. The fish are all marvelous by the way, and all hair algae has long been eradicated from my tank.
I have had a clown pleco since January, and since he wasn't eating the hair algae, I was advised to purchase the Siamese algae eaters. In the past few weeks my clown pleco has been acting bizarre, falling off the aquarium glass, resting on his side, and I was wondering if competition for algae in the aquarium could be a problem, as there is very little visible algae for him to eat, whereas the Siamese eat everything, including the brine, daphnia, and other foods I give the other tank mates.
Thank you for any insight you might have.
Reply. Hello again Bradley. We are glad to read that your SAE have done well in your aquarium and have eradicated all the hair algae.

We are concerned about your Clown Plecostomus. The behavior you report indicates a problem. All of the Clown Plecostomus, that we know about, are collected in the wild. We have not heard of any of them being raised by fish farmers.

We prefer to buy fish from fish farmers and not get fish from the wild when possible, because wild fish are usually not as healthy as farm raised fish.


Customer Comments

Hi. I have a question. Do you breed the Siamese Algae Eaters you sell yourself? Your site mentions a hatchery for them. I was wondering because the ones I bought from you a few weeks ago seem to have bred.
At least, there's a tiny little SAE in there that I didn't put in the tank. :-) I'd always heard these fish didn't breed readily in fishtanks, but maybe if they are tank-raised, it's different?
Reply. Hello Leigh. No we do not breed the SAE that we sell. Our understanding from our supplier is that they are collected wild and not bred by fish farmers.

They grow to be at least 6" long, and it is thought that they must be at least 4" long to breed. If yours bred, when they were less than 2" long, it would be very unexpected.

A long time ago we bred lots of fish in our facility, but now we do not breed any fish, except by accident - like our Mollies that won't stop!

We never thought that calling it a fish hatchery might mislead people into thinking that we still breed fish. We know of many other fish hatcheries that do not breed fish, but still call it a fish hatchery.

We also call it a fish hatchery so people will not think that we have a walk-in retail fish store, which we do not. Whew ... I guess that's enough about what we call it.

Note added later. Our use of the phrase "fish hatchery" continues to confuse people, so we have decided to substitute the word "facility" throughout this web site.


Customer Comments

I don't feel misled. I was just curious, since as you say, the blessed event was rather unexpected. The SAEs are not under 2". Some are over 3" now. (Guess I have a lot of algae.)
I did some research, and they've been bred at only 3" before. It's uncommon for the babies to survive, but I didn't have anything except SAEs and plants in the tank for quite awhile, and it's a big tank (75-gallons), so there was plenty of room for them to hide.
Reply. Hello again. I'm glad you didn't feel misled by us calling it a facility, when we don't hatch fish in it any more.

Congratulations on your baby Siamese Algae Eater. I think this shows that conditions in your 75-gallon aquarium are really good for the SAE.

We are proud that you bought the fish from us and spawned them. I guess you've really earned the right to call your place Leigh's Fish Hatchery now.

Click here to go to another page in this web site with more Customer Comments and our Replies about Algae Eaters.
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