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Page 2 about
Algae Eater Fish


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This page contains Customer Comments and our Replies about Algae Eater Fish including the Siamese Algae Eater and the Chinese Algae Eater.

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Customer Comments

My Siamese Algae Eaters arrived this afternoon in great shape and are now happily swimming in my tank. The order arrived quickly and the fish were packed well. All in all a wonderful experience!
Reply. Hello and thank you for your feedback comments. We are always glad to know that the fish we shipped have arrived safely. Thank you for your compliment.

Customer Comments

I just wanted to mention that the Siamese Algae Eater eats a very different type of algae than the pleco's.  They eat the "hairy" or "black" algae but will, if necessary, eat the green algae.  Also they do NOT get along well with others of similar species such as the red tailed shark and the rainbow shark.  They will bicker constantly with those and I would not recommend having them in the same tank as it causes both fish unnecessary stress.  Other bottom feeders - loaches, catfish, pimadellas - are of no concern to the Siamese.
Also, I have found that giving them a floating plant to rest on seems to keep them much more content, as does having several.  One more suggestion, while they are very temperamental as far as moving them to a new location (I usually transport them about 2 hours by car from the nearest pet shop that carries them). I have found that transporting no less than 4 of them AND placing a small plant in the bag seems to help tremendously.
Out of 4 I usually loose at least one, but never more than 2. Prior to the plant I was lucky to get one to survive more than a day or two.  I have had several times that all of them have made it.  These are one of my favorite fish, have much personality and live to a ripe old age of several years.  I have several that are about 4 or more inches long.
Reply. Thanks, Sandy, for your comments. We've only had this species of fish in our facilities for a couple of months, and we are still learning about it, and we like it a lot.

Customer Comments


I am writing to thank you for great service. I ordered six SAEs about two weeks ago. You mailed me eight - thanks for the freebies. A friend of mine, the REAL fish expert, was seriously impressed that each fish was in a seperate bag.
They all arrived healthy, and within hours began cleaning my plants of brush algae. Two weeks later, my tank looks great, the algae is almost gone (I do have algae wafers, just in case), and the SAEs never slow down! They are like little lawn mowers in constant motion. Once again, thank you!
Gratefully, Suzanna.

Reply. Hello Suzanna. Thank you for your email. We are always glad to learn that some of our fish have found a good new home and are good workers too.

Customer Comments

Hi there! I would like for you to know that I have a 7.5 inch SAE. He is currently living in a 75 gallon Octogon tank and my place of business. Jack, as he is known, has been with the 'family' for almost 4 years now. I have been reading some of your feedback letters from other SAE owners and the size of the fish intrested me since Jack is so large.
I feel excited to know he is doing so well to have grown so large since apparently it is odd for an SAE to be larger than 4 Inches. Jack does a wonderful job at keeping the tank clean and has not other competition for the job, obviously. He has done well with an array of friends including platties, mollies, angels, bloodfin tetras and neon tetras, and swordtails.
More about the tank. This tank has been fitted with the rainbow lifeguard filtration system of filter, chem, and heater modules. I use both white and black carbon in the chem module.
His tank gets a regular changing of water .... 20% of course .... and a filter cleaning once a month with olternate 2 week intervales. Jack has a home of cultured rocks witch he lives under and inbetween comfortably. The Ph is never more than 7.2 and never less than 6.8.
Mark A.
N. Conway, NH
Reply. Hello Mark. Thank you for the additional information about your Siamese Algae Eater. Sounds like Jack's found a very good home in your aquarium.

Customer Comments

I have 2 aquariums, one is a 15-gallon tall with an undergravel filter and I have an assortment of fish in it from angels to gouramis to mollies. My other tank is a small 5 gallon hex with guppies and neons in it. I am having trouble now with the guppies.
I ... bought 3 male fancy tail guppies. After putting them in the tank, I suddenly had several guppies die. (7 in one day), 2 the next day and 1 yesterday. Now, the remaining guppies are losing their tails. Both males and females look like somthing is eating their tails.
I have watched the tank for hours and have never seen the neons bother the guppies. Also, I have a large chinese algae eater that stays at the bottom of the tank but it doesn't bother the fish either.
My guppies are swimming in an erratic manner and I am worried. Any ideas? Ps-there is no undergravel filter in this tank and I have not added any other decorations to the tank recently.
Reply. Hello Michelle. You should immediately give your fish all six steps of the Recommended Treatment.

Click here for the details. But you should reduce the amount of Quick Cure by 50% because you have Neon Tetras in your aquarium and they may be sensitive to the full dose of Quick Cure.

Chinese Algae Eaters (CAE) are not good fish to have with Neons and Guppies.

As they get older and larger, CAE do not eat much algae, and they attack other fish. Your CAE is probably attacking your guppies, when the lights are off.

Your CAE may be just nipping your fish and causing wounds that become infected.

You mentioned that we do not have much information about diseases on this website. We have a page about Signs of Stress and Disease.

Click here to read it. The treatment is always the same, and that is about all you need to know.

Click here to continue on to another page in this website with Customer Comments and our Replies about Algae Eaters.

Customer Comments

A little info on chinese algae eaters !!!!! I have found out through having them in a fish tank with small frys -- they will eat the frys if they get the chance. would suggest to anyone that has this type of fish to -- get rid of it and use another type.
Heather M.
Reply. Hello Heather. Thank you for your advice. We agree with what you've said about Chinese Algae Eaters. They are not a good aquarium fish.

Customer Comments

I was reading your customer comments page about your SAE's.  I bought one a few months ago and I am quite pleased with the purchase.  A few weeks after I got the little girl I found a baby in my tank. 
I only bought 1 SAE from you and when I received her she was only about 2 inches long. At the time I found the fry she was about 3 inches.  I don't have any other SAE's in my house so I assume I got a pregnant female from you. 
I know that she is a little small to breed, but she certainly did.  Your comments page had someone else with SAE that bred so I wanted you to know that mine did too.  I am so pleased to have another.  Both are now growing up to be voracious eaters!
Beki R.
Reply. Hello Beki. Thank you for your interesting email. We know that SAE's are not livebearers.

The female lays the eggs, the male fertilizes the eggs, which later hatch. Knowing these facts, we wonder how you got a baby fish.

This is a wonderful mystery. If you have more clues, please send us another email. Congratulations on your baby SAE!!

Click here to go to another page in this website with more Customer Comments and our Replies about Algae Eater Fish.
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