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Page 2 about
Neon Tetra Fish
and Other Small Tetra-Like Fish for Sale
This page contains Customer Comments and our Replies about Neon Tetras and other small Tetra-Like Fish that are generally compatible with Neons.

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Customer Comments

I have red-eyed and neon tetras. The red-eyed are larger and more aggressive during feeding times, and come to the surface to get the floating food.
The neons don't seem to be getting enough food. I feed them spirulina flakes, complete flake food (both by Nutrafin) as well as blood worms. Is there a way to ensure that the neons are getting enough?
Thanks, from a new aquatic hobbyist,
Melina M.
Nova Scotia, Canada


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Reply. Hello Melina.

Click here to read about compatible tank mates for Neon Tetras, where you will read that Red Eye Tetras and other Bigger Tetras are too aggressive for Neon Tetras, so your Red Eye Tetras will make your Neon Tetras miserable, and Red Eye Tetras are not compatible tank mates for Neon Tetras. 

Click here now for more information about the Bigger Tetras.


Customer Comments

Hi i'm going to buy a eclipse explorer tank which is a 2 gallon aquarium and I am want to put 3 neon tetras and 2 african dwarf frogs in the tank would that be okay? i'm new at this so if you have any sugg. I would like to know.
Debbie K.
Reply. Hello Debbie.

Click here to read that Neon Tetras should be kept in a group with at least 6 Neon Tetras, because Neons are a schooling fish, and so they feel stressed, if their school has less than six Neons.

Click here for more about these African Dwarf Frogs, where you will read that these Frogs must eat Live Black Worms about three times a week.

Live Black Worms are an optional food in the diet of Neon Tetras, but the Frogs must have the Worms.

Click here to read more about Live Black Worms.

Each Neon Tetra needs at least one gallon of water, and each African Dwarf Frog also needs at least one gallon.

To keep six Neon Tetras and two African Dwarf Frogs, you will need an aquarium with at least eight gallons of water.

Six-gallon and twelve-gallon Galaxy Aquariums are similar to Eclipse Aquariums.

I recommend the twelve-gallon Galaxy Aquarium, which is big enough for six Neons and two Dwarf Frogs, and you will have some extra room to add a few more fish from the list of compatible tank mates for Neon Tetras.


Customer Comments

hi i have two goldfish, a tiger striped angel looking fish (breed unknown), and a peacock eel in my aquarium. i had a couple of neons that died in the  night after i put them in there. i was wondering if the eel might have killed  them. the rest of the fish seem to get along sometimes it even looks like  they are playing together in the current from the filter system. and also the  other fish didn't seem interested in the neons. this is a puzzle to me i guess you can tell i am new at keeping fish.
thank you for your help,
Reply. Jennifer, you should research the fish you buy, before you buy them to be sure they are compatible with each other.

In the future I suggest you go to our Search Page.

Click here now to go to our Search Page and put that page in the favorites folder of your web browser.

At our Search Page enter the phrases Neon Tetras, Peacock Eel, Angels, and the other fish you have in your aquarium.

The Search Page will help you find information about your fish including information about compatible tank mates for your fish.

Click here to read about Neon Tetras, and you'll see that Eels and Angels are not recommended as compatible tank mates for Neon Tetras.

Click here to go to the paragraph about compatible tank mates for Angels, where you'll read, "As Angels grow larger, they become very efficient at stalking and eating small fish like Guppies and Neon Tetras."

Click here to read about Spiny Eels eating small fish such as Guppies and Neon Tetras.

I think your suspicions about your Peacock Eel are probably correct. Peacock Eels are nocturnal feeders that come out at night to feed on worms, shrimps, and small fish.

Finally, your Goldfish are not compatible with any of your other fish, because the Goldfish need cool water and Goldfish food, but your other fish need warm water and Tropical Fish food.


Customer Comments

Hello, first i want to say that i love your site, i think its great, but i did want to mention to you that i cant help but notice that you keep saying tiger barbs, neon tetras and fancy guppies cannot be together, or should not be together, i have a 40-gallon tank with 20 neon tetras, 10 tiger barbs and 10 fancy guppies and they have lived happily together for 3 years now and i have never had a problem, So i dont know that i would steer people from getting them and putting them together.
Reply. Hello and thank you for your complimentary comment. We generally advise that Tiger Barbs are too aggressive for Neon Tetras and Guppies.

Your fish are possibly an exception to our advice. Why do your fish get along? Probably four reasons.

(1)  You have a large aquarium with 40-gallons of water. Generally, the larger the aquarium, the less the aggression.

(2)  The more Tiger Barbs you have, the less they will bother other fish. With a group of 10 Tiger Barbs they are so busy interacting with each other, that they are too busy to bother other fish.

If there were only 3 or 4 Tiger Barbs, they would probably bother your other smaller fish.

(3)  As with most animals the behavior of Tiger Barbs may vary. Your Tiger Barbs may just be less aggressive than most Tiger Barbs.

(4)  Most kinds of fish are less aggressive, when they receive really good care and plenty of food. So I'll bet you take very good care of your fish.

But your experience is an exception and keeping Tiger Barbs with Neon Tetras and Fancy Guppies does not work most of the time in most aquariums.

Thanks again for your comments.

Click here to continue on and read more Customer Comments and our Replies about Neon Tetras and other small Tetra-Like fish.

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