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Page 2 about
Redtail Shark
This page contains Customer Comments and our Replies about Redtail Sharks. Click here to go back to the first page in this discussion of Redtail Sharks.

Customer Comments

I was just looking around the web, for fish sites because i have a problem with on of my red tailed black sharks
i noticed that your site seemed very knowledgeable about fish, and im hoping you can help me.
i have a pair of red tailed black sharks in my 50-gallon tank.  They are both about 2 inches long, and one of them is fine, but the other one's tail is faded, and looks almost white.  the temperature in the tank is 80 degrees, and i also have an algae eater in the tank, several columbian jewel tetras, and 2 kissing gouriamis
all the other  fish are doing fine, except for this one shark
do you know why its tail would fade, and if so, is there anything i can do to fix it?
thank you very much in advance
Reply. Hello Jamie. One of your two Red Tailed Black Sharks is stronger than your other one and making it miserable, that is why the weaker one is faded and trying to hide from the stronger Shark.

As mentioned in the paragraph just above your email, you should keep one Red Tailed Black Shark or several, but do not keep a few in the same aquarium. Two is a few.

You probably have not noticed that the stronger Shark is bothering the weaker one. The solution is get at least four more Red Tailed Black Sharks to make a group of six in the same aquarium, or to move one of your Sharks to another aquarium.


Customer Comments

Hello, I had 2 Redtail sharks and they both died from white dots appearing all over them. They died within a couple days of these white spots. I have looked at your disease section and the closes thing I figured was Itch Spots could this be what would of killed them? if so how do they get these?
A day before they got these spots I just cleaned the water I took 2 gallons out of a 15-gallon tank, and added the chemical to clean the tap water and I added stuff called Cycle which reduces fish loss (supposedly) and this other stuff called Waste Control and it clean the waste left in the rocks.    Now for future reference should I bother using all of them chemicals? and if I should continue using them when I get new fish should I add them all in the same day right after another??
Well hope you can answer all my questions. You guys are so far the best information I found, better than anyone ive ever talked to in any pet store (everyone tells me something different) and you guys seem to be very reliable.

Reply. Hello Jeff. Redtail Sharks are very susceptible to ick, and it sounds like yours definitely had ick, which is often deadly if untreated. But ick is usually relatively easy to cure with the Recommended Treatment. Click here to read all six steps of the Recommended Treatment.

Quite often ick appears a couple of days after fish are stressed by changing aquariums, getting cold, or because of changing too much water. We recommend changing no more than 20% of the water on one day. You changed 2 of 15-gallons, which is less than 15%, so your water change should not have caused the ick.

We don't recommend any of the chemicals you listed, and you are right to be suspicious that these chemicals may have reacted with each other in unpredictable ways. We recommend adding Quick Cure and Aquarium Salt as part of the Recommended Treatment.

I hope these comments help you. Thank you for your complimentary comments.


Customer Comments

Hi, Thank you for your wonderful website so much information on it, however I have a looked your website and on many others and they all state that Red Tail Black Sharks only grow to 12 cm.
I have a 4 1/2 year old RTB living in a 420 litre tank which is approx 18cm measured tip of nose too tip of tail, the Tropical Fish shop owner I use has become a close friend and has told me it is the biggest RTB he has seen, can you tell me how long they live and is there a record of how big they can grow in a aquarium?
Ken G
Reply. Hello Ken. Thank you for your friendly email and your complimentary comments.

I have never seen a Redtail Shark (Labeo bicolor) that's  bigger than 5" or about 12 cm.

Click here to go to Fish Base, where it also states 12 cm TL. TL is an abbreviation for Total Length which includes the length of the tail.

I wonder if you have another similar fish species like the Rainbow Shark? Click here for more information about Rainbow Sharks.

We know that Redtail Sharks can live for several years, but we do not know more than that about their lifespan.

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