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Page 2 about
Clown Loaches
This page contains Customer Comments and our Replies about Clown Loaches. Click here to go back to the first page in this discussion about Clown Loaches.

Customer Comments

Clown Loach about 8" long.   Hi, thought you might like to have a picture of my biggest clown loach (his name is Jack). I've had him for a little over 3 years and he is a little over 8" (hard to get him to hold still for an accurate measurement).
He is king of the roost in a 55 gallon tank and one of his best buddies is a Redtail Shark. Plays with 4 other clown loaches when he want to and chases them away when he's not in the mood. Love this tank and watching them. Not the best pictures in the world, but I could get a better on if you're interested.
Reply. Hello Cherrie. Thank you for sending us a picture of Jack, your Clown Loach. He's grown fast and has very good coloration. Your aquarium is beautiful, and your picture is good enough for me. If you want to send us another picture, we'd like to post it too. Thanks again.

Customer Comments,
I got the six clown loach a couple days ago.  They were perfect.  But yesterday two jumped.  I found them on the floor and they were stiff.  I remembered somewhere you said put them back in the water.  I put them in a net and stood like a statue watching for a long time.  Then one wiggled!!  The other did to!!  Now they are OK.  Their eyes look cloudy but they didn't croak!  I thought you might want to hear this story.
D. K
Omaha, Nebraska
Reply. Hello. Thank you for sending us your comments. As you have learned, Clown Loaches will jump out if they can.

Your Clown Loaches were very lucky that you found them in time to save them, and they were doubly lucky that you had the patience.

Since their eyes are cloudy, you should give them the Recommended Treatment. Click here for the details about that.

You should also be sure there are no escape holes in your aquarium cover. Click here for more information about aquarium covers.


Customer Comments

I read your advice that clown loaches like bananas. I fed my clown loaches a tiny piece to try it. They ate it all. When friends visit me, I let them feed my clownies a piece, and we all have great fun.
Thank you for all your good-helpful-fun advice. I learn lots of interesting stuff on this site that I never see on other web sites ... I can tell you love your fish and watch them all the time too.
Bobbye J.
Reply. Hello Bobbye. I'm glad you tried it, and it worked for you too. Yes I watch my fish a lot, and I love to discover something new.

Customer Comments

Just thought I would let you know. I saw you had a lot of information on Clown Loaches. I also notices someone else was trying to rid their tank of snails. I had a 75 gallon setup which became totally and completely over run by snails. It got so bad they began clogging my filters and you could hardly even see into the tank any longer they were so thick.
I purchased 2 small Clown Loaches and in less than 2 weeks you could not even find a snail. They love them! Now I go into my local pet store and they give me all those "garbage" snails they were getting ready to throw away. I have the happiest (and fattest) Loaches around now!
Reply. Hello Tom. Yes we knew that all Loaches including Clown Loaches will eat small snails right out of their shells, and this is a much better way to control the snail population in an aquarium than by poisoning the snails and possibly contaminating your aquarium. Click here for more information about how to avoid contaminating your aquarium.

It is also rather useless to try and remove the small annoying snails from an aquarium with a net. A few of the snails will be hidden and remain the aquarium to multiply. In a short time the aquarium will be full of snails again. But Loaches will search for the snails and eat them every day.

As mentioned above, Clown Loaches will do better and be more comfortable, when they live in a group with at least six Clown Loaches. If you don't have room in your aquarium for six Clown Loaches that will eventually grow to be 6" long and then bigger, get a group of three Yoyo Loaches.

Yoyo Loaches will also eat small snails, but Yoyo Loaches rarely grow larger than 4" in an aquarium and do well in a group with only three Yoyo Loaches. Click here to read more about controlling the population of small snails with Yoyo Loaches.


Customer Comments

Congratulations on having a awesome web site. Very informative and easy to use. I know that you recommend Eclipse filters, so I thought I'd give a warning. I used to have a 15gal with a Eclispe filter/cover. I was very happy with it except for the lack of flow control. One thing for sure my clown loaches loved it! One day I couldn't find one of them for days then it suddenly reapeared. Then I couldn't find it again .... till one day I saw it!
He swam right up the section where the water flows out and made camp in the part where the bio wheel spins and didnt come out. Since then 3 out of the 9 loaches I have had in any of my tank have done the same thing. So one day if you can't find one of your loaches, you know where to look.


Reply. Hello Jody. Thank you for your complimentary comments about this web site, and thank you for sending us your interesting observations about your Clown Loaches.
Click here now to go on to another page in this web site with more Customer Comments and our Replies about Clown Loaches.
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