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Spiny Eels
This page contains Customer Comments and our Replies about Spiny Eels. Click here to go back to the first page in this discussion.

Customer Comments

I cannot say how happy with my recent fish order that I placed with you. All the fish were received on time and VERY well packed and shipped. All of the fish were alive and kicking and immediately took to their new homes without any problems whatsoever.
I was espictureally impressed with the spiny eels that I ordered from you and how entertaining they are to watch swim around and tunnel in the substrate. On my order, I did request 2 freshwater clams, however I guess you were out of clams because you replaced them with 2 mystery snails which I am quite happy with them also!
GREAT JOB on everything and I appreciate the fine service. I will be ordering with you guys again definately.
Jeremy S.
Sedgwick, Kansas 67135
Reply. Hello Jeremy. Thank you for your email. I am very pleased to know that you are happy with the fish that we shipped to you.

I work on the web site and answer some of the emails we receive. I do not catch or pack the fish, but I know that the crew in our facilities does a very good job of packing the fish.

I'll let them know that you were very pleased with their work. Thanks again for your comments.


Customer Comments

hi i have two goldfish, a tiger striped angel looking fish (breed unknown), and a peacock eel in my aquarium. i had a couple of neons that died in the  night after i put them in there. i was wondering if the eel might have killed  them. the rest of the fish seem to get along sometimes it even looks like  they are playing together in the current from the filter system. and also the  other fish didn't seem interested in the neons. this is a puzzle to me i guess you can tell i am new at keeping fish.
thank you for your help,
Reply. Jennifer, you should research the fish you buy, before you buy them to be sure they are compatible with each other. In the future I suggest you go to our Search Page. Click here now to go to our Search Page and put that page in the favorites folder of your web browser.

At our Search Page enter the phrases Neon Tetras, Peacock Eel, Angels, and the other fish you have in your aquarium. The Search Page will help you find information about your fish including information about compatible tank mates for your fish.

Click here to read about Neon Tetras, and you'll see that Eels and Angels are not recommended as compatible tank mates for Neon Tetras. Click here to go to the paragraph about compatible tank mates for Angels, where you'll read, "As Angels grow larger, they become very efficient at stalking and eating small fish like Guppies and Neon Tetras."

Click here to read about Spiny Eels eating small fish such as Guppies and Neon Tetras. I think your suspicions about your Peacock Eel are probably correct. Peacock Eels are nocturnal feeders that come out at night to feed on worms, shrimps, and small fish.

Finally, your Goldfish are not compatible with any of your other fish, because the Goldfish need cool water and Goldfish food, but your other fish need warm water and Tropical Fish food.


Customer Comments

Just stumbled on to your site by doing a search for Tropical Fish. Your site is well done and very informative. I may place an order in the near future. I just read your comments on Spiny Eels and thought I would share my experience about the eel that I raised from the size of a small 3" red worm.
It grew to a size approx. 30"and had an excellent personality. Feeding time it would take worms from my hand, and when I opened the tank lid, his head would come out, and we would stare at each other for a few minutes.
Last fall as I was sitting in my room, I noticed a bit of crazy movement in my tank. I went over to the tank; the fish was darting back and forth and went into a seizure and died .....
My Spiny eel lived 17 years. Of all the fish I raised was the best pet ever.
Chris L.
Reply. Thank you, Chris, for your interesting comments about your Spiny Eel.
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