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Page 4 about
Click here to buy several species of Pufferfish.
This page has more Customer Comments and our Replies about how to Buy Pufferfish. Click here to go back to the previous page in this discussion.  

Customer Comments

Hi i have to small Brazilian Puffers in a 10-gallon tank i was wondering if i would be able to keep any other fish whith them. thanks
Reply. Hello. Oh no, I think not. Your Brazilian Pufferfish could grow to be 6" long, and the two of them will surely need an aquarium with at least 50-gallons of water. So you should focus on getting them a bigger aquarium not on adding more fish to your 10-gallon aquarium.

After you get a bigger aquarium, click here and scroll down to read about compatible tank mates for your Pufferfish.


Customer Comments

Hello, I recently purchased 2 Brazilian Puffers from your site and would just like to say that they're doing great! It's been a couple of weeks and they're as healthy as ever.
A friend of mine ordered 3 fish from another website and 2 came dead with the other dying 2 hours later. I am very happy with my order and will buy from you again in the future.
Brian B.
Reply. Hello Brian. Thank you for sending us an email with feedback about the Brazilian Pufferfish you purchased from

The members of our shipping crew have all been very carefully trained in the correct methods of shipping fish, and they are all dedicated to getting all the details right every time.

They have a lot of confidence in themselves, and we have a lot of confidence in them too.

Thanks again for your comments. 


Customer Comments

I hope you can post this because I believe it would be very helpful to anyone ordering your dwarf puffer:
My experience with this puffer seems to be very different than everyone else's. My puffer is much shier than other people seem to report and was easily bullied by the gouramis in the first tank I had him in (he now has his own tank where he doesn't have to hide anymore unless he wants to).
My other trouble with this fish was that everyone seemed to write about WHAT they eat, but no one seems to write about HOW to feed them. I thought I should tell y'all what my experience has been so you won't lose your puffer to starvation, although, I have no idea that this is normal, it is just what I can tell you about the habits of MY puffer.
My puffer will NOT eat anything but snails. I have tried feeding him live blackworms, freeze-dried tubifex cubes, live mosquito larvae, and preserved bloodworms, plus he lives in a tank with six freshwater clams and six ghost shrimp (of which, he has completely zero interest in ANY of all the foods listed above).
This bothers me because I am worried that he will not be able to get the proper nutrition, but I am continually trying new things. I have yet to try a few things, namely, brine shrimp, peeled, fresh shrimp from the seafood market, or earthworms, and am hoping that will have an affect on my finicky eater.
The other thing is that my puffer does not seem to be able/willing to crack the shells of the the snails himself. He is able to get a few bits in before the snail shrinks back into his shell, but seems to get MUCH more if I crack it for him. I am not sure if these partially eaten snails can regenerate, but you can see that it would take an aweful lot of snails at this rate just to satisfy him everyday.
I am not willing to be so wasteful because I have yet to fully establish my snail production, so I feed him one cracked snail a day instead of several uncracked snails. The other thing is that, since I have all those darn uneaten ghost shrimp, they will usually steal the cracked snail from my puffer because they are not afraid of him anymore, but they are still afraid of me. As a result, I have to feed my puffer by hand (clean-washed). This is tedious, but at least he gets his fill in a minute or two.
When he is full, he stops attacking so aggressively and starts spitting up what he's eaten, so I put the left-overs in a jar of some aquarium water and save it for the next feeding that day. I have yet to be biten, but I'm aware of this possibility, and I'm ok with it. Whatever it takes.
I hope this will be helpful to anyone considering this tiny, delicate, but very worth-while puffer.
Reply. Hello Sena. Thank you for your report about your Dwarf Puffer. These Dwarf Puffers are all collected in the wild and shipped to us from the collectors.

The conditions in the wild undoubtedly vary a lot and this may cause the behavior and the preferred food of these Puffer to vary.

We keep quite a few of these Puffers in aquariums with about 40-gallons of water, and they eat the foods that we feed them, which include Live Black Worms and Freeze Dried Blood Worms. We rarely have trouble getting them to eat, but your Puffer is different.

I suggest that you try feeding your Puffer some live Black Worms and some live or frozen brine shrimp. Click here for more about Live Black Worms.

I think it is possible that your Puffer may be sick. Wild fish, like your Puffer, can have all sorts of pathogens, that are extremely difficult to diagnose and to treat. Even so, I recommend that you increase the water temperature by 4 degrees to a maximum of 82.

I also recommend that you treat your Puffer with Aquarium Salt. For example, remove about quart of water from your aquarium and put it in a clean bowl. Then add about 1/8th of a teaspoon of Aquarium Salt to the water. Stir with a clean spoon until the salt is completely dissolved in the water.

Next gently move your Puffer into the bowl with the salted water, and let the Puffer soak in the water for about 15 minutes, unless your Puffer shows signs of increased stress, such as, turning dark or gasping at the surface, which probably won't happen. Discard the salted water, after you put your Puffer back in your aquarium.

This procedure is often called a salt bath. If your Pufferfish has an infection in its gills or its mouth or elsewhere, the salt bath may help. I recommend that you repeat soaking your Puffer in a fresh salt bath each day for several days. Click here for more information about Aquarium Salt.

I also recommend that you add one drop of Quick Cure per gallon of water to your aquarium each day for several days. Click here for more information about Quick Cure.

I hope these comments help your Puffer. Thanks again for your report.


Customer Comments

What interesting comments! I never thought he might be in pain and have an infection. That might explain why he doesn't want to crack his own shells. I'm definitely going to try these treatments you recommend.
Reply. Hello again Sena. Good and please send us a report from time to time about your Puffer.    
Click here to go on to another page in this web site with more Comments about Pufferfish and more Replies from us.    
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