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Page 3 about
Puffer Fish
Click here to buy several species of Pufferfish.
This page has more Customer Comments and our Replies about Puffer Fish. Click here to go back to the previous page in this discussion.

Customer Comments

thank you for posting a very informative site ... i have a question ... i recently purchased some green spotted puffer fish ... and i would like to know how to determine sex of these fish ... thank you ... any information would be very valuable to me
Reply. Hello and thank your for your compliment. No one seems to know how to determine the gender of Puffer Fish by looking at them. Your Puffers are probably about 1.5" to 2" long, and we can see no differences in our Green Spotted Puffers at this size.

You may want to click on the link at the bottom of this page and go to another web site that has lots more information about Puffers.


Customer Comments


Excellent web page you guys have. I have a question. Recently, I purchased a puffer fish (green spotted). The LFS guy told me to use 1-Tablespoon of instant ocean salt for each gallon of water. So I used 10 tablespoons for my 10-gallon tank. Your site says to only use 2 tablespoons for a 10-gallon tank. Is this going to kill my fish? Or hurt it in any way?

Peter T.
Reply. Hello Peter. Thank you for your complimentary comment.

As mentioned above on this page we recommend one Tablespoon of Aquarium Salt per each five gallons of water. So your 10-gallon aquarium would get two Tablespoons of Aquarium Salt not Marine Salts.

You added ten tablespoons of Marine Salts to your aquarium, which is much more than we recommend. But your Green Spotted Puffer can tolerate up to seven Tablespoons of salt per gallon. So it was probably not harmed.

But we have found that Brackish Water fish like your new Puffer usually do better in water with Aquarium Salt and not Marine salt. We still recommend two Tablespoons of Aquarium Salt in your Aquarium.

I recommend that you change 20% of the water in your aquarium twice each week. After six such water changes most of the Marine Salt will be gone and you can follow our recommendations. Click here for more about Brackish Water.


Customer Comments

Wow! I'm impressed.  I asked a question and it was posted on your web page the next day.

More questions

1) I started feeding snails (bite size compared to my puffer).  I'm afraid of any bacteria or parasites from the local fish store.  In addition, if I try to breed them in the same tank ... would that be bad?

2) Frozen brine shrimp.   How much am I supposed to feed him? 1.5 inch puffer.  I fed him 1/4 a cube and 4 small snails last night.

3) When the puffer eats the snails, he virtually crushes it to pieces. It's really cool watching it.  Should I be concerned about wastes building up from the debris?

4) I am going to alternate between flakes/frozen brine/snails.  I'm glad he eats flakes.  Any suggestions on alternating diet?

Thanks again!
Peter T.
Reply. Hello again Peter. I'll number my replies to correspond to the numbering of your comments.

(1) There is a very small possibility that the snails you bring home from your local fish store will contain pathogens that might cause a disease in your Puffer Fish or other fish. You could minimize this possibility by gently rinsing the snails in some water from your aquarium and then disposing of that water.

(2) Puffers have huge appetites, and brine shrimp is a very natural type of food for Puffers, so you should feed your Puffer plenty. But it is always best to feed all fish a varied diet. So feed your Puffer the floating flake food first, then the brine shrimp, and finally the small snails.

(3) The broken bits of snail shells are rather inert and probably won't cause problems. If you take a small net and sweep it about one-half an inch above the bottom, the water current from the net will often cause the bits to fly up off the bottom, where you can catch them with the net. This procedure takes a bit of practice and skill.

You can also remove the bits of snail shell with a Gravel Cleaner. Click here for more information about Gravel Cleaners.

(4) The diet you listed is adequate. You might want to add a few Live Ghost Shrimp and a few Live Black Worms. Click here for more information about feeding Puffer Fish.


Customer Comments

Wanted to let you know I just recieved my order from you. Wow! I was truely impressed! Sometimes Puffers can be "tricky" fish and often they are underfed or sickly, but yours are healthy, active and well fed!

The little fresh water dwarf puffers are ADORABLE! And thank you for the Extra one!

The fish made it from the West Coast to the East coast in under 12 hours! Yours is a Very Impressive company indeed and I will be doing more business with you in the future and would heartily recommend your company to other Aquarists!

Thank you!
Charleston SC
Reply. Hello Jackie and thank you for your complimentary comments. I am always very glad to read emails like yours that tell us the fish have arrived in good condition. I don't catch or pack the fish, but I'm really proud of the crew in our facility that does the packing and shipping. Thanks again for your report.
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