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Apple Snails


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Gold Apple Aquarium Snail at, Tropical Fish stores.   Here is a picture of a Gold Mystery Snail from Wally Billingham. Thanks, Wally, for giving us permission to use your pictures on this page.
Copyright © 2001 Wally Billingham.

Notice: Under current Federal Law it is not legal to ship snails across state borders without a special federal permit for each state.

The cost of the permits is so high that it precludes shipping snails. So we do not ship snails at this time. We apologize for any disappointment this causes.


Common Name

Scientific Name

Max. Size

Columbian Ram's Horn
Marisa cornuarietis 2" to 3"
Black Mystery Snail
Pomacea bridgesi 2" to 3"
Gold Mystery Snail
Pomacea canaliculata 2" to 3"
Periwinkle Snail
Pomacea paludosa 2" to 3"

Common Name

Scientific Name

Max. Size

Note that scientific names such as Ambularia cuprina are now obsolete synonyms, and the correct scientific names are given in the table above.

Appropriate Home
These Snails all do well in fish bowls, in ponds, in warm water aquariums, and in cool water aquariums with a water temperature between 65 and 82 degrees F.
But these Snails cannot be kept in cold water below 65 degrees for extended periods. They will die in a few days at a temperature of 50 degrees F.

So they cannot stay outside in ponds in areas with temperatures below 65 degrees F.
All these Snails can tolerate some aquarium salt dissolved in the water. In fact they can tolerate more than the 1-Tablespoon of Aquarium Salt per 5-gallons of water that is often recommended as a treatment for fish.
So you do not need to remove the Snails when you add this amount of salt to your water.

But be sure the Snails do not come into contact with the solid particles of salt.

A good way to add salt to an aquarium is to put the salt in a net and hold the net in the water until the salt dissolves.
These Snails may be sensitive to the Quick Cure, and so we recommend that you gently move your Snails to another container filled with safe water before you treat your aquarium with Quick Cure.

Click here to read more about using Aquarium Salt and Quick Cure.

Black Mystery Snail for the aquariums.   Here is another picture from Wally Billingham of a Black Mystery Snail.
Copyright © 2001 Wally Billingham.

Recommended Diet
These Snails will eat many kinds of food. They seem to do very well on a diet of flake food, eating the tiny bits that settle to the bottom and are usually not eaten by the fish.

In this way Snails usually improve the quality of the water. But they are not a substitute for regular maintenance.

Click here to read more about regular maintenance.
These Snails will also eat living plants such as the ones we sell.

Click here to see the list of plants we sell. The amount of damage they will do to live plants varies with each type of plant and each type of snail.

The Gold Mystery Snail seems to eat more of most plants than the other snail species.

Columbian Rams Horn Aquarium Snail.   Here is a third picture from Wally Billingham, who says, "This is Edgar ... a Giant Columbian Ram's Horn Snail." Edgar does look quite a bit like the Columbian Ram's Horn Snails that we sell.
Copyright © 2001 Wally Billingham.  
Picture Gallery
Assassin Snail for aquariums
Above, a nice Assassin Snail.
Zebra Snail for aquariums
Above, a nice Zebra Snail.
Tomato Snail for aquariums
Above, a nice Tomato Snail.
Ramshorn Snail for aquariums
Above, a nice Ramshorn Snail.

These Snails are compatible with most fish except some huge fish that may be able to crush the snail's shell.

Puffers, Clown Loaches, and Yoyo Loaches love to eat Snails, but the Snails shown on this page are usually too big for most fish to eat.


Size and Lifespan
These Snails will live about 12 to 16 months when kept in water at a temperature of 82 degrees F. At a temperature of 65 degrees F.

Snails have a lifespan of at least 3 years perhaps as long as 10 years. Generally, the cooler the water the longer the Snails will live.

But these Snails do not live well at a temperature below about 65 degrees F.

Click here to go to a wonderful website with lots of pictures and interesting information about Snails.
Small Snails sometimes infest aquariums then multiply rapidly, and become a difficult problem to eliminate.

Click here for information about how to safely Get Rid of Small Snails in your aquarium.

Click here to go onto another page in this website with Customer Comments and our Replies about Apple Snails.
Click here to go onto another page in this website with Customer Comments and our Replies about Apple Snails.
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