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Page 2 about
Ghost Shrimp
This page contains Customer Comments and our Replies about Ghost Shrimp. Click here to go back to the first page in this discussion about Ghost Shrimp.

Customer Comments

This is a great website! I purchased 3 ghost shrimp from my local pet store yesterday  to go in a 1.5 gallon fish bowl along with a male betta. I took your advice and placed a small clear glass dish in the bottom and propped it against a large rock so they can get under it.
Today one is in there with a molted skeleton! Cool, huh? How will the shrimp eat while it is vulnerable? Will it eat the old skeleton? Will it come out at all or stay in there until his new shell comes in?
Reply. Hello Kim. I'm glad you like this web site, and it's very cool that your Ghost Shrimp crawled under the glass, where you can see it! Using a piece of clear glass was a very good idea, that I've never tried. So I've never seen what the Ghost Shrimp actually does, while it's hiding and waiting for it's new exoskeleton to harden.

I have heard that a Ghost Shrimp will eat after molting, if it can get food in it's hiding place, and that a Ghost Shrimp will often eat its old exoskeleton. After all the old exoskeleton has all ingredients to make a new exoskeleton. But now you can see exactly what the Ghost Shrimp does, and I hope you will send me a report for this web page.


Customer Comments

Word of warning to ghost shrimp owners with fry in the tank. I just had one of my ghost shrimp eat one of my, very alive, 3 week old black mollie fry. I had read a few reports that the shrimp are docile towards fries.
Adam G.
Reply. Hello Adam. Thank you for email and for your comments. Many times I've seen Ghost Shrimp eating dead fish and fish fry. But I have never seen a Ghost Shrimp attack and eat a live fish or fish fry. I think Ghost Shrimp usually stay away from a live fish, unless it is nearly dead and incapacitated.

Customer Comments

Howdy guys.
Your site has provided me with some of the best information I've found on the internet about fish keeping and have had much success implementing it. I would simply like to point out an interesting opservation I made.
I recently got three different sized Clown Loaches for one of my tanks. In the tank were two types of shrimp; about six Ghost Shrimp and three Algea Eating Shrimp, all about the same size. The Clown Loaches range from three inches to one. In about a day, all the Ghost Shrimp had been eaten, which I anticipated.
But, they never seem to east the Algea Eating Shrimp. I've had them for over a month now, and the Algea Eaters are skill kicking. I've even seen the Loaches rummage around the bottom of the tank right next to the Shrimp, never once attempting to consume them. I guess, at least from my experience, they make acceptable tank partners.
Reply. Hello Zane. Thank you for your interesting comments about the compatibility of your Clown Loaches with two different types of Shrimp. Click here for more about Clown Loaches, and click here for more about Aquarium Shrimp.

Customer Comments

Hi there,
Your website is THE PLACE to go for any smart fish keeper! I was reading comments about ghost shrimps. And it's very true that they eat fries. I was told by one experienced fish keeper neighbor that ghost shrimp would not eat alive fish.
I have a 15-gallons tank with some 200 mollies and guppy babies. Trying to keep that tank cleaner of uneaten food I place there 8 ghost shrimps from my bigger tank.
A few days ago I was watching the hatching tank when a ghost shrimp literally attacked a fry about 1.5" far. It moved forward & backward so quickly that it was hard to believe. It was as fast and effective as a snake attack. I was kind a shocked and delighted at the same time.
At one of its arms was shaking the baby mollie and it was swallowed without mercy. A few seconds later I could see the small fry still moving alive inside the ghost shrimp transparent body. I removed all the shrimps back to the bigger tank within a minute!
I have a question: Can you send me some info about breeding those amazing ghost shrimps?
Naples, Florida
Reply. Hello Ernesto. Thank you very much for your eye-witness report on your Ghost Shrimp eating a baby Molly.

Look closely at one of your female Ghost Shrimp. She will  usually be larger than the males, and often have pinkish eggs or baby shrimps attached to the underside of her abdomen.

So it is no problem to breed Ghost Shrimp and produce the babies. The problem is how to feed them the very small food they need to survive and grow?

Baby Ghost Shrimp usually cannot be fed in aquariums, but it is possible in ponds, and long ago I bought lots of Ghost Shrimp from a fish farmer in Florida. But he retired. If you have pond, try putting a few nice female Ghost Shrimp in the pond.

Thanks again for your comments.

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