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Page 3 about
Dwarf African Frogs
This page contains Customer Comments and our Replies about Dwarf African Frogs. Click here to go to the first page in this discussion.

Customer Comments

African Dwarf Frog Feeding Habits I've kept ADF for about 5 years. I have successfully kept with feeding them any live black worms or any live food for that matter. They have been living for almost as long a 2.5 years. I have been feeding them with these "Frog and Tadpole Bites" from HBH. (
You can pick up a 1.2 oz bottle for a little over 2 bucks. The picture on the bottle appears to be an ADF. The "bites" are soft sinking pellets. It says to feed them 4-6 pellets a day. They seem to grow healthy. In some cases where I've kept the ADF in community tanks, the frogs begin to start eating floating flake food.
Anyway I just thought you and your customers might find this information useful.
Reply. Hello Nivrae and thank you for your interesting comments about feeding Dwarf African Frogs.

Customer Comments

A few months back, I purchased a quantity of fish from your company. Since I was not at ALL familiar with fish, I relied heavily on your site's information on compatibility. As a result, I have a very happy community tank. I only had one problem - the frogs, while not a problem, were not able to get enough food because the guppies and danios wouldn't let any fall to the bottom.
I moved them to other accommodations and, based on your column that a single male beta could live in harmony with them, I bought a beautiful male beta (from another source). The male is a very docile and "friendly" fish, but the frogs began harassing him and attacking him (he spent most of his time hiding in the plants and his tail and fin were shredded). It got so bad that I now have him in a separate tank.
The point is that I think you should warn potential customers that the beta may not be a threat to the frogs, but the frogs may not be quite so accommodating to a beta.
Denise W.
Reply. Hello Denise. Thank you for your comments. I have kept African Dwarf Frogs in fish bowls and aquariums with both male and female Bettas many times.

I would have guessed that your frogs were African Clawed Frogs and not African Dwarf Frogs, except we shipped you the frogs, and we don't sell or ship African Clawed Frogs. So they must have been African Dwarf Frogs.

So your experience is new to us, like so many things that happen in our fish bowls, aquariums, and ponds. Thanks again for your email.


Customer Comments

There seems to be some confusion about what you need to feed adf's and how to tell adf's appart from acf's. Adf's survive fine on a number of things, a mixture of frozen food and live food is no doubt best but you can keep them on just frozen food if wriggling things aren't your thing!
Although I wouldn't recomend feeding freeze-dried food because of bowel problems. Adf's have 5 back toes 3 of which have claws where as acf's have 4 back toes (I'm not sure how many are clawed). Just another note that some people might be intrested in, I have 3 adf's in a 10gallon tank two of which had already produced eggs/tadpoles before I added the third and have done since I added it.
So breeding is possible in a comunity of frogs. Adf's are quite gentle creatures but I would not recomend keeping fish with them since fish can be agressive and adf's have a higher ph.
Hope this helps some people!
Reply. Hello Tian and thank you for your helpful comments.
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