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Page 2 about
African Dwarf Frogs
This page contains Customer Comments and our Replies about African Dwarf Frogs. Click here to go to the first page in this discussion.  

Customer Comments

Hi; I was just looking at the picture on your site that is labeled "Golden Dwarf Frog." I hate to tell you this, but that is no dwarf frog - that is an Albino Clawed Frog!! Dwarf frogs have webbed front feet, eyes on the sides of the head, and do not come in golden or albino (that I have ever seen or heard of.)
Reply. Hello Katherine. Yes I agree with you. That frog is a Clawed Frog. I just changed the caption. Thanks for setting me straight. Sorry I got it wrong, but I have never actually seen a live Clawed Frog.    

Customer Comments

Just wanted to let you know that you list one of the differences between African Dwarf Frogs and African Claw frogs as being the number of fingers. Actually, regular Claw frogs have four (not three) fingers on their front feet.
This is important as a claw frog will eat anything that is put in the aquarium. The easiest way to tell the difference between the two would be to look at the front feet.  Dwarfs have webbing, where as regular Claws do not have webbing on the front feet.
Charles H.
Austin TX 78727
Reply. Thank you, Charles, your comments about African Dwarf Frogs and African Clawed Frogs are very helpful and the sort of information that we appreciate receiving from visitors to this website.

We've never owned or even seen an African Clawed Frog. The African Dwarf Frog is a very mild little frog, but the African Clawed Frog is a voracious predator, that we would never recommend as a pet. So it's important to be able to tell the difference between these two frogs.


Customer Comments

Hi, I was looking through your site, which is very helpful by the way
(I am setting up a new tank fairly soon and I'm trying to decide what to get) and I looked in your frogs and crabs section and noticed your African Dwarf frog section.
In this you stated that African Clawed Frogs are voracious predators that you would never recomend to anyone as a pet.  I must disagree. I have two adults both around 7 inches if you stretched their legs out, the female might be a bit larger.  Their tank-mates include a large pleco and a good sized gourami.  They all get along quite well.
The only trouble I had was my monstrous female kept attacking my green frog which I grew from a tadpole and I had to let him go.  But other than that, they all get along quite well, although I hear males can be terratorial sometimes, but I have never owned two males.  They are quite commical animals and do not bother their tankmates.
They will eat nearly anything, like chicken, worms sinking wafers which I give to my pleco, just about anything.  They do not get along well with guppy-sized fish though, which they will make a snack out of.  But in my opinion, they make excellent pets and are quite easy to maintain.
T. H.
Reply. Thank you, T. H., your comments about African Clawed Frogs are very helpful and the sort of information that we appreciate receiving from visitors to this website. Your comments are contrary to other information that we've gotten about African Clawed Frogs, but I like to read first hand reports like yours.    

Customer Comments

Info on African clawed Frogs vs. African dwarf Frogs. While searching today for Guppies and playties, seen your frogs. ACF are quite the excellent frog for all ages. ADF however tend to be fragile and easily hurt by other aquaria inhabitants. ACF have 4 'fingers' on their front feet, and 3 claws on their back webbed feet. they can grow as big as 7in normally but can get bigger. their lifespan depends on quality of water, variety in diet, etc. ...
Breeding is done easily, but tads require 24hour care, water changes up to 2x daily, and crushing their food finely feeding 2x daily as well. Deformaties are not rare. And death of tads do occur at any stage. Not to discourage anyone though, breeding can be done very successfully. I have kept ACF for about 7 years now.
I absolutely love these frogs. My family does too. Our visitors are amazed at these guys, they are so comical and very social with each other. They 'hug' often regardless of sexual difference. I do not recommend any fish of any type be kept with these frogs. ACF are predators and will eat their tank mates.
I do however raise guppies in their tank for fresh fish to eat anytime they want, live fish like guppies or platyies are excellent nutrition for them. Not recommended is goldfish, rosies or any carp or minnow type fish. Also shrimp, squid, beefheart, earthworms, krill, bloodworms, etc. ... are great. You can find alot of these foods frozen at your local petstore. Just thaw in warm water first before feeding.
ADF I have found however tend to be fragile, they do not do very well in a tank of other fish, especially 'finnipper' type fish, that will hurt these little froggies. They can eat similiar foods. And have webbed feet all around. And are small frogs. (I do not keep ADF, so this info is just my opinion).
ACF are excellent aquarium friends. I recommend them to everyone. Although these frogs are illegal in CA, OR, and Hawaii. Also, the brown or natural color is illegal in VA (but you can keep the albinos in VA).
May be more states that have banned these frogs as well. Due to the fact these frogs were used to determine human pregnancy in the 'olden days', then released in the wild afterwards, which in turn ruins or depletes our 'natural' frog population. So check with your local laws before purchasing these frogs, your pet store would also know.
Happy Herping!!
W. B.
Reply. Hello and thank you for more information about African Dwarf Frogs and especially about African Clawed Frogs.    

Customer Comments

about whast you write on dwarf african frogs, that they "need blackworms" i believe that is false. in fact with a varity of frozen and live foods you will have a long living frog. i have had mine for 3 years without feeding live foods.
i thought id just like to share.
Reply. Hello Faisal. Thank you for sharing the information about your personal experiences with feeding your African Dwarf Frogs.    

Customer Comments

Hi, I just want people to know that live worms are NOT a necessity for African Dwarf Frogs. I have had a pair for over a year that thrive on what dried food the fish leave and frozen brine shrimp a couple of times a week. I also throw in 2-3 sinking shrimp pellets once or twice a month. They are completely compatible with guppies.
Reply. Hello and thank you for your comments about feeding African Dwarf Frogs.    
Click here to go on to another page in this web site with more Customer Comments and our Replies about African Dwarf Frogs.    
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