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Page 5 about
Fiddler Crab
This page contains Customer Comments and our Replies about Fiddler Crabs. Click here to go back to the previous page in this discussion about Freshwater Crabs.

Customer Comments

hiya saw the comment on your site that you're not sure why male fiddler crabs climb on top of things and wave their coloured claw about. The large bright claw of male fiddler crabs are known as display claws.
As I understand it, lady fiddler crabs like to have husbands that have handsome claws. Also fiddler crab eyes are particularly good at seeing movement at just above the line of the horizon.
By climbing on top of something and waving his claw about the male crab is making sure all the ladies can see what a fine claw he has! I'm not a scientist so I can't say this is definitely true - I just heard about it on telly once!
all the best
Reply. Hello Shankar. Thank you for your email and your interesting comments about the behavior of Fiddler Crabs.
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Customer Comments

Hello. I would just like to let you know why the Gold Fiddler Crabs wave their claws around. They might also snap their claws continuosly for the same reason that they wave their claws. They do this because they are challenging another male over a female in the tank.
Or if their are no females in the tank, than the one waving his pincher is marking his territory. I know this because I have been raising and keeping fiddler crabs for a few years. If you didnt also know, they need to have somewhere where they can get out of the water. It helps them feel more at home.
They also need FRESHWATER AQUARIUM SALT in the tanks they are in. This is so that when they molt or shed their skin, they can break free easier. If you dont do this, they will get stuck in their old skin and die.
I have given you some vital information in how to help keep your fiddler crabs healthy and most importantly, ALIVE! Since I have given you this information, I would like to ask something of you. Could you send me a free Red Clawed crab.
I work at a pet store, and i would like to see if they are hard to keep alive, and if they would sell easily. If so, I would buy a good quantity of them off of you.
If you could email me back that would be great.
Justin Trapp
Reply. Hello Justin. Thank you for the information in your emails. I suggest you click here and telephone us about buying Crabs.

Customer Comments

You wanted to know why male Fiddlers crabs wave their claws high above them. Well, they do that either to "show their teeth" to another male Fiddler before a fight or to impress a female fiddler into mating. They are quit fun to watch! I hope this information helps you.
- Bob G.
Saint Peters, MO
Reply. Hello Bob. Thank you for your information about Fiddler Crabs.

Customer Comments

Just an observation about the Red Clawed Crabs really. I've got both what I think is a fresh water Fiddler and a Red Clawed Crab in my community tank, and I've found that the Red Clawed Crab can be handled quite easily, one I had a while back could be hand fed flake food while sitting calmly on my palm, and I'm hoping to train up my current one, a juvenile, to be as tame.
I wouldn't recommend this for anyone who doesn't have fairly quick reflexes though since if they decide to try and run for it you need to be quick to catch them, Also their claws can be sharp, especially if they decide to find out what the pink spongy thing they're sitting on tastes like, so it's advisable to handle them over an open, uncovered aquarium, just in case.
The fiddler responds far less well to handling, in fact it doesn't seem to like being held at all, so I wouldn't recommend trying hand taming a fiddler at all, if for no better reason than the fact it has a much bigger claw!

If people need to pick up a fiddler for any reason, ie to inspect for injuries, I find it best to pick it up gently grip the carapace with my thumb and forefinger on top and bottom, with the claw end facing away from the web of my hand, that way I can give it a good look over without the risk of the crab escaping. Must stress though, hold it GENTLY!
Simon R.
Reply. Hello Simon. Thank you for your interesting comments about the difference in handling and taming these two types of crabs.

Customer Comments

I wonder if you could help me we are new to tropical tanks and doing quite well with the setting up ect. Recently we got a red claw crab and this morning it looks like there is another crab I take it that this is the skin but what should I do do I remove this from the tank many thanks pam could you please give me some general advice.
Sam L.
Reply. Hello Sam. What you are seeing is your Crabs old exoskeleton, which your Crab has shed. This shows your Crab is doing well and growing, but its shell doesn't grow, so a Crab must shed its shell, and grow a new one.

Sometimes a Crab will eat the old exoskeleton, because it's full of the nutrients that the Crab needs to eat to grow a new exoskeleton.

But sometimes, for reasons that we don't understand, a Crab will not eat it's old exoskeleton, and it should be removed, otherwise it may deteriorate and pollute the water.

For a few days your Crab's body will be soft, and your Crab will be vulnerable, until its exterior hardens into a new exoskeleton. While it's exterior is soft, your Crab may want to hide in a cave or under some rocks.

There is lots of information and advice about keeping Crabs on this web site. Click here for a good place to start learning more about Crabs.


Customer Comments

Hi, I was just reading the info. on the fiddler crabs. Since I was 9 I've known them to climb out of the tanks whenever possible. Now at 25 I had my first fiddler crab in my own tank. He disappeared after about 3 days. I thought he escaped, I thoroughly searched the tank in and under everything with no sign of him.
Then about 2 weeks later he was back and twice as big. Then about 2 months later he escaped completely for the first time. Usually he was just caught sitting on top of the filter. This time I found him right below the stove in the kitchen where I was cooking fish !!! It was so funny at first. I believe he came running to the smell in the air. Without worry I tossed him back into the tank.
Well that's what we did when I was younger with the old fiddler that escaped on a daily basis. I guess the water shocked the one I had and he didn't make it. It was a hot day too with very warm water, I think he must have been too dried out and should have been returned to the water in a bowl or something gradually.
Now I have a male and female fiddler set. They are wonderful. The female loves hanging out on the filter intake tube just about the water, she's there most of the day and night (I have saran wrap taped over the open spaces, not touching the water, of the filter and heater that I replace with clean saran wrap weekly to keep them INSIDE the tank).
The male sometimes hangs out on the other side of the tube, but usually spends his time in the water. Lately he's been missing so I'm hoping he's just doubling his size like the other one did in his absence. I was told they can eat fish and chicken that's cooked in the home. That same person told me the protein in those foods is also great for ailing fish. I'm still skittish with that, but may try soon.
That's my input on the wonderful fiddler crabs. They are so interesting to watch. And are always eating.
I love them.
Reply. Hello Sarah. Thank you for your email and for your interesting comments about your observations of your Fiddler Crabs.
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