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Page 4 about
Freshwater Crabs
This page contains Customer Comments and our Replies about Freshwater Crabs. Click here to go back to the previous page in this discussion about Freshwater Crabs.

Customer Comments

I have some pictures to give you. I use beta fishbowl in the bottom of the tank to give my 3 Gold Fiddler Crabs a place to get out of the water. I just used gravel from the bottom of the tank to weight down the bowl.

Freshwater Crabs in a fish bowl with air inside the bowl.

Every couple of days i add more air to the bowl with an air hose (i had an airline run down into the bowl but they kept trying to escape). The seem to love it and often all group into the bowl together at once! Its a great way to give my crabs the chance to get out of the water without getting out of the tank.
Ian R.
Reply. Hello Ian. Thank you sending us a picture of your ingenious idea. I can see that you rotated the bowl, so it would trap some air for your Crabs, and one of your Crabs seems to be poking its head up out of the water into the air in the bowl.

Customer Comments

I want to respond to the email in the fiddler crab section (about them escaping). With new aquariums, sometimes the crabs can climb up the corners by sticking there legs into the sealent in the corners. Usually they can't get up too far but i have seen my crab make it far enough to reach the heater tube.
Ian R.
Reply. Hello again Ian. I have never seen Crabs climbing up the aquarium sealant. Thank you for reporting your observation.
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Customer Comments

Hello, I recently purchased 2 red claw crabs. I have a standard 20-gallon Aquarium .... so there is pleny of room in the tank for them. I know that if there are plants or anything near the heater tube or filter Tube they can crawl up.
I had a plant that was too close and sure enough that is what happened. Fortunately the crab did not get loose. Since then I have removed all plants and objects from the two tubes. The nearst plant would be 6 inches from the filter tube, and there is a rock that is 3 inches from the heater tube. Both are objects are below the tube levels. How are my crabs abble to crawl to the top of the tank.
Thankfully they do not excape. But every morning I find at least one of them at the top of the filter Tube. Any Suggestions you could give me ? I woudl appreciate any advice. Thank you.
David K.
Lloydminster, Alberta. Canada
Reply. Hello David. Thank you for sending us the details about your Crabs escape from your aquarium.

I read your email carefully, and it sounds like you've done everything about right. I don't have any suggestions. So this is a great opportunity for you to watch your crabs with your own eyes and to discover for yourself how they get out of your aquarium.

Turn out the lights, then open a door just a crack with the light on in the next room, so you can just barely see. Maybe your Crabs will try to escape, and you can watch them. If that doesn't  work, get up early in the morning and watch them.

A friend of mine has a big old VHS camcorder. He set it on a pile of books pointing at his aquarium, and set the speed for 6 hours of recording time. Then he made tests by making the light dimmer and dimmer, until he could just barely see what was recorded on the video tape.

He made several video tapes, until he got the answer to his question. You might try something similar. Good luck in trying to solve this mystery about your Crabs. If you get an answer, please tell me how your Crabs escape, and I'll post it here.


Customer Comments

I found your website this morning and am enjoying it immensely. I had to chuckle when I read the letter from David in Canada, wondering how his red clawed crabs were getting in his filter at the top of the tank. We had the same problem. One evening while watching the fish tank a small crab climbed up a plant about 6 inches from our filter. All at once he flew (looked like a bird flapping his wings) up to the filter. We both thought we were seeing things. Since then we have seen him and our other crab fly several times.
Eugene OR 97405
Reply. Hello Theresa. Thank you for your email. One of the very best parts of this web site is that I get to read about interesting observations like the one you describe in your email. I'm going to watch my crabs more closely, and I hope I see my crabs fly too. Thanks again.

Customer Comments

My redclaw crab does not like spending his whole life in the water. I figured this out because he spent a lot of time trying to get to the top of the tank, climbing on plants.
Most of the time he was unsuccessful. Feeling sorry for him, I got a large plastic bird ladder that hooked easily onto the plastic bar that runs across the top of my Marineland brand aquarium, which has a secured top over the powered filter.
He spends considerable time up there on the bar and in the filter. I think he's happier indulging his amphibian tendencies.
Reply. Hello Lynn and thank you for your interesting observations and comments.
Click here to go on to another page in this web site with more Customer Comments and our Replies about Crabs.
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