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Page 3 about
Freshwater Crabs
This page contains Customer Comments and our Replies about Freshwater Crabs. Click here to go back to the previous page in this discussion about Freshwater Crabs.

Customer Comments

hi, at first i would like to say that i love your website. it has all the information i need when it comes to fish. i bought two fiddler crabs yesterday (male & female) from a local pet store. they were pretty active all night, but i noticed that they were not active this morning and all throughout today.
at closer inspection, i noticed that the male had a crack-like line on his underside. he did move his legs a bit, but other than that he is unresponsive. i am worried that maybe he cracked his shell and is dying or something. however, he is still moving his claws once in a while. (there is nothing wrong with the female because she started moving around again) any ideas as to what i can do?
Blondie Grrr
Reply. Hello. Your Crab may have been damaged, or it may be molting. As a Crab grows, it's shell becomes too small, then the shell splits and falls off the Crab, and the exterior of the Crab hardens into a new shell.

Whenever you buy something and have a problem, you should contact the store and ask for help and advice. If there is something wrong with the item, the store will learn about the problem, so they can avoid it in the future, and you will get an adjustment. In your case they may replace the crab.
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Customer Comments

I got my order of Gold fiddler crabs and they were healthy and verile, full of life. I put them in my 55 gallon tank filled with water and they didn't seem to like it so I moved them in with my new baby Red Ear Slider Turtle with about4 inches of water and a place to get out of the water and they love it. Thanks for delivering great quality animals.
Reply. Hello Matthew. Thank you for your feedback. We are glad to read that you are enjoying your new Fiddler Crabs.

Customer Comments

Hi I was planning on ordering a few crabs but I'm not sure about how they'll treat some of my fish. I have a few albino coryamos (i think thats what they're called) and they are scavengers constantly at the bottom of the tank looking for food. Will the crabs harm these fish?

Reply. Hello John. Your Catfish are probably Pink Corydoras Catfish, which are albinos. Click here to see a picture of a Pink Cory Catfish.

These Crabs seem to be too slow to catch the Cory Catfish. The Crabs will wave their claws at the small Cory Catfish, but usually the Crabs are not quick enough to catch the Cory Catfish, unless one of the Cory Catfish is sick or injured.


Customer Comments

We have 2 Mini Fiddler Crabs in our tank and were just wondering if they ever need to come to the surface for air or can they live entirely underwater?
Kathy B.
Ventura, CA
Reply. Hello Kathy. Thank you for your email. The answer to your question is somewhat controversial. We have kept the two types of Crabs that we sell completely underwater for months in aquariums, where we've made it impossible for them to get off the bottom of the aquarium. Click here for the details about that.

We've had no problems with keeping our Crabs completely underwater. But we've gotten emails saying that most Crabs need to get out of the water occasionally. There are many many species of Crabs including many species of Fiddler Crabs. It may be that some Fiddler Crabs need to get out of the water and some don't.

So the best plan would be to give Crabs the option of getting out of the water, if they want to get out. This could be done by keeping the water level lowered and some rocks piled up so the top of the pile is out of the water. Then the Crabs could climb up and get out of the water, if they wanted.

Remember that the rocks should be aquarium safe, which means you should get the rocks from a pet store, and be sure every rock is labeled for use in aquariums. Click here for more information about aquarium safe ornaments.


Customer Comments

A few weeks ago I got a red claw crab for my boyfriend, and since then I've been finding out all sorts of things about them. I just thought I would pass on some of what I know.
1) The pet store where I got him said that he eats fish, so I got him some feeders, and he didn't eat them. 2 days ago we got him a heater, and since then he has proceded to eat all 3 fish, plus another one that we got him yesterday. Aparently he was just too cold before. However, we have him in a small 2 gallon tank, with only about one gallon of water in it, so the fish don't have much room to get away. I read somewhere else that they like algae, so we give him a little bit of algae disk every once in a while, and he seems to enjoy it.
2) He was missing 2 legs when I got him. They have both begun to grow back, so soon, he will be just as good as new.
3) When the water was cold he spent a lot of time on his rock, but now that we have the heater, he stays in the water most of the time. Do you have any advice on other ways to keep him happy?
Reply. Hello Jamie. Thank you for your email and the interesting details about your Crab. Most of the Crabs that we sell are from warm water, so it makes sense that the warmer water would stimulate your Crab's appetite.

I like the idea that you tried feeding your Crab a piece of an algae disk, and when your Crab ate the algae disk, it showed he need the algae.

Your comment about his legs growing back is also interesting, and may be due to the warmer water. Some other people have reported the legs and pinchers of their Crabs not growing back, and that may be due to the colder water.

It also makes sense that when the water was cooler than your Crab preferred, he climbed out on his rock, and now that the water is warmer, he likes it better and spends more time in the water.

I really enjoyed reading your first hand comments about your Crab, and about your discoveries that make him more comfortable. I think he's got it good!

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