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Page 2 about
Freshwater Crabs
This page contains Customer Comments and our Replies about Freshwater Crabs.

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Customer Comments

I need to know about the shell of a red crab.  My crab is getting out of his old shell.
Reply. Hello. Each Crab like your Crab has an exoskeleton that does not grow. So when the Crab inside the exoskeleton grows, the exoskeleton gets tight!

The exoskeleton then splits open, the crab leaves, and within a couple of days the outside surface of the crab hardens into a new and larger exoskeleton.

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Click here to go the page in Hikari's website with more information about the proper food for your Pet Crabs.

Customer Comments

On your web page about fiddler crabs, you mention, "The males often climb on top of a rock, hold their big claw up, and wave it back and forth. Why? We don't know, but we'd like to know.
The Florida A&M University has an article that does mention a reason why the crabs wave their big claw back and forth. "This giant cheliped is generally not used in predation but forms a kind of sound box, which the male uses to produce sounds. It does this by waving the pincer in the air, causing it to rattle. In this way, it marks its territory and makes its presence known to all the other dwellers in the limited surroundings." -- from, color="#000000"
Reply. Hello Jason and thank you for the information. The web page at the link in your email has lots of interesting information.

Customer Comments

... on your page you said that you'd like to know why the males wave their big claws; this behavior is a mating dance! In the wild, they would build sand burrows, at the entrance to which they would wave their claws to lure females.
If a female likes the male's displays, she will follow him into his burrow where they will mate and she will emerge 2 weeks later to release her eggs into the water. Thought I'd share this bit of research with you!
Thank you!
-Chelsea G.
Reply. Hello again Chelsea. Thank you for your adding your research to this web page.

Incidentally, we do not recommend using sand in aquariums or fish bowls, because the water does not circulate well through the sand, and it soon becomes polluted.

You can substitute a thin layer of aquarium gravel that is at most 1/4" thick.

Click here for more about aquarium gravel.


Customer Comments

Hi again :^)
Got the fish and crabs in perfect health today, thank you so much for all your time and for packaging them well enough to last an extra day!
I appreciate it!
-Chelsea G.
Reply. Hello again Chelsea. Thank you for emailing us back. It's good to know the crabs and fish arrived in perfect health.

Customer Comments

I heard that fiddler Crabs need air access, but your site says they can live indefinitely in the water. Who is right?
Roberto C.
Reply. Hello Roberto. We sell two types of Crabs: Red Claw Crabs and Gold Fiddler Crabs.

I have written almost all the material at, and my writings are based on my experiences.

We have sold these two types of Crabs for many years and have kept both of these types of Crabs completely underwater for months.

They will also survive nicely in shallow water, say 1/2" deep, with rocks for them to climb out on. They are quite adaptable.

There are many other species of Crabs, including many species of Fiddler Crabs, that may have other requirements and may not be able to adapt to living completely underwater. I certainly haven't tried them all, so my advice would not necessarily apply to them.

When you buy Crabs from, you can be confident in the advice on our website and keep the Crabs underwater.

If you get Crabs from someone else, you should ask them how they keep their Crabs.


Customer Comments

Hi, I am writing to say that I like your page, since its has some good information all in one spot about a wide variety of fish.  Also, I'd like to add something to your info about the Red Claw Crabs.
I've had a Crab in my 10-gallon tank for about 4 months now, and I've come to accept that no matter what, he likes to get his head out of the water. He always finds a way to grab onto the rim of the tank and hang half in the water, half in the air.  So I raised my heater a bit, and constructed an "Island" for him to sit on, about one inch from the top of my tank, on the back end.
He is much happier.  I can leave tiny algae pellets on the island for him, and the pleco fish and others can't steal his food anymore.  I used to be afraid that he'd climb all the way out, but I noticed that he needs to keep his eyeballs moist, and well never voluntarily leave the water completely.  So even though he can escape, he has yet to do so.  I'd say 3 months is a decent time without a mishap, so if you are looking to give your Crab a nicer home, I'd say it is ok to provide them with some means of being out of the water now and then.
When I get a bigger tank (30 gal or so), I will put a smaller flat-sided fishbowl (hopefully acrylic) inside to trap air from a bubbler.  Then I can have an under-water air-filled cave for my Crab, I just need to put a rock inside the fishbowl to weigh it down and give my Crab a way to get up to the air pocket.  I'm sure he'll prefer to use the cave instead of climb all the way up my heater to the rim of the tank ...
-Gabriel D.
Boulder, CO.

Reply. Gabriel, thank you for sending us your personal observations about your Crab. I like your idea of giving your Crab a choice of being in the water or out of the water.

Of course you must be careful and make sure that the Crab can't climb out of the aquarium and disappear.

To summarize, our Crabs can live underwater indefinitely, but they may prefer to get out of the water from time to time, and so it's probably best to arrange your Crabs' home so they can go in the water or get out of the water and dry out.

And be sure to arrange all these details in such a way that the Crabs can't escape.

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