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Page 2 about
Swordtail Fish
This page contains Customer Comments and our Replies about Swordtails.

Click here to read the first page in this discussion about Swordtails.


Customer Comments

This is truly a wonderful website!! however, i do have a problem, i got three swordtails and one of them was pregnant.
One night, after taking a bath, i found babies over my 2 gallon tank. I immediately removed all the fish including the mother to my 20-gallon, but i dunno what to do with the babies.
Some of them swam through the rocks. Should i attempt to remove the rocks to save them?
How should i take care of them? How should i feed them, and how long does it take them to grow?
Your help will be very much appreciated.
Reply. Hello. Thank you for your complimentary comment about Breeding Swordtails and raising baby Swordtails is very much like breeding Mollies and caring for their babies.

Click here for lots of information about breeding Mollies and raising baby Mollies.


Customer Comments

excellent website, you have informed me alot! I have a swordtail fry that is almost completely mature. I want to breed her but am not sure what type of swordtail it is. can you interbreed them with any kind of swordtail??
~thank u ~
Austin, TX
Reply. Hello *Shea*. Thank you for your complimentary comment. We are glad to read that you are making good use of

All Swordtails are the same "species" named Xiphophorus helleri, and all Swordtails can interbreed, so you don't have to get any special type of male. Any male Swordtail will probably work.

Here is more than you wanted to know. Most Swordtails have some genes from Platies. Platies are a different species named Xiphophorus maculatus in the same genus with Swordtails.

Actually Platies usually also contain genes from Xiphophorus variatus, the Variatus Platy.

So what we have in the aquarium hobby are hybrids. That is to say our Swordtails and Platies are hybrid crosses of fish that occur in natural environments.

Last year I saw some beautiful slides taken by Juan Miguel Artigas Azas of many types of wild livebearers from various locations in Mexico.

There were several species of males with swords, and there were several pictures of fish that looked like Platies.

Each of these fish was a separate species that lives in a unique location, which is all very interesting.

Click here to visit Juan Miguel's wonderful website, which is called The Cichlid Web Companion.

Click here to see a picture of Juan and read about some of his fish.


Customer Comments

hi i really enjoy your site and thanks for answering by question about clown loaches ,,,, my question is on my swordfish , i notice some some solid white color on the top fin and one is coming out one gills and some the paties have some white markings on the top fin sure what is .... could damage cause other fish how they pick on another ,,,,, any suggestions they seem healthy and swimming
Reply. Hello. We're glad to know that you enjoy this website. The White Spots on your Swordtails and Platies are one of the Signs of Stress and Disease.

Click here to read about several Signs of Stress and Disease, then carefully check your fish for such signs.

Whenever your fish show any of the Signs of Stress and Disease, immediately give them all six steps of the Recommended Treatment.

Click here to read the details.

In my experience an aquarium without a BIO-Wheel and with gravel that is more than 1/4" thick is much more likely to have fish with Signs of Stress and Disease like yours do.

So we recommend BIO-Wheels and keeping the layer of gravel very shallow.

Click here for more about BIO-Wheels.

Click here for more about aquarium gravel.

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