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Page 2 about
This page contains Customer Comments and our Replies about Platies.

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Customer Comments

How can i tell the sex difference between my platies??? There are fire red with black tails and fins. thanx.
Reply. Jeff, the colors of your Platies will not help you determine their gender.

Platies are close relatives of Swordtails, and like a male Swordtail each male Platy has a gonopodium, which is a specially modified fin.

Click here to go to the page about Swordtails, where you can read more and see pictures which show the difference between the fins on a male Swordtail and a female Swordtail.


Customer Comments

I have to platies. One of them is a red wag tail platy and the other is a yellow platy. Today I just realized that the red one had babies. But there were only two. Were there supposed to be more? If so what happened to them? What should I do to take care of the babies? Please email me back with a response.
Thank You!
Reply. Hello Brad. Platies usually have between a dozen and maybe fifty babies. Unlike most fish that lay eggs, Platies are livebearers, and female Platies release live babies.

Other fish in your aquarium may have eaten some of the baby Platies. You can avoid this in the future by putting your female Platy in an Aquarium Net Breeder a few days before she has babies.

Click here for more information about Aquarium Net Breeders.


Customer Comments

Just want to say that your website is great--very informative!
We recently got a 10-gallon tank with 2 platies and 3 mollies. A week after we got them, our black platy "Javier" gave birth to twenty baby fish! We quickly got them into a Net Breeder and ALL 20 babies are still alive and happy, 2 weeks later.
My question is, how long do we keep the babies in the Net Breeder?? We have found a few potential homes for some of them, but I am worried about having too many fish (25 right now!) in a 10-gallon tank. How long can we safely keep all of them in the 10-gallon tank? Also, how big do the babies have to be to join the adult fish?
We're new to keeping fish and are working very hard to keep our new family alive and happy. Any advice you could give us would be much appreciated!
Janelle S.
Reply. Hello Janelle. Congratulations on your success in breeding your Platies.

You got the babies into a net breeder to protect them from being eaten by other fish including their mother.

Click here to read more about net breeders, where you can read,

"When your baby fish have grown to double their original size, they can usually be released from the Aquarium Net Breeder into the aquarium with the other fish."

When your baby Platies have about doubled in size, they will be big enough and be able to swim fast enough to avoid being eaten by most of the other types of fish.

So keep your babies safe in the net breeder for a few weeks, until they are about twice as big as they were, when they were born.

By the time your baby Platies are full grown and about 1.5" long, they will need a much bigger aquarium.

As a rule of thumb they will each need 1 gallon of water for each inch of fish.

So 25 fish at 1.5" makes about 37.5 total inches of fish, which will need an aquarium with about 40-gallons of water.

In the meantime, you can keep them in your 10-gallon aquarium for about two or three months, after you release them from the net breeder.


Customer Comments

I just wanted to comment on how informative your website is. It has made me decisde to start up my aquarium again. I just thought i would entertain everyone who reads this page with a little story. When i fist got my aqaurium i was 13 so i went for the easy to look after breeds like pattys and guppies ..all live bearing fish.
I got a  pair of platys( I forget what exact type though). One day i was cleaning my power filtre because it was looking grungy and i saw something in it, it ended up being a little baby platy that had been sucked up into the filtre and was probably there, judging on the size for about 2 weeks. once again thanks for all of the information
Reply. Hello Emily. Thank you for your interesting story and for your complimentary comment about this website.

We're glad you are starting up your aquarium again.


Customer Comments

im thinking of putting platys in a 60 gallon tank how many do you think i should put in?
Reply. Hello Matt, Thank you for your question.

With small fish like Platies there is a good rule of thumb, "one-inch of fish per gallon".

Platies have a so-called maximum size of about 2.5" long. Next 60-gallons is usually more like 50-gallons, if you measure it.

50-gallons divided by 2.5-inches, equals 20-Platies in your aquarium, and that number sounds about right to me.

But very old Platies given excellent food and plenty of partial water changes and good filtration, can sometimes get bigger than 2.5". But I think that 20-Platies is a good number. 

I hope this has helps you and your fish.

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