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Guppies Info


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Customer Comments

Hi! I love fishys. And your site is fab too! Recently my guppy gave birth. There were aprox 48 babies born. I left the house for work around 8am and when I returned home from work I discovered she had finally given birth.
I had been waiting for the babies to arrive for ages! When I looked closely all the babies were dead. I couldn't believe it. I was really shocked. I had tried so hard with my female guppy all the way through her pregnancy ... I got her a breeding trap and watched her everyday.
I wondered if you had heard of this before, and if you knew what could have caused ALL their deaths?? I have lots of fishies in my tank and all seem pretty healthy, the water seems fine... This was my first time with breeding fish, its such a great hobby.
Any thoughts, suggestions and comments will be much appreciated.  Guppy-lover
UK - England
PS - something guppy lovers might enjoy, before my female had given birth - one morning I looked into my tank and in the breeding trap was the male guppy too!!
The little cheeky fish jumped in with her!!!! It was very funny, quite sweet really - he told me he just wanted to be close to his wifey at a time like this ....
Reply. Hello Lowenna. From time to time female Guppies do deliver dead babies.

This is more likely to occur in a female's first delivery, and it also more likely just after a female has been moved from one aquarium to another aquarium.

Often the female will deliver live babies a few weeks later. Good luck in the future with your Guppies.


Customer Comments

Hello! Your section on Guppy breeding was MOST helpful out of everything I have ever read! I have been trying to get started with livebearers for some time now but little sisters have ... well ... gotten in the way, let's say. hehe. :-)
Anyway, the thing about java ferns is very true for livebearers. Everywhere I read I said java ferns are the easiest and best plane for the fry to nibble on without killing the plant and for cover from their cannibalistic parents. (wow that's the big word! haha)
Anyway that's all and thanks! your site is sooooooooooo helpful!
Kyle B.
You can put this on the site if you want I don't mind!
Reply. Hello Kyle. thank you for your very complimentary comments about

We're glad to read that you are making good use of the information about Breeding Guppies.


Customer Comments

I'd just thought you might want to know because you have been a great help to me even though you have never personally E-mailed me back. Anyhow, My guppy had 12 babies last Monday!
They were very healthy and my larger guppies were not interested in them. I separated then into a goldfish bowl, (Is a goldfish bowl okay?) anyway. Then I went on vacation on Thursday and My neighbor took care of my guppies.
When I came back the next Tuesday, the baby fish were twice as big! On Wednesday night, the same mother was very large so I put her in the breeding net again.
You said that it usually takes 3 to 4 weeks for the mother to have babies again but it only took a week and 1/2 for my mother guppy to give birth again! She gave birth to 21 babies, even though she was not a very large guppy.
Sadly, one of them died. I was wondering, how long does it take for a baby guppy to mature to a grownup guppy's regular size? And how much can you sell them for to a local fish store?
I was just wondering because I cannot keep 32 baby guppies in a 5 gallon aquarium when I already have 4 guppies in that tank.
Thank You! (If you e-mail me back.)
Margo P.
Reply. Hello Margo. Congratulations. We say Female Guppies usually release babies once a month, but yours is an exception this time.

The rate of maturing in Guppies depends on the temperature of the water, the amount of food, the quality of the food, the amount of stress, and other factors.

So we cannot tell you how soon your guppies will mature, but they usually mature in a few months.

I suggest you contact a local store and ask them, if they will buy your Guppies and at what price. Often they will offer to trade you fish, fish food, or other merchandise.


Customer Comments

I need help with a female guppy about to give birth. She has been in isolation for over 20 hours. She has already birthed 2 litters with no problems, but is at present struggling, to deliver.
She has pushed out an air sack that is slowly inflating also she seems to getting weaker. Any suggestions for how we can help her please. regards
Stuart D.
Reply. Hello Stuart. I read your email carefully, but I have never seen or heard of anything similar.

I wonder if the sack is full of fluid or full of air. If it's air, your female should have trouble with her buoyancy.

Here are my recommendations.

Remove 20% of the water and replace it with tap water. Repeat this each day.

Check the temperature of the water, and increase it by 4 degrees F. to a maximum of 82 degrees F.

Increase the concentration of aquarium salt to a maximum of one tablespoon per each five gallons.

When you remove and replace water, add the appropriate amount of aquarium salt.

Leave the female in isolation until she has delivered all her babies.

I hope this advice helps your female guppy and her babies.


Customer Comments

In reading some of your articles, I think you have some pretty good advice to give out. However, I have been raising guppies for 2 years in a non-filtered 2 gallon tank. They were fine. I had plants, gravel, and snails in there with them, and they successfully gave birth to about 3 healthy babies that are still living today.
Recently, I transferred these guppies into a filtered 5 gallon tank, with the snails, plants, and a new companion, a cory catfish. The male got extremely excited, and got practically all of the females pregnant. However, when I checked on them, the females were no longer as pregnant, and there were only about 5 babies at the top, hiding in the plants. My guess is that the rest were eaten by their parents. However, I didn't do anything. They did it all themselves.
My opinion with breeding guppies, is that they will do it naturally, if the situation is provided to them. I think your readers should know that its not that hard, and they do not have to go out and spend a lot to raise guppies. Its quite simple, and enjoyable to watch. I suppose that if your readers were breeding for a profit, they might want the correct tools and all. But,  if they are just raising fish for the fun of it, as I am, they should just worry about setting up the correct ecosystem for the guppies. They are the most interesting little fish! :]
Fairfax, VA
Reply. Hello CD. Thank you for your comments, which we agree with.
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