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Page 5 about
Guppy Breeding


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This page continues with Comments and Replies about Guppy Breeding.

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Customer Comments

I have researched guppies and swordtails very indepthly before setting up my newly aquired hobby. While researching I found your site to be most helpful in describing the breeding habbits of the livebears.
There are a few suggestions I would like to share with you from what I learned after setting up my tank. Your site inspired me to breeding livebears. I started with a 2 1/2 gallon tank and had four guppies in it but, it was a failure. It would be quite sometime before I set up my 20-gallon tank but, last sunday I introduced ten fish into my aquarium.
Six guppies( Four females and Two males) and four swordtails( Two Males Two Females). That day because of cold shock Three guppies died(Two Female and One Male). They would soon be repayed to me in a new smaller form. That night I put my very very pregant alpha female into the net breeder and when I awoke nothing but, a very very pregant guppy.
I was about to leave for school I said to myself " She's going to drop a load today And i know it!" I didn't get the word out of my mouth and my first baby guppy of about fourty was born. So instead of going to school I stayed home for three and a half hours untill all babies were born.
Coming home I noticed my other female guppy was very pregant and it was time for me to go to wrestling practice. I put her into the breeder and gut ready I looked over and saw a new baby. This female caused me to cancel my wrestling practice while she gave birth to about thirty tiny fry.
Last night, 5/18/02 I looked into my tank all looked heathy but, my to swordtails looked Very pregant so, I put them into my new double breeder over the night. Around two o' clock my sister came in to look at my fish, I told her, " By tomorrow morning my redtail swordtail going to have babies you watch!" I was right I awoke around nine and there were little redtails swiming in my breeder, around thirty of them.
The sad part is that male guppy got cault in the filter and died. I'm looking forward to my blacktailed swordtail to have her fry sometime today or tommorow. While watching this livebears I have noticed many thing I would think your readers would find most helpful.
Before The livebears have their fry, the air bubble that shows threw the skin is unable to be sean and the black spot while be very dark and very compacted. I have sean very fat pregant fish and very length wise pregant fish. While the livebear gives birth the air bubble slowly can be sean again pushing on the black spot. Under the black spot a little tiny bubble is able to being sean.
You will notice only air then you will see a little body fall into it. The bubble will get bigger and bigger until kerplunk one to three fry fall from the mother. All the while the black spot will slowly get smaller. Note sometimes a fish will lose all her black spot or still maytain it, depending on her color. In the case of my redtail she is to dark to really notice her black spot, but I can tell you she looked like santa clause.
I would like to take this time in thanking you for all your help and support. I also would like to ask you to to post this information for everyone and when pasable send me new information to me.
Reply. Hello Brandon. Thank you very much for the details about your female livebearers releasing babies.

Many people have sent me emails requesting more details about what the females do, and what they look like just before and during the time the babies are released.

Your first hand account should help them. Thanks again.


Customer Comments

Is there any way you can breed guppies to get a certain color of fry?
Patrick O.
Reply. Hello Patrick. All of the Guppies in all of our aquariums are the descendants of wild guppies that had lots of specks of various different colors.

A long time ago people started to breed Guppies and then picked out the Guppies with distinct color patters. They kept their favorite Guppies to breed and produce the next generation of Guppies.

They repeated this process many many times, and we now have available many strains of Guppies that have distinct color patterns.

Click here to see several different color varieties of Guppies.

You could start now and repeat this process, and over a period of many years you could possibly develop your own unique color strains of Guppies.

But most people buy pairs of the color strains that are available now rather than repeating the long process.

If you would like to buy pairs of a certain color of Guppy from us, so you can reproduce that type of Guppy, then put a Special Request with your order.

Click here for more information about how to add a Special Request to your Order.


Customer Comments

hello, i've been reading tons of the coments and questions about everything. Questions on the guppies caught my eye because i see people writing that their female guppies have 20 to 30 babies when they put them in some sort of breeding trap.
I have a female guppy that i knew was pregnent and left her swimming around in the tank freely and she ended up have around 50 babies!!!!! And all of them seem to be doing fine. the other fish don't bother them. the tank isn't big either it's just a 10 gal with 5 other guppies and 5 neon tetras.
Patrick O.
Reply. Hello again Patrick. Thank you for sending us your interesting comments.

Customer Comments

I was so pleased to find your site, I haven't come across so much useful information in one place before.
Mr Dayes' method of breeding guppies sounds very gentle and natural for the fish, with plenty of plants for the babies to hide in. My own female guppy likes to burrow down into the base of a dense plant to give birth, but I notice that many breeders advocate clear plastic breeding traps.
If the fish like to hide, aren't these traps stressful for them? Any advice? By the way, there has been some question about keeping guppies and corys in the same tank; my guppies live harmoniously with corys, who are very gentle with the smaller fish. The corys have no objection to the guppies playing around them or even trying to get at food which they suspect the corys may be sitting on!
They share with neon tetras, glass catfish and red-nosed tetras and seem a very happy, contented community.
Best wishes Amanda B.
Staffordshire, England
Reply. Hello Amanda and thank you for your comments. I prefer plants to breeding contraptions and agree that the contraptions are sometimes stressful, whereas natural plants are rarely stressful.

Click here for more information about these contraptions, and click here to read about Mr. Dayes' method of breeding Guppies.

I also agree with you that Cory Catfish, Neon Tetras, Glass Catfish and Red-Nosed Tetras, which we usually call Rummy Nose Tetras, are all good tank mates for Guppies.

Click here for more information about compatible tank mates for Guppies.

Click here to go on to another page in this web sit with more Customer Comments and our Replies about Show Guppies.

Click here to go on to another page in this web site with more Customer Comments and our Replies about Show Guppies.

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