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Page 4 about
Show Guppies


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Customer Comments

Show Guppy male with an arrow to the gonopodium.
I've been to your website several times for advice or pointers and have always found what I'm looking for.
I was hoping that you could help me with this as well. A neighbor of mine was moving and gave me one of their fish, I know it's a guppy but if you could take a look at the attached file and tell me what kind of guppy it is, is it male or female and if it's female does it look like it's carrying fry?
I just need to know if I should put it in the breeding net so that my big old Molly doesn't eat the fry. (He's HUGE and I have a feeling he'll gobble up any fry like candy!)
Thanks in advance,
Heather F.
Reply. Hello Heather. Thank you for your email and for sending us a nice picture of your Guppy.

We get a lot of emails that ask us to describe the difference between male and female Guppys.

But it is difficult to do with words. Fortunately your picture will help us describe the different between males and females.

The Guppy in your picture is a male. I put a white arrow on your picture to point at the end of this male's gonopodium, which is a modified fin that is gray and horizontal in your picture.

Be sure you can see this fin in the picture, because this fin is the key to determining the gender of all livebearers such as Guppies, Platies, Mollies, Swordtails, and many others.

Click here to go to another page in this website with pictures of a young male and a young female Swordtail. These pictures show the difference in the fins of the male and the female.

Your picture above shows that your male has a big abdomen area, and his abdomen might deceive you into thinking he's a female.

But we know from his gonopodium fin that he is a male. Also, he has very bright colors, and I have never seen a female Guppy with such bright coloration.


Customer Comments


Wow, this is an excellent site for information about breeding and raising Guppies.  Personally, I love them. They are brilliant in color, dossal and become very friendly and pet like quickly.  I only have one other fish with my Guppies, a  small Cory Cat.
I don't like putting any other fish with them because they are so easily stressed out because they are so dossal.  I have raised many babies in my 2 breeder box's, but I had questions as to how often they have babies. I hate it when they have them in the tank and get eaten.
I have live plants and rocks for the babies to hide in, but the other fish are right there waiting for them to come out.  Your site has answered all of my questions and more.
I recommend anyone starting up an aquarium for the first time for themselves or a child to start with Guppies only, and read this site.  Thanks for all the info.
Teri L.
Plano, Texas

Reply. Thank you, Teri, for your complimentary comments. We're glad to read that you are enjoying this website.

Customer Comments

keep up the good work . your doing a grate job. im so glad to have found this sight so easly. im not good with a computer and you made your sight fool proof. thank you!
I have had tanks off and on from childhood. Most of them have held live berrors. My grand fother got me hooked on them very young. now i have 2 small girls that are crazy about fish and every baby they see.
So i figured i could combine the two and picked up a bunch of guppies. Of corse im not rich so i got the ones that were ready to pop. and pop theyve been doing. Ive gotten 30 babys out of 2 fish. And have about 5 more to go.Ive got guppies guppies and more to come.
I done pritt good figuring out who was ready to go in the net till now. i have 2 that look like they are gonna blow and one has been sittin in the net for 3 days.
Shuld i take her out and put another on or just leave her? How long should i leave her in there? I really want her babys they are pretty cool looking. Help!
Reply. Hello Chrissy. Thank you for your interesting comments about your Guppy females and their babies.

I cannot say if you should leave that female in the Net Breeder, or remove her and put another one of your female Guppys into the Net Breeder.

Click here for more information about the Net Breeder.

You must watch your fish and make your decisions, and that is probably the most important thing to know about fish: watch them carefully and learn from what you see.

Thanks again for your friendly email and good luck with your fish.


Customer Comments

Hi I am just starting out but I hve always had this thing about guppies. I have read alot of your comments. Right now I breed a little bit and sell the babbies.
It all started out when I went out and got a 2 gallon tank and realized I would need a bigger tank so I got a 10-gallon tank and then realized that I would need a bigger tank so i got a 20-gallon tank. as of right now I just let my guppies breed and when a female comes to be very pregnant I put her into the 10-gallon tank to give birth,
I found that when rasing baby guppies the grow to be much larger much in a larger gallon tank. I also have done alot of research about rasing baby guppies so now evry now and again I will feed the baby guppies cooked egg yolk for protien.
I have not yet put a filter in the baby tank I just do small water c! hanges every two days and this seems to help the babies from being sucked up into the filter. Thanks for you time
Toledo, Ohio
Reply. Hello Terri. We enjoyed reading your comments about your success in breeding Guppys. Thank you for your email. Good luck with your Guppies.
Click here to go on to another page in this web sit with more Customer Comments and our Replies about Show Guppies.

Click here to go on to another page in this website with more Customer Comments and our Replies about Show Guppys.

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