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Page 3 about
Fancy Guppies


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This page continues with Comments and Replies about Fancy Guppies.

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Customer Comments

Hi - I have baby fish!! About a week ago I purchased ... another pair of guppies, and I had a female guppy still in the big tank from before. I put all the fish in my 20-gallon tank and 2 days later when I got home I saw the female guppy I just bought (that was very pregnant when I got her) looked skinnier.
I then saw 4 babies swimming around so I caught 3 of them and the mother and put them in a breeder net, but the 4th one was eaten sadly before I could get it. Then the mother had 3 more babies so I have 6 baby guppies in the breeder net and the mother is back swimming around. I just thought I'd tell you since you've been a great help to me and if you have any comment feel free to email them to me.
Michael E.
Reply. Yes we have a comment, Michael. Congratulations!!!

I know that Mr. Dayes would want to congratulate you too. Please send us an email from time to time, and tell us about your Guppies.

How often the females have babies, and how many they have.


Customer Comments


Hi - I will post my information about my breeding guppies.  I put the female who has a big black spot at the end of her abdomen in the breeder net.  She hasn't done anything yet but I think she will have some more (even though) it's only been about 1 and 1/2 weeks since she had the last ones.
I am probably going to start giving some babies to my local fish store after I get good at this and maybe make some profits.  I really appreciate the help from you.
Here is some information about my babies for your website:

January 06       Six babies are born and healthy.
January 10   Babies are doing great and growing very healthy.
January 14   Babies are now in their own 2 and 1/2 gallon tank and health is excellent!
January 19   I put female inside breeder net and she looks ready to have next batch of babies.
Michael E.
Reply. Thank you, Michael. As you email more information about your Guppies to us, we'll post it here on this page.

Customer Comments

I really enjoyed the information about guppies you posted. I only have one more question left, a question no one has thought of. You have to have a running filter, right? Well, there is this tube that sucks up all kinds of dirt and junk, right?
Here's my question: How do baby guppies avoid getting sucked into that tube that goes to the filter? I mean, you find a baby fish in your aquarium so you remove the mother and other fish and leave to get a net and you just turn away for 1 second and when you try to find the baby fish it's gone. And with no fish in the aquarium, it couldn't have be eaten.
So how do you keep the babies from getting killed by the filter? This happened to me once so I just wanted to know how to avoid it in the future.
Amelia P., Age 11
Very experienced with fish
Reply. When you see the female Guppy is really big and has a dark spot at the back of her abdomen, put her in a breeding contraption.

Click here for more information about these breeding contraptions.

After she releases her babies, release the female Guppy from the contraption. Leave the baby Guppies in the contraption and feed them powdered flake food.

Click here for an explanation about how to make powdered food for baby Guppies.

We are often asked how soon can the baby Guppies be released from the protective contraption, but the rate of growth of baby Guppies and most other types of fish depends on the water quality, the water temperature, the amount of food, the quality of the food, and many other factors.

So it is not possible to say how many days the babies should stay in the contraption.

But we can say that generally it is safe to release the baby Guppies, after they have doubled in length.

So take note of the length of the baby Guppies, when they are a day or two days old, and later you can safely release them from the contraption after they have doubled in length.

At that length they will be able to swim fast and avoid being eaten by most of the large fish.

If for some reason you must keep babies guppies in an aquarium, where they might get sucked into the siphon and then into the filter, you can cover the screen on the end of siphon tube with some material cut from a pair of panty hose.

Wrap the material over the strainer and attach it with a rubber band. I've done this several times to prevent various baby fish from being sucked into the filter.


Customer Comments


Thank you for all the information on your site about guppies and breeding them.  I did not intend to breed guppies and didn't think to tell the guy at the pet store to not give me a male and female when I bought my two guppies ?
Right now I have 8 little guppy babies swimming around in one of my aquariums.  I don't know what I'm going to do with so many, especially since I know they are going to just keep coming.
I logged onto the internet this morning looking for information about breeding guppies so I could recognize which is the female and hopefully get more information on how to tell when she's about to release her brood and your site was the first one to come up on the list at Yahoo! that wasn't a club page.
In researching information about my dog I found that club pages had more information about the animals owned by the club members and awards won than about the breed itself so I now tend to avoid club pages.  I found all the information I need on your site, easy to find, and that is very refreshing.
Thank you again for the information.  Now I just have to decide if I'm going to let my fishies do the "wild thing" anymore or if I'm going to separate them and put one of them in the other tank with the other non-guppy fish.
Laura K.

Reply. You're welcome, Laura. Thank you for visiting us, and thanks also for your interesting comments about your Guppies.

Customer Comments


At your website, I read the interesting article on breeding fancy guppies.  Your account of Mr. Frank Dayes' method was enlightening.  Since I am a beginner in my retirement years,  I would appreciated your expanding further on the sponge filter that he used in his tank where the babies were born.  The power filter that I have does not seem appropriate for tiny fry.  Any help you give me would certainly be appreciated.
Thanks again,
Estelene C.

Reply. Hello Estelene, you are right in saying that a power filter would not be a good choice for Guppy fry. There are two good choices for sponge filters.

The Hydro-Sponge by ATI and Tetra's Brilliant Sponge Filter. I searched the internet, but couldn't find a dealer that sold either one.

Ask the supplier you deal with, if they have or can special order either one of these filters for you.


Customer Comments

I just love this website! I have been breeding live bearers including fancy guppies for a year and I have noticed that when the females are ready to give birth, their abdomens become "square-ish" shaped when they are facing away from you.
This also seems to be the case with sword tails and mollies. I have platies now, too, but have not yet had any babies from them, so I don't know if they also get square. When this square shape is seen, the female will usually give birth in the next twenty-four hours.
Also, if you keep track of the date the babies were born on, you can usually expect your next batch in 25 to 28 days.
Newport News, VA
Reply. Hello Ruth. I appreciate your compliments. Thank you. I also enjoyed reading your helpful comments about your guppies and other livebearers.
Click here now to continue on the next page with more Comments and Replies about breeding Guppies.
Click here now to continue on the next page with more Comments and Replies about breeding Guppies.
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