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More about
Pregnant Female Guppies
with Baby Guppies.


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This page contains Customer Comments and our Replies about Pregnant Guppies and Baby Guppies.

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Customer Comments

One of our Pregnant Guppies with Baby Guppies that were just released by a pregnant female with the babies shown in a breeding container.
Thanks to you guys, as you can see i have now, 60 baby guppies from 2 females. Also got 1 egg and 4 deformed. Without the information from your site this thing would have been imposible. Many many thanks and keep the excellent work.
Regards Akis G.
Reply. Hello Akis. Thank you for your email and for sending us your picture.

In the picture I can see one of your pregnant female guppy with a huge abdomen that must be filled with more eggs and more baby guppies.

In the lower right corner of the picture I can also see five small baby guppies that are swimming toward the right side of the picture. I can see their tiny dark eyes.

I think your female with her dark tail is very pretty. I also like the black coloration on the rear half of her body.

I can see that your female and her babies are in what we call a baby-saver, which is a plastic container that fits inside your aquarium.

I think your female is in the top half of the baby-saver, which has slots that allow the baby Guppies to fall through to the bottom half of the baby-saver, where they are safe and cannot be eaten by the mother or any other fish in the aquarium.

If you have comments about the baby-saver, please email me back. I'm glad you are making good use of the information on

Thank you for adding an interesting picture to this website, and thank you for your complimentary comments.


Customer Comments

Hi, I read your article on how guppies breed and I was doing a report on guppies and betas. I would just like to know where the word guppy came from. Could you offer me any suggestions? I would be very appreciative!
age 12
Reply. At one time the scientific name of Guppies was Girardinus guppyi, and I seem to remember that the species name guppyi was given in honor of a person named Guppy.

Now the scientific name is Poecilia reticulata, but the common name Guppy stuck!

To check my memory I looked in the MSN Online Encarta Encyclopedia and found more information.

Here is a brief quote, "Guppy, small, active, carnivorous freshwater fish, found in the islands of the southern Caribbean Sea and in northern South America.

"The fish are named after the Trinidadian ichthyologist R. J. Lechmere Guppy."

Click here to read more about Guppies in the Encarta Encyclopedia, where you can search for information about anything.


Customer Comments

I just would like to tell you how much I enjoy your web page. I enjoy reading about the fish and what ones I can put together in the same tank. One of my tanks has a turtle in it, two have guppys in them. I have been looking for fish to put in the other two. Just can't make my mind up on the fish.
Thanks for the website.
Cox's Creek KY 44013
Reply. Hello Rachel.

Click here to read the list of fish that are compatible tank mates for Guppies.


Customer Comments

I have 2 aquariums, one is a 15-gallon tall with an undergravel filter and I have an assortment of fish in it from angels to gouramis to mollies. My other tank is a small 5 gallon hex with guppies and neons in it. I am having trouble now with the guppies.
I ... bought 3 male fancy tail guppies. After putting them in the tank, I suddenly had several guppies die. (7 in one day), 2 the next day and 1 yesterday. Now, the remaining guppies are losing their tails. Both males and females look like somthing is eating their tails.
I have watched the tank for hours and have never seen the neons bother the guppies. Also, I have a large chinese algae eater that stays at the bottom of the tank but it doesn't bother the fish either.
My guppies are swimming in an erratic manner and I am worried. Any ideas? Ps-there is no undergravel filter in this tank and I have not added any other decorations to the tank recently.
Reply. Hello Michelle. You should immediately give your fish all six steps of the Recommended Treatment.

Click here for the details. But you should reduce the amount of Quick Cure by 50% because you have Neon Tetras in your aquarium and they may be sensitive to the full dose of Quick Cure.

Chinese Algae Eaters (CAE) are not good fish to have with Neons and Guppies. As they get older and larger, CAE do not eat much algae, and they attack other fish.

Your CAE is probably attacking your guppies, when the lights are off. Your CAE may be just nipping your fish and causing wounds that become infected.

You mentioned that we do not have much information about diseases on this website. We have a page about Signs of Stress and Disease.

Click here to read it. The treatment is always the same, and that is about all you need to know.


Customer Comments

I noticed that the guppies like to bite each other's tails even with or without the females is there any way to stop this?
Also, you said that the cory catfish are good fish to be kept with guppies aren't they intolerant of salt which guppies need? I wanted a good algae eater that will be gentle with the guppies but also can tolerate the salt, is there one that will be compatible for them?
Thank you very much,
Reply. Hello Aundrea. You're right the Cory Catfish prefer fresh water without any Aquarium Salt, but Guppies prefer water with some Aquarium Salt as mentioned above.

So Cory Catfish and Guppies are not ideal tank mates. Thank you pointing our this discrepancy in my advice given above for compatible tank mates.

A small Plecostomus about 2.5 to 3" would be good, but a Plecostomus will soon grow to 4" and then get bigger and grow to be too big for a small aquarium with Fancy Guppies.

Of course the Ghost Shrimp are excellent bottom scavengers. They tolerate Aquarium Salt, and they are very gentle. So they would be a very good choice. The Dwarf African Frogs are also a good choice.

Male Guppies quarrel more and the weakest males are more miserable, when there are just a few male Guppies in an aquarium.

So it's best to keep at least 6 male Guppies together, and they will do even better when there are 12 or more together in the same aquarium.

Or keep a few males and lots of females. Be sure you have a total of at least 12 Guppies in the aquarium.

Also be sure to feed your Guppies floating flake food and freeze dried blood worms. Well fed fish are not as aggressive.

I also feed each of my Guppies 3 or 4 Black Worms every other day.

Click here to read more about feeding fish.

Click here for more about Black Worms.


Customer Comments

Hi.  I'm 16 yrs old and over the summer I bought two guppies.  Since then, my original two guppies have died but they have left behind plenty of fish.  I now have 5 adult females (from what I can tell) and around 30 babies.  They just keep having more.  I keep them in a 10-gallon tank, and a 2 gallon tank.  I'm going out tonight to buy heaters for them both as it's getting colder now so the water temp. has decreased.
I don't think that I have an adult male, but how can I be sure, also I read some where that guppies can change sex if they need to ..... and that females don't need a male to reproduce.  is all of this true?  I don't know what to do with them all, especially if they keep having more babies.  I saw on your page that i should feed them freeze dried blood worms ..... should the babies eat these too?  how often should I feed them the blood worms? Please help me out.
Reply. Hello Luen. How can you tell the gender of your Guppies? Male Guppies are slimmer and more colorful than females.

A pregnant female Guppies has a dark spot on the rear part of her abdomen. This spot is called a gravid spot.

A male Guppy has a modified fin called a gonopodium that a female does not have.

Click here to go to the web page about Swordtails where you can see pictures that show the difference between the fins of male and a female Swordtails. Male and female Guppies have this same difference in their fins.

Once a female Guppy is pregnant, she can release babies about once a month for up to six months without a male in the aquarium.

So your Guppy females may continue to release babies, even if you don't have a male Guppy now.

Baby Guppies are too small to eat Freeze Dried Blood Worms. Feed your baby Guppies fine powered food.

Click here for information about to prepare powdered food for your baby Guppies.


Customer Comments

Hello, first i want to say that i love your site, i think its great, but i did want to mention to you that i cant help but notice that you keep saying tiger barbs, neon tetras and fancy guppies cannot be together, or should not be together, i have a 40-gallon tank with 20 neon tetras, 10 tiger barbs and 10 fancy guppies and they have lived happily together for 3 years now and i have never had a problem, So i dont know that i would steer people from getting them and putting them together.
Reply. Hello and thank you for your complimentary comment. We generally advise that Tiger Barbs are too aggressive for Neon Tetras and Guppies.

Your fish are possibly an exception to our advice. Why do your fish get along? Probably four reasons.

(1)  You have a large aquarium with 40-gallons of water. Generally, the larger the aquarium, the less the aggression.

(2)  The more Tiger Barbs you have, the less they will bother other fish. With a group of 10 Tiger Barbs they are so busy interacting with each other, that they are too busy to bother other fish.

If there were only 3 or 4 Tiger Barbs, they would probably bother your other smaller fish.

(3)  As with most animals the behavior of Tiger Barbs may vary. Your Tiger Barbs may just be less aggressive than most Tiger Barbs.

(4)  Most kinds of fish are less aggressive, when they receive really good care and plenty of food. So I'll bet you take very good care of your fish.

But your experience is an exception and keeping Tiger Barbs with Neon Tetras and Fancy Guppies does not work most of the time in most aquariums.

Thanks again for your comments.

Click here to go to another page in in this website with information about breeding Guppies and several comments sent to us from folks, who visited this site and are  interested in Guppies.
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