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Huge Aquarium Fish
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A HUGE PACU measuring more than 30" long and said to weigh over 35-lbs. This fish lives in a 20,000 gallon aquarium and is much too big for almost all aquariums.
When you look at pages in with Huge Aquarium Fish for sale, you'll see a symbol like this  huge Pacu aquarium fish at, where you can shop online for huge aquarium fish.   to indicate that these fish can grow to be huge.
Some Cichlid species like the Oscars can grow to be big and outgrow most aquariums. What to do then? Buy a bigger aquarium! OK, but eventually an Oscar will need an aquarium with at least 250-gallons of water.
Other Cichlid species can grow to be bigger than Oscars. The Temensis and Peacocks grow to be huge ... over 30" long.
There are Cichlids like Buttikoferi in West Africa, some "Haps" in Lake Malawi, and Boulengerochromis in Lake Tanganyika will quickly outgrow almost all aquariums.
Arapaima, Arowanas, and Red Tail Catfish live in the Amazon River in South American and grow very fast to be very big. They too will outgrow all but the very biggest aquariums.
Good Advice
Before you get a new fish, find out about that fish. What does it eat? Does it need special water conditions? What sort of tank mates will it live with? How long will it live? How big will it get ... eventually?
Before you get a fish, make a commitment to take care of that fish for the rest of its live, which may be many years and require a much bigger aquarium, unless someone else agrees to be responsible for that fish.
Most other aquarists, fish stores, and even public aquariums usually do not want a 12" Pacu that is growing fast and will one day need an aquarium with thousands of gallons of water.

So it will be very difficult to find a home for a fish that is huge or will grow to be huge. Once you own it, you should be responsible for it, until you find it a new owner to be responsible, and that may not be easy.

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