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Page 2 about
Breeding Dwarf Gouramis
This page contains Customer Comments and our Replies about Breeding Dwarf Gouramis.

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Customer Comments

Dear, I love your site. It has a lot of information about fish. I have a male and a female Dwarf Gourami. They keep laying eggs, yet i am not able to hatch the eggs.

I am getting an Aquaculture Breeding Net soon, so they can lay the eggs in there. This past Tuesday, my gourami's laid eggs, and the eggs all got sucked up in the filter.

I cleaned my tank because it was a little bit green, and today (wednesday) the Male is already blowing a bubble nest again! Can you give me any advice on raising Dwarf Gourami eggs? I really would appreciate it.

Also, I am thinking about getting a larger aquarium. I have a 10-gallon right now, and it seems small. Can you tell me where i could probably get a twenty or thirty gallon aquarium by itself for cheap? I already have a filter and all those things I need.

Also, I have a female swordtail in my tank, and i also have this large rock. One day i came home and realized that one of her eyes was gone! I named this fish jack (even though it is a female) so I can now call it One-eye Jack.

Thanks for all your help.
~Tyler Hughes
Reply. Hello Tyler. Thank you for your email and for your complimentary comments about

I agree with you that your Dwarf Gouramis need a bigger aquarium. I would recommend a so-called 29, which has about 25-gallons of water.

I see these "29"-gallon aquariums in many stores that sell pet fish. If you don't see one, ask the manager if the store can special-order one for you.

You'll also need a good aquarium stand, because these are heavy aquariums.

It would help if the filter were at one end of the aquarium, so the water at the other end was more still.

Sometimes it helps Gouramis, if there are plenty of floating plants. Either live or plastic plants will work.

It also helps to change 20% of the water each day, so the water will be very fresh. Fish eggs are often more sensitive to the water quality than are the parent fish.

The eggs will be stronger, if you feed the parents a variety of food such as good flakes, freeze dried blood worms, frozen brine shrimp, and live food like black worms, if you can get them.

Eggs often hatch better, when the water is a little bit warmer like about 82 degrees F.

It is best to be sure the aquarium is covered, so the air above the water will not cool and chill the eggs.

Good luck with your Dwarf Gouramis.


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