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Page 2 about the

Three Groups of Goldfish


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This page contains Customer Comments and our Replies about the Three Groups of Goldfish.

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Customer Comment

I've just been reading your advise on not mixing certain goldfish. I have a coldwater tank with fish from all 3 types in it:-
Normal golfish, Comet, Shubunkin, Lionface, Golden orfe, Fantail, Black moor.
They all get on very well and i have had no problems with them. They all eat the food and none of them bully each other.
Are they just all exceptionally good, or should i keep a close eye on them?
Jennie, Manchester.
Reply. Hello Jennie. Thank you for your comments about your Goldfish. I am surprised that your fish get along well together.

Your Golden Orfe is a hybrid between a Goldfish and a Koi, and an Orfe will often nip on Goldfish.

The Orfe, Normal Goldfish, Comet, and Shubunkin are all in what we call Group 1. The Fantail and Black Moor are in Group 2, and the Lion Head is in Group 3.

Click here for more information about these three groups, which usually do not do well together, because the fish in Group 1 pick on the fish in Groups 2 and 3, and the fish in Group will often pick on the fish in Group 3.

But your fish may be milder. Also a bigger aquarium helps reduce the aggression, and so does frequent feeding with good food.

But we have discovered that most times these three groups of fish should not be mixed, so keep a close eye on yours to see if there is any bullying or nipping by the more aggressive fish.

Thanks again for your comments.

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