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is usually $36.99

Or only $17.99 to Southern California.

on Orders totaling $169.99 before taxes and shipping charges. 

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Page 2 about

Fancy Goldfish


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This page contains Customer Comments and our Replies about Fancy Goldfish.

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Customer Comments

Calico Ryukin, Goldfish, that recently won Reserve Champion in the Inland Empire Koi and Goldfish Show in Spokane.
Ryukin Goldfish that recently won Reserve Champion in the Inland Empire Koi and Goldfish Show in Spokane.
Hi there, Gentlemen,
I had already shared this with you over the phone, but thought you might like photos and more detail.
Last year, I purchased some of your $12.00 Calico Ryukins and a few calico Ranchu. As always, the fish were healthy and active on arrival. I have yet to lose ANY of the fish from you. Can't say that about any other source that I have purchased fish from.
Anyway, most eventually went into my outdoor ponds, where the did very well.
This past August, some friends who own a pond business and provide Show Quality Koi and Goldfish to our Washington and Oregon Fish community, were packing to go to a show in Spokane, WA.  They mentioned to me, that they were "shy" of Ryukins, in particular for a good selection for the customers there.
So, I offered some from my ponds, as I needed to reduce numbers anyway.  Six came out of my collection, two of the babies from you.
One had grown to over 5" and I knew it was a good fish ... it had just missed going to the Portland, OR show with me a few weeks earlier.
This particular fish was purchased by Phyllis Olsen for $75.00 and entered into the Inland Empire Koi and Goldfish Show, there, in Spokane.
I was flabberghasted when  I received the phone call telling me this fish won Reserve Champion in the Goldfish show!!!  I have never won that high an award myself, but a fish I gave away took the prize!!  We were all delighted!
Another club member, who buys VERY expensive show fish, was upset he had not gotten this fish because he had been looking for one just like it for three years!!  He also let us know had the fish been just a bit more deep bodied, it would have taken Champion!!
Mrs. Olsen provided the following photos, sorry I could not get them to my photo program to clean them up.
Thank you and your staff for providing healthy, Quality fish!  I have an order in now for Blue Orandas in a larger size. You have been particularly helpful in selecting fish carefully to meet the standards I have requested.
Best Wishes and Congratulations on this win.
Chris J.
Roy, WA
PS the dorsal on this fish is normally erect...
Reply. Hello Chris. Thank you very much for taking the time to write us such an interesting email filled with details.

We also liked seeing the pictures, which show that you take very good care of your fish. Congratulations.

We know that our buyer does a great job finding and buying really good fish. Our crew takes wonderful care of all the fish, and Josh's crew really goes the extra mile in helping customers, like you, get the fish they want.

Finally our shipping crew works hard to get all the details right, when they pack and ship each order.

We certainly appreciate your complimentary comments, which we share with you and with each member of our entire crew here at


Customer Comment


two weeks ago i found your site and was skepticle about the fan tale ... the prices look on the low side ... i called your hatchry and the guy said they was really nice and i guess he talked me into buying 4 .... i got them wed  .... suprised me ... really  nice ... but i wanted to wait to be sure they lived ...
today they are  still living andthe color on each is different and really nice .... much better than i see in our lfs and costs much more ..... thank the guy who talked me into buying ... really i wanted to try it ..... but he was really nice and helped me .... i really like my new fan tales .. .. thanks for a good deal ....
B. J.

Reply. Hello B.J. Thank you for your reply to us. We're glad to know that you are enjoying your Fantails and that you got a good deal from us.

Customer Comment

Hi im pm. And i just wanted to let you know that you are doing sucha great job with the site :) I just wanted to let everyone who keeps goldfish know something. They can get huge and should not be kept in anything less than a 10-gallon preferably 20-gallon aquarium.
Everyone seems to be keeping them in a smaller place than that which gets them stunted. I always see people put common goldfish ( the feeder ones) in bowls which could have grown over 1 foot if in the right conditions. And the fancy ones can get to the size of softballs.
I just wanted to let everyone know that if they decide to buy a goldfish, they should keep it in a big enough tank to house it.
Also, thanks for the great site! :)
- pm
Reply. Hello. Thank you for your complimentary comments about this website. I agree with your comments about Goldfish. They should be kept in more water rather than less water. Ten gallons per Goldfish is a good minimum, and they should never be kept in fish bowls. Thanks again.

Customer Comment

First I would like to thank you for the lovely goldfish you sent me recently. I had asked for you all to pick out ones with strikingly unique patterns and you definitely did so!
I am very pleased with them. I was also amazed at what good shape they were in when I open the shipping box. . .very alert and lively.
Now I have two questions. . .do you have any calico or panda telescopes in stock? And in your assorted orandas (2-2.5 "), I am looking for one that is either chocolate/white, or chocolate/black/white and also one that is blue/white or blue/black/white. . .do you have anything that fits the bill?
Thank you for all your efforts on my behalf!

Wendy T.
Reply. Hello, Wendy. Thank you for your email. We are always glad to get feedback from our customers, and we are especially glad to know that you are very pleased with the goldfish we recently shipped to you.

We have a large number of various types of goldfish. One of our crew will compare the Special Request in your email with what we have in our facility now, and send you an email reply soon. Click here for more information about making a Special Request with your order.

Thanks again for your email.


Customer Comment

Just received an order of six fish from you.
The condition of the fish is amazing! In less than an hour they were all mixing with the other fish and looking great. I'm new at the fish game, so I have a 'dumb' question. How big do the orandas, black moors, and the fan tails grow to?
We have Black Moors and Orandas so far, we love them.
Thanks for the terrific service, the patience of your people on the phone, and the high quality of fish.
Jim D.
Carrizozo, N.M.
Reply. Hello Jim. Thank you for your report on the fish you received from us. We always appreciate feedback from customers, like you, about the fish we've shipped, and how those fish have adapted to a new aquarium, like yours.

I have seen both Orandas and Black Moors over 8" long with very deep bodies and huge heads. Good luck with your new fish, and thanks again for your email.


Customer Comments

Hi, I'm Richard ... and I just rec'd my order today. It arrived at 11:30 AM EST and all the fish were in excellent shape, even though they traveled across the country last night.
Just wanted to let you know that the Garra Pingi Pingi (4) that I had purchased a few months back are really doing well. They have almost doubled their size and they dart around my pond and chase each other all over. They are fast becoming favorites to all most everyone who sees them.
Just for your info my pond is three feet deep and nine by fourteen feet. So far, besides from the Koi, Orfes, Comets and Shubunkins, all of my goldfish are doing great.
I have a pearl scale that has been with me for three years and is every bit of eight inches long. It is with out a doubt the prize of the pond as everyone loves it. Thanks again, and please keep me informed of anything else that becomes available for outdoor pond owners in cold climates.
Thanks again,
Reply. Hello Rich. Thank you very much for your report about the fish you've bought from us. We're glad to know they made it across the country safely.

We're also glad to know that the Garra Pingi Pingi are growing and compatible with your other fish. Thanks again.

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