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Page 2 about
Breeding Goldfish
and Raising Baby Gold Fish Fry.


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This page contains more Customer Comments and our Replies about Breeding Goldfish.

Click here to the first page in this discussion about Breeding Goldfish.


Customer Comments

My name is Jonas and I ran across your website during a break here at work.  For my 46th birthday in January, an elderly friend gave me a 55 gallon tank complete with 6 older goldfish of hers.  On Easter Sunday, one of the fish, an orange red-capped oranda laid eggs!
I was quite surprised because I had not planned on this happening nor was I trying to get the fish to breed.  I just take really good care of them!  About 100 fry hatched ( they never hold still long enough to be accurately counted) and I only lost one so far.  They are now about two weeks old, are eating like crazy and growing.
I have nine friends willing to adopt one or two or three.  What a chore ... Anyway, I don't plan on breeding again if I can help it, but this time is so exciting.  Okay, to my question:  There are three males and three females in my tank.  The males all have the small white bumps on their gills and those three were chasing the oranda (almost brutally) before she laid the eggs.
The males are two comets (one orange and one red and white) and the other male is orange with black spots, rather round with a fancy tail (not sure what he is) ... Any ideas about what the fry will look like when they mature?  Will the comet design prevail or will there be lots of varieties?
Thanks so much ...
Reply. Hello Jonas. Congratulations on successfully breeding your Goldfish. It is difficult to predict what your baby Goldfish will eventually look like.

I depends on the genes in the parents, and they may be carrying recessive genes that are not expressed in their appearance, but may be expressed in their babies appearance.

All of your adult Goldfish including the female Oranda, the male Comets, and your other male Goldfish are all the same species, Carassius auratus. Click here to read more about Goldfish.

This is similar to the situation with the dogs in my neighborhood. They vary a lot in size, shape, and size, and it is difficult to guess what their babies might look like, but they are all the same species.

I would guess that some of your baby Goldfish may grow up to be what goldfish farmers call nymphs.

These are Goldfish with large round bodies and vertically lobed tails like the comets. But you will probably get other interesting shapes too.

I'd like to comment on why I think your Goldfish spawned in your aquarium. First 6 mature Goldfish in a 55-gallon aquarium, means each Goldfish has about 9 gallons of water. That is not really crowded.

Second, when you moved the aquarium from your friend's home, you probably didn't keep all the old water, and instead you added some fresh water to top up the aquarium, after you moved it.

Goldfish will often spawn after getting some fresh water. Changing water is a very good way to stimulate most but not all species of fish to spawn.

Click here to read more about changing water.

You mentioned that you have been taking really good care of your fish, and that probably also contributed to your success in spawning them.

When fish spawn, it is usually proof that they have been getting the good care that they need. If the care is poor,  most types of fish will not spawn.

You also mentioned that, "The males all have the small white bumps on their gills ...", and these small white bumps appear on the males just before they spawn. I'm glad you mentioned seeing the bumps.

Thanks, Jonas, for your interesting comments.


Customer Comments 

Question?? I have a gold fancy fantail that is a female and is pregnant by a black moor. How long does she stay pregnant? Also do I need to go ahead and seperate her into her own tank? Will she eat her babies?
Thanks alot,
Kim K.
Northport, AL 35475
Reply. Hello Kim. Goldfish females do not get pregnant. Goldfish females lay eggs that are then fertilized by male Goldfish.

Goldfish will eat their own eggs, so you should move the Goldfish to another aquarium, or move the eggs to another aquarium.

The eggs are sticky. Most people that breed Goldfish use spawning mops that can be moved after the Goldfish have spawned.

Click here to read more about spawning mops. Click here to read more about spawning Goldfish.

Incidentally, there are females of other species of fish that do become pregnant and release live babies. Mollies are an example of this type of fish. If you are interested in breeding fish, we recommend you start with Mollies.

Click here for more information about breeding Mollies and how to raise babies.


Customer Comments

Hi again, My goldfish just recently gave birth to a lot of eggs in the aquarium. How am i going to take care of these eggs? Some of them where already eaten by the janitor fishes so i separated the janitor fishes into a separate aquarium.
What am i going to do with the eggs? Most of them sticks to the plastic plants i placed in the aquarium. When will these eggs hatch and grow? For how long will they stay as eggs? Some of the eggs are stuck in the filter how am i going to remove it from the filter? I'm afraid i might break the eggs if i remove them and transfer them into the aquarium.
Waiting for your reply,
Jason L.
Reply. Hello again Jason. First it is important to realize that the eggs must be fertilized by a male Goldfish, after the eggs have been laid by a female Goldfish. Did you have a male Goldfish in the aquarium with the female?

If not the eggs will not be fertile, will soon turn opaque white, and will not hatch.

But if the eggs were fertilized, they should hatch in two or three days depending on the temperature of the water.

You should not try to remove the eggs from your aquarium. Instead move the fish, so they won't eat the eggs.


Customer Comments

I have a pond with 3 year old goldfish and notice I have little black fish in the pond. Are these babies from goldfish or are they fish perhaps that hung onto some weeds put into the pond from the lake? I dont know what a baby goldfish looks like. thanks.
Reply. Hello. Baby Goldfish are small and vary in coloration.

When baby Goldfish hatch from eggs, they are shorter than 1/8th of an inch, which is about 3 millimeters.

In fact, I've heard baby goldfish described as being about 2 millimeters long. If you can carefully estimate the size, when you first saw the baby fish in your pond, it  might be a useful clue.

Baby Goldfish are not gold or orange colored, when they hatch. Instead they are often tan or olive colored. Sometimes they are dark, but I have not seen really black baby goldfish. Again the color of the baby fish in your pond, might be a clue.

As baby Goldfish grow, they begin to have the shape of goldfish, and when they've grown to be about 1.5" long, they often begin changing color.

I do not recommend putting weeds from a lake in a pond, because the weeds might contain something that will cause a problem in the pond.

Click here to go on to another page with more Customer Comments and our Replies about Breeding Goldfish.
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