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Page 2 about

White Cloud Fish
The page contains Customer Comments and our Replies about White Cloud Fish.

Click here to go back to the first page in this discussion of White Clouds.


Customer Comments

I am thinking of buying a fish.  I like the look of Bettas, but our house is only about 60 degrees at night, closer to 68 during the day.  Of course, in the summer it will be warmer.  It doesn't sound like Bettas will tolerate that change in temperature.  Will any fish?  I don't have much room, so I need something that can tolerate a small environment. Thanks for your help.
Sherrie Smith
Reply. Here are two recommendations.

(1) Get a large fish bowl with at least one gallon of water. I now keep four large mature White Clouds in a 1.5-gallon (6-quart) fish bowl, and they do very well.

Click here for more information about that Fish Bowl.

The water in my Fish Bowl got as gold as 55 degrees F. last winter, and the White Clouds did very well. Another group of four White Clouds was in my pond, and when the temperature of the water went down to 50 degrees, those White Clouds stopped eating.

So I moved them back inside my house, they recovered completely in a few days, and began to eat again.

Click here to read more about those White Clouds.

By the way I would not keep any goldfish in a fish bowl with less than, say, ten gallons of water, and fish bowls that big are very rare, but I have seen pictures of very large fish bowls in China. If anyone knows how to get them, I'd like to know.

(2) My other recommendation is to buy a 6-gallon Galaxy Aquarium. This Galaxy Aquarium is quite compact and comes with a cover that has a built in BIO-Wheel filter, which is very important.

Click here for more about BIO-Wheels. Incidentally, there is also a 12-gallon Galaxy Aquarium, which is probably larger than you want now.

You could keep a nice group of White Clouds in a 6-gallon Galaxy Aquarium, and if you get a small 25-watt Aquarium Heater, you could keep an assortment of fish including the White Clouds and a few other warm water fish that are compatible with them.

Click here to see a brief list of fish that are compatible with White Clouds.

White Clouds are very good fish to keep in Fish Bowls, Cold Water Aquariums, and Warm Water Aquariums. They are hardy and mild tempered.

My White Clouds are now about 1 year old, and the males are very colorful. White Clouds should be much more popular in aquariums, than they are now.

By the way I would also recommend you get some Java Ferns for your fish bowl or aquarium. The Java Ferns are beautiful and make the White Clouds much more comfortable.

Click here to see a list of available Aquatic Plants including Java Ferns.


Customer Comments

I'm sure you get this all the time, but I wanted to say thanks for the great site! We have just set up our first aquarium, a small 5 gallon, and we couldn't have done it without your expertise.  We went ... a male betta, 3 white clouds, a fiddler crab, and 3 ghost shrimp.  Since we also have two boys under 4, your site was especially helpful in deciding on this combo, too.
Oh, and just a comment on the White Clouds.  I was rather hesitant about getting them, as they seemed rather mundane compared to some of the colors on the other school fish.  However, once in the tank with the Betta, the contrast of his bright colors and their sparkliness is perfect.  And up close they're quite beautiful on their own.  Thanks specifically for that recommendation.
Thanks again,
Reply. Hello Jennifer. Thank you for your complimentary comment about this website.

We enjoyed reading that you used the advice on this page, and we're glad that it worked for you and your two boys. Thanks again.


Customer Comments

White Clouds: We have a pair of White Clouds in a bowl with a Beta. For the first few days, the Beta did a lot of chasing in and around the plant. We thought maybe we had gotten some bad advice in putting the two together.
But after about a week, they were totally different. The White Clouds come around the Beta and taunt him to chase them. They are really funny to watch. They are a good match.
Barry B.
Reply. Hello Barry. Thank you for the information about your White Clouds and your Betta Fish. We have also noticed that Bettas and White Clouds go through a period of adjusting to each other.

Sometimes Bettas chase after White Clouds, but usually are not able to catch them, and give up trying after a few days. In other cases the White Clouds nip at the Betta, but then usually stop doing that after a few days.


Customer Comments

I just discovered your wonderful site and was reading about White Clouds and how they were taken from the outdoor pond when the water temperature reached 50 degrees.  I live in Bakersfield,  and have a pond (10 feet long and varying from 1ft to 3ft in depth) which has had White Clouds in it all year round for many years.  They survived with no apparent losses the cold weather we had this last winter (20F air temp)  I never took the temperature of the water, but for three mornings during the cold spell there was an eighth of an inch of ice on the pond. 
Not only are they hardy here, they spawn as well.  They have never over populated the pond like mosquito fish (which I don't have) can. 
Stephen Cooley
Bakersfield, California
Reply. Hello Stephen. Thank you for your comments about keeping While Clouds in an outdoor fish pond. We like them very much as a pond fish and recommend them.  
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