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Page 3 about
Tiger Barb Fish
This page contains Customer Comments and our Replies about Tiger Barb fish. Click here to go back to the previous page in this discussion about Tiger Barb Fish.

Customer Comments

Hi, I have a small school of 5 tiger barbs in a 25 gal tank. Two I've had now for a few months and have recently added three more that are half the size. The two older barbs loose color on and off and stand on their heads wiggling. At first it seemed one did it and the other would zip by stop and then squiggle on it's nose doing the same little dance.
Then a few hours later it seems the color is back and looks fine. But mostly they both are very pale with the green irridencence showing through faintly (they are crossed with green tiger barbs I think).
I'm unsure if they are sick or are doing some sort of dance/mating kinda thing? What can you tell me of tiger barb behaviour patterns. My water has tested perfect all the way through except for being on the hard side rather than soft which I understand tiger barbs prefer.
Merrill J.
Reply. Hello Merrill. Thank you for your email and your interesting comments about your Tiger Barbs. Tiger Barbs often swim with their heads down and perform the wiggling motion that you described. They seem to be mostly likely to swim strangely after eating.

Some aquarists have suggested that Tiger Barbs gulp in air, when they eat food off the surface of the water, and this air changes their buoyancy.  I have often seen Tiger Barbs release air bubbles from their mouths or gills, then resume swimming normally.

So the wiggly swimming is probably not a problem. But faded coloration on fish is often a Sign of Stress and Disease. If my fish look faded, I give them the Recommended Treatment for a few days. Click here for more information about the details of the six steps of the Recommended Treatment.

Tiger Barbs do best in a group with at least six Tiger Barbs, so you should consider adding more Tiger Barbs.


Customer Comments

hello there, great site, lots of usefull information unlike others. I just wanted to know how much flake food and dried blood worms to feed Tiger Barbs.
I have two of them (I know its best to keep them in a group of six, but my two seem to do well) and I feed them only a pinch of flakes twice a day. They seem to look hungry all the time eating every little bit in the tank.
How many dried blood worms do I have to feed each barb a day? Please email me as soon as possible.
Thank you.
Nizar J.
Reply. Thank you for your complimentary comments about our web site,

The amount of food your Tiger Barbs will eat depends on their size, health, water temperature, and many other factors. You should feed them at least twice a day with flakes for Tropical Fish not goldfish and with freeze dried blood worms.

Feed the flakes first. Give them a small pinch with
just two of your fingers. If they are still hungry, give them a second pinch. I often give my fish 3, 4, or 5 pinches. Then give them a few of the freeze dried blood worms.

Be sure your fish eat all the food you give them. If there is any uneaten food, get a net and remove the uneaten food. Click here for on the next line for more about feeding fish.

By the way, you should get more Tiger Barbs, because they live better in a group with at least six Tiger Barbs.

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