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Page 2 about
Tiger Barbs


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This page contains Customer Comments and our Replies about Tiger Barbs.

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Customer Comments,
I am very impressed with your site.  It loads quickly and isn't slowed
down by excessive useless graphics.  It is also easy to navigate.
As a beginner to the aquarium world, you seem to have all the answers and years of experience.
Perhaps you can help me.  I recently purchased three small (1" - 1.5") tiger barbs.  I wanted only one but the store said that they don't do well alone.  All three reside in a 10-gallon tank  (as they grow, I will expand their home).
Here is my problem. There is one that seems to be a little more aggressive, energetic and stronger than the rest.  He has taken it upon himself to chase the others constantly.  What should I do?  Do I add another shark or aggressive fish to dull his ego?  The others seem miserable.  I welcome any advice you may have.
West Haven, CT
Reply. A group of three Tiger Barbs will usually create problems. To avoid these problems you need to keep a group with at least six Tiger Barbs.

Then the most aggressive ones will spread their energy over more fish, and the weaker fish can hide in the crowd. This strategy works with many aggressive fish.

One Redtail Shark or one Rainbow Shark will do well with your group of six or more Tiger Barbs as listed above in the paragraph titled "Compatibility".


Customer Comments

I have 5 tiger barbs and they have a tendency to float nose down. Is this natural or is there something wrong with them. If there is what can I do to prevent this.
Reply. Tiger Barbs often swim around with their head down, and sometimes they kind of bob up-and-down as they swim with their heads down.

They seem to often do this after eating. No one seems to know why they do it, but this behavior seems to be harmless, and they stop doing it in about an hour.


Customer Comments

Hello, first i want to say that i love your site, i think its great, but i did want to mention to you that i cant help but notice that you keep saying tiger barbs, neon tetras and fancy guppies cannot be together, or should not be together, i have a 40-gallon tank with 20 neon tetras, 10 tiger barbs and 10 fancy guppies and they have lived happily together for 3 years now and i have never had a problem, So i dont know that i would steer people from getting them and putting them together.
Reply. Hello and thank you for your complimentary comment. We generally advise that Tiger Barbs are too aggressive for Neon Tetras and Guppies.

Your fish are possibly an exception to our advice. Why do your fish get along? Probably four reasons.

(1)  You have a large aquarium with 40-gallons of water. Generally, the larger the aquarium, the less the aggression.

(2)  The more Tiger Barbs you have, the less they will bother other fish. With a group of 10 Tiger Barbs they are so busy interacting with each other, that they are too busy to bother other fish.

If there were only 3 or 4 Tiger Barbs, they would probably bother your other smaller fish.

(3)  As with most animals the behavior of Tiger Barbs may vary. Your Tiger Barbs may just be less aggressive than most Tiger Barbs.

(4)  Most kinds of fish are less aggressive, when they receive really good care and plenty of food. So I'll bet you take very good care of your fish.

But your experience is an exception and keeping Tiger Barbs with Neon Tetras and Fancy Guppies does not work most of the time in most aquariums.

Thanks again for your comments.


Customer Comments

Just to comment on the person that said tiger barbs and neons are okay ... last night. my tiger barbs attacked the smallest neon and killed it and my crab at the bottom grabed it and ate it.
So here I am with 2 little girls crying that there babies (the neons) are being 'bullied" so I wish I would have read all the no no's sooner ... wish that I read more about the tank mates before my neon died but lessoned learned ...
Reply. Hello Robin. I often see Neon Tetras being bullied by other fish such as Tiger Barbs.

It's an exception, when Tiger Barbs don't bully Neons. So Neons and Tiger Barbs are usually not compatible tank mates.


Customer Comments

Hello, I was reading your information page on cardinal tetras and at the bottom of the page it said that neons and tiger barbs will definetly not work together. Well I,ve had my tank for about 5 years. Right now I have these two fish together and i've had them this way for about 8 months. They still seem to be just fine. My tank is only 20-gallons' but has 5 tiger barbs, 6 neon tetras, 1 cory catfish, and 1 pleco.
Todd G.
Reply. Hello Todd. Well you can see that your experiences are different than Robin's in the Customer Comment just above.

Your fish are an exception in my experience. Thank you for your email. Good luck with your fish.


Customer Comments

hello, I think many people may have asked you the same question, but I've never know the answer. But I was wondering how to tell a male and female tiger barb apart from each other?
Patrick O.
Reply. Hello Patrick. As female Tiger Barbs mature, they will usually fill with eggs and become plumper looking than the male tiger Barbs.

As male Tiger Barbs mature, they keep their slimmer shape and develop red marking on the edges of their fins.

Provided of course that the Tiger Barbs are properly fed and kept in an aquarium with excellent water conditions. Otherwise the females may not fill with eggs.

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