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Page 5 about

Oscar Cichlid Fish


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This page continues with more Customer Comments and our Replies about Oscar Cichlid Fish.

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Customer Comments

I currently have a 10-gallon tank, with an 8" Red Oscar and two plecos. I finally have the amount of money to buy the much needed 50-gallon tank. I have never switched tanks before, and I was wondering how I would go about this without hurting my fish.
Also, I would like to know if I could house my two plecos, my oscar, and a Snowflake Eel in the new 50-gallon aquarium. The filter I plan on getting is the Marineland BIO-Wheel PRO 60. Thank you for your support, your site has helped me thouroughly in the past, and I am sure you will continue to do so. Keep up the good work, great site.
Eric O.
Reply. Hello again Eric. Thank you for your complimentary comments. We're glad to know that you've been making good use of the information on

Here is the method I recommend for moving your fish to a new and bigger aquarium. Get the new aquarium and set it up with all the equipment and let it run for at least three days with no fish.

On each of those three days remove 2 gallons of water from the new aquarium and store it in a clean bucket.

Then remove 2 gallons of the water from your smaller aquarium and put those 2 gallons in the big aquarium, then pour the water in the clean bucket back into the smaller aquarium.

I could summarize this procedure by saying, "Each day swap 2 gallons of water between your 10-gallon aquarium and your new aquarium.

The goal of this procedure is to get the water in the two aquariums to be as similar as we can, before you move your fish.

But we don't want to change more than 20%, which is 2 gallons, of the water in your smaller 10-gallon aquarium on one day.

In the new aquarium your Oscar will need an aquarium heater with at least 100 watts.

Adjust the heater in the new aquarium to be about 2 degrees warmer than the water in the old aquarium, but do not exceed 82 degrees F.

Click here for more about aquarium heaters.

Sometimes two different thermometers will vary, so I'd use the same thermometer to measure the temperatures in both aquariums.

Just move that thermometer back and forth between aquariums, and give it plenty of time to adjust to the temperature of the water before you make a reading.

Click here for more about aquarium thermometers.

Your Oscar will do best in an aquarium with a BIO-Wheel filter. I'd recommend the Marineland Penguin 330 for an aquarium with up to 60-gallons.

Click here for more about BIO-Wheel filters.

Your Oscar's aquarium should have a cover, because an Oscar will jump out if not covered. An Oscar is especially likely to jump right after being moved to a new aquarium.

So don't say to yourself, "I'll move my Oscar tonight, and buy a new aquarium cover tomorrow, because tomorrow may be too late."

Click here for more about aquarium covers.

Your new aquarium should also have an aquarium stand that was manufactured for aquariums, and be sure the stand accurately fits your new aquarium.

Click here for more information about aquarium stands.

Gravel is optional. If you do have gravel in your new aquarium, keep it at most 1/4" deep.

Your Oscar does not need gravel, and will probably be healthier without gravel, because gravel collects waste and usually lessens the quality of the water. But you may prefer the appearance of your aquarium with a thin layer of gravel.

Click here for more about aquarium gravel.

The day before you move your fish into the bigger aquarium, shake some of the stuff out of your filter from the smaller aquarium into the water in the bigger aquarium.

This stuff from the filter will contain beneficial bacteria that will be sucked onto the BIO-Wheels in the filter in the new aquarium, and those bacteria will start growing on the BIO-Wheels.

Click here for more information about beneficial bacteria.

One last piece of advice. An aquarium with at least 75-gallons of water will be a better home for your Oscar.

If you get a 75 gallon aquarium you'll need a bigger heater with at least 150 watts or get two heaters with at least 75 watts in each heater.

You'll also need two Penguin 330 filters, and there is usually enough space for two of them on the back of a 75-gallon aquarium.

The Plecostomus and a Snowflake Eel will certainly crowd the 50-gallon aquarium.

You will need at least a 75-gallon and a 100-gallon would be better, or a 125-gallon better yet for the fish you want to keep. When getting an aquarium for an Oscar, bigger is better.

Good luck with your new aquarium, Eric.


Customer Comments

I own three oscars .... two tiger and one pink ..... I have two auqaclear 300 and a penguin something with the double biowheel ... in a hundred gallon tank ... the water stays cloudy lately .... my question is how often should I change the water ....
also, is it healthy to feed them fish and shimp from the grocery store .... they stopped eating pellets ..... Have you ever heard of putting oscars in a pond outside -- I live in mississippi .. I was thinking of a 500 gallon in the back yard ... would it work ...
Thanks for the help ...
Reginald B.
Reply. Hello Reginald. I need more information about your Oscars and your aquarium, before I can give you good advice.

For example, how big are your Oscars? If they are bigger than 8", then each Oscar needs about 75-gallons of water.

So the three of them need an aquarium with over 200-gallons of water, and it will be difficult to keep the water clear in an aquarium with only half the water they need.

How much gravel does your aquarium contain? If the gravel is more than 1/4" deep, it could be causing the cloudy water.

Click here for more information about Aquarium Gravel.

Click here to read more about Cloudy Aquarium Water, where you will learn that Cloudy Water is a very serious problem that will endanger the health of your Oscars.

For example, Oscars often get hole-in-the-head disease, if they live in Cloudy Water, and hole-in-the-head is difficult to cure.

You asked about changing water. On the page about Cloudy Water at the link given above about Cloudy Water, it recommends that you remove and replace 20% of the water every day, until the water clears.

Once your water clears you should remove 20% of the water twice a week and replace it with tap water.

Click here for more information about partial water changes.

I think it's OK to feed pieces of fish and shrimp to your Oscars. But I recommend that you feed pellets first to be sure your Oscars eat the pellets.

Pellets are good because they contain a variety of foods and nutrients like vitamins that might be missing in the pieces of fish and shrimp.

Can you move your Oscars into an outdoor pond? I wouldn't recommend doing that for several reasons.

Oscars need warm water at 78 to 82 degrees F., and you will surely have trouble keeping the water temperature in that range outdoors all year.

It will also be difficult to observe your fish to be sure they are not showing Signs of Stress and Disease.

Click here for more information about those Signs.

Click here to continue on to another page in this website with more Customer Comments and our Replies about Oscars.
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