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Page 4 about
Tropical Fish Oscars
This page continues with more Customer Comments and our Replies with information about Tropical Fish Oscars. Click here to go to back to the previous page in this discussion about Tropical Fish Oscars. 


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Customer Comments

Hello, My boyfriend and i are moving in together in the summer and are buying a 75-gallon tank together. We were wondering if we could join our fish together in the new tank without problems.
He has a 5" tiger oscar, that has been raised with 3, 3" leopard chilids since they were babies. I have a 8" tiger oscar. (These fish were raised sepratley, (differnt homes).) Would these fish get along together in thier new environment? Any suggestions on how to do this?
Also, we are thinking of adding new fish to the tank after joining the 2 together, (a snow eel ..) if you have any suggestions of what other fish would work out in the tank, and advice on how to introduce the new fish, it would be greatly appreciated.
Reply. Hello Kristal. A very important guideline for Cichlids is, "Keep one Oscar in an aquarium or keep several but do not keep just a few Oscars together."

If you put the two Oscars together, the stronger one will probably dominate the weaker one and make it miserable or even hurt and possibly kill it.

So I would not recommend putting the two Oscars together in the same aquarium. Click here to read about some compatible tank mates for Oscars.

I have never heard the name "Leopard Cichlids" used, so I went to our Search Page and entered "Leopard Cichlid". In about one minute I got a list of pages on this website, but none of those pages mentioned "Leopard Cichlid".

Next I did a similar search on and on a couple of the Cichlid web sites, but nothing came up. So finally I looked in a couple of my big Cichlid books, and again I did not find "Leopard Cichlid". So I can't find "Leopard Cichlid".

I'm hesitant to give you advice about a fish, when I don't recognize its name, but almost all Cichlids will not do well, when kept in a group of three like your "Leopard Cichlids". They may do well together for a while, like yours probably have, but eventually a group of just three will begin to quarrel and the weakest will be miserable.

Customer Comments

I need some help with a problem i'm haveing. I have 2 tiger oscars around 9 inches. The tank they are in is 47x17x17 inches and has a Wisper3 power filter and no gravel. I totally cleaned the tank 1 week ago and it is now cloudy again. I am planning to put gravel but will the gravel help the cloudy tank or should I get a second filter for it.
Help is need so plz:)
Matthew R.
Reply. Hello Matthew. First lets calculate the volume of your aquarium in cubic inches,

47" x 17" x 17" = 13,583 cubic inches.

Click here to get the conversion factor from cubic inches to gallons, which is 0.00433 gallons per cubic inch, and we use this constant to calculate

13,583 cubic inches x 0.00433 = 58.8 gallons

in your aquarium.

Each of your Oscars needs 80-gallons of water. So your aquarium is much too small for your Oscars, and it is unlikely that another filter or adding gravel will solve this problem. You need a much bigger aquarium immediately.


Customer Comments

Hello, first off, i would like to say that your site has been quite informative! With the information i have acquired from your site, i have a few concerns: I have recently adopted some oscars from a friend who is moving across the country, i do have a *little* knowledge of these fish, as my father used to raise them, but my knowledge is limited.
I found on your site that one should not keep between 2 & 5 oscars, also that the more room the better. I understand the fish i have acquired have grown up in this tank, but it is a 30-gallon, and there are 3. the largest is approx 10" or so, and the smallest is around 7 - 8" - sharing the same space as the three are two Pleco's - 12" & 7"
I have the external filters, heater, etc all the fish seemed fine in such a confine ... and adjusted well to being moved 15 miles from one house to another (the Plecos are more aggressive than the oscars!!) and the largest oscar already knows who i and my daughter are, that was an incredible suprise when i realized they know me!!!
i had no idea they were so intelligent! all seem quite healthy. my question really is, they are all approx 1 1/2 yr old, and since they are happy, and grew up in the tank, should I still look into getting a larger aquarium, or even another 30 gal & transfering the smallest oscar into it with the larg pleco? what would you do?
Bobby S
P.S: the 2 big ones are albinos, the small(er) one is a tiger, and i cant remember what kind of plecos i have, the two look different, and the large pleco is MEAN!! he chases ALL the other fish around frequently .... the larger white oscar is very nice to the other 2, and it would seem the 2 white ones are close buddies, though the three often rub against each other in affection (is that possible that that is what it is!?!?)
i am very pleasantly suprised how easy it is to tell when they are stressed (like moving them freaked em out a bit) or seemingly happy ... they seem to really like my daughter as she gets to feed them, when she approaches the tank they start rubbing on the front of the tank!
i have never seen fish so seemingly affectionate, is this what it is ... affection? except in the case when i get them goldfish (they go nuts and try to jump out of the tank when i approach with a bag of 3 or so small goldfish, its great!) i will email back again with photos of the fish & also the tank (so you can get an idea how close their quarters are)
I just dont want them to be unhappy if i can accomidate them ... my wife thinks i am full of it that they are *that* smart, or that they might need more space .. but the big one is ... BIG! anyhow, i already fell in love with them, and clean their tank twice a week with a siphon vacuum & small net .. sometimes more if needed, and often is :) ...
i anxiously await your reply, and you have full permission to post this on your site, keep the info coming!! oh, also. if you have good links to other oscar sites, that would be much appreciated! thank you for your time in reading this rambling msg!
Reply. Hello Bobby. Your comments about your Oscars are interesting and contrary to all the good advice that I give here about how to keep Oscars.

But your Oscars have probably been lucky to survive and grow so big in a 30-gallon aquarium.

I would try not to separate your fish, because that might upset the social balance. In other words if you remove one Oscar, the remaining two Oscars might stop getting along well together.

What your fish really need is a huge 250-gallon aquarium, but your Oscars can probably live in a 150-gallon aquarium for another year or two, depending on how fast they grow.

I think everyone reading this would like to see a picture of your aquarium and your fish.


Customer Comments

Here's a situation that runs a little counter to your recommendation and illustrates the many different personalities of Oscars. My plan was to take the standard advice and raise a bunch of Oscars eventually finding a single pair. I found 2 beautiful red Oscars and put them in a 130g tank with two plecos.
I wanted a couple of regular or tiger Oscars to add but circumstances prevented me from obtaining them. 10 months later the two reds were about 9 inches long and I came across some beautiful little tigers with just a hint of orange. Though they were only about 3 inches long I decided to give it a shot and put one in and watch carefully.
At first it appeared that the big reds were hostile or perhaps would try and eat him and I nearly took him out. They never chased him but went right up and checked him out very closely. After a while, the two reds, who are inseparable from each other, seemed to adopt the little tiger. For the first few days the tiger stayed close to the bottom and wouldn't eat.
The big reds left him alone and after a couple of days the little tiger joined the pack, became a ferocious eater and now spends most of his time virtually attached to the side of one of the bigger reds, swimming in unison with them. If he is scared he will try and hide behind the bigger fish, I hope it continues this way as it is really a beautiful thing to watch.
It is all the more amazing since the two reds have had the tank basically to themselves for almost a year. It should be noted that I fed the reds almost entirely on pellets so they may have lost some of their aggressive, predatory instinct.
Long Beach, CA.
Reply. Hello Larry. I really enjoyed reading your first hand accounts about your Oscars.

Oscars are very intelligent fish and their behavior is variable. I have tried to give you an idea of how to care for them, but you illustrate that there are exceptions to what I've said.

Click here to continue on to another page in this web site with more Customer Comments about Oscars.
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