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Page 3 about
Oscar Fish
This page contains Customer Comments and our Replies about Oscar Fish. Click here to go to the first page in this discussion about Oscars.


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Customer Comments

umm .... are albino oscars any different in agressiveness than the other types??? i am thinking of getting one. what would a full grown one cost??
Reply. Hello again ~*Ryan*~. We don't have any Albino Oscars. We do have Pink Oscars that are not albinos, because the Pink Oscars retain some red, pink, and orange pigments just like Pink Convict Cichlid. A true albino of any species lacks all color pigments including the red, orange, and pink pigments.

Pink Oscars are almost always less aggressive than the Regular Black Oscars, the Tiger Oscars, and the Red Oscars. But Pink Oscars can still be aggressive, and you should keep one or several but not a few.

We never sell full grown Oscars. We usually have 2.5" to 3" Pink Oscars, rarely we have some 5".

There is no such thing as a full grown fish, because most fish continue to grow their entire live unlike mammals like me and my cat that grow to a maximum size, stay at that size for years, then usually shrink during the last few years of their lives.

Fish keep getting bigger and bigger. For example there are some very old Koi that are still growing bigger each year.


Customer Comments

I have two full grown female Oscars (I know this because I've seen both of them lay eggs). This is very disappointing because I wanted to have a breeding pair.
Someone suggested that I sell them and buy six babies and let them pair up naturally as they get older. However, I'm having a very hard time finding a pet store with a tank big enough for them. Could you prehaps give me some advice? ...
Would trading my Oscars for the six babies, or however many you think two grown females are worth, be an option? Let me know.
Thank you very much for your time,
Nicole M.
New York
Reply. Someone might think about trading one of your female Oscars for a male, but I think you realize that this is very unlikely to work. Oscars need to pair off by choosing their own mates.

I recommend that you put your female Oscars on an auction site like or even better on Click here to go to now. You will need to register as a member. Then list your Oscars for sale under the category titled Freshwater Fish - Cichlids. Click here to look at the listings under Cichlids now on .

Large Oscars, like your females, are very difficult to ship, so we don't think it is feasible to ship them very far. But New York must have someone interested in a large female Oscar. So put your females up for auction on and include a comment on your offering, stating that you will deliver within 20 miles, or the buyer must arrange to pick up the fish, or some other such arrangement. Click here to read about how to move fish.

Oscars become way too big for most hobbyists to breed. I think it would be better for you to try to breed Convict Cichlids. Convicts are relatives of Oscars, but Convicts are smaller and more suitable for aquariums. Click here to read about breeding Convict Cichlids.


Customer Comments

I'm gona tell you that i did not get my fish from you but i just want to let some people know about my time with my first 2 oscars. I have a 55 gallon show tank i had it set up for a week with no fish just standard in my book with all the normal water treatment stuff standing by to get fish not knowing what i may want this time.
I decided to get oscars befor i saw this site i have 2 in my tank they are doing good but my tiger oscaris smaller than my pink oscar. tiger is 3.5 " pink is 4.7 " they are doing well together. i have had some fun watching them but i was frustrated at first be cause i had ampel hideing spaces for them and they took advantage of them. 
They were both on a seek and destroy mission when i gave them flakes or bloodworms (a waste of money ) i did not see them eat once for 2 weeks but now that they are use to there new home and me i see them eat and they are cool. i just wanted to let people know if there oscars are shy at first dont give up on them just let them do there own thing and they will get use to you and your habbts as well as there own habbits.
i love your site and stumbled on it by chance seeing if my oscars were doing what they were supose to do in a new home.
Troy M.
San Dego C.A.
Reply. Thanks, Troy, for your compliments and for your interesting comments about your Oscars. In my experience Pink Oscars will usually do better, if they are about 1" bigger than the other Oscars in the same aquarium. If the Pink Oscars are the same size or smaller, they usually will not do well. I see in your comments that your Pink Oscar is about 1.2" bigger, which is good.

I have also seen Oscars, other Cichlids, and other types of fish hide for a few days, before they feel comfortable and come out of their hiding places to eat and cruise around the aquarium. When fish hide, you must make an extra effort to make them more comfortable. Don't startle them, when you move around near their aquarium. Turn the lights on in the room and leave them on for 10 or 15 minutes, before you turn the lights on in the aquarium.

Sometimes it helps to increase the temperature by a few degrees. If Oscars are hiding and the temperature is 75 degrees F., they may come out, when the temperature is increased to 78 degrees.

You should be cautious keeping just two Oscars. Usually one Oscar will make the other one miserable, when there are just two Oscars. Keep one Oscar or keep several Oscars in the same aquarium, but not just a few.


Customer Comments

I have two Oscars 6" and 8" and a 7" plecostomas (not sure of spelling) in a 55 gallon tank and I really like the Oscars but my whole house stinks like icky tank water!  I am using two of the corner mounted 'crystal clear' green filters and a Whisper 30-60-gallon filter ... and a charcoal under gravel filter that came with my tank.
I replace the water like three times a week trying to get rid of the smell but it is right back the same within hours.  I need to know how to get rid of the smell.  It could be a deciding factor for keeping these fish.
Misty R.
Reply. Hello Misty. Your aquarium "stinks" and that proves that the water quality is not good. Click here for more information about smelly water.

Click here to read more about how to test your aquarium water using your finger tips, eyes, and nose. I predict that if you test your water with your finger tips, the quality will be poor. Why? Because your fish are too big for your aquarium and your filters. The Oscars produce more waste than your aquarium can handle.

A 6" Oscar needs about 30-gallons of water, and an 8" Oscars needs about 50-gallons of water. Eventually, each of your Oscars will need about 80-gallons of water.

Undergravel Filters are antiques and certainly not the right filter in an aquarium with Oscars, because the Oscars produce so much waste. You should get a Penguin 330 filter which has two BIO-Wheels. After it has been running for two weeks, remove the other filters.

In fact get two Penguin 330 filters, if they will fit on your 55-gallon aquarium. You should really get another large aquarium and put one of your Oscars in it with one of the Penguin 330 filters.

Incidentally, you should never change more than 20% of the water in your aquarium on one day.

Click here to continue on to another page in this web site with more Customer Comments about Oscars.
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