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Page 2 about
Oscars Fish


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This page contains Customer Comments and our Replies about Oscars Fish.

Click here to go to the first page in this discussion about Oscars.


Customer Comments

I have been keeping aquariums since i was 15yrs of age. My first fish was an Oscar. I have 5 oscars and I am a pro breeder! I have 1 Knifefish, and a number of other fish.
I am writting because if you need to direct any body for help with Oscars you can publish my email address as a resorce on Oscars. I can answer almost any ??? some one may have about oscars!
I hope you use it, I get alot of responses with my site, but I will more than happily take on more!
My email is
Randy (Oscarman) 
Rice Lake, Wisconsin
Reply. Hello Randy.

So someone reads this and has questions about Oscars and breeding Oscars, then they can email their question to you, and you will email answers back to them. Sounds great.

Thank you for offering your services.


Customer Comments

Tiger Oscar Fish.   This is a picture of my Tiger Oscar.  I'm not sure of his age, he was large when he was given to me and I've had him about 3 years.  He lives in an 80-gallon aquarium and doesn't seem to mind the plants I keep in the tank as long as they are in a corner.
I came across your website while looking for information on introducing another Oscar to the tank, I found out that you should have several or one, I think I'll stick with one for now. He has color flake food in his diet and his orange color is really bright.
Your website helped me out, thanks so much.
Anne F.
Reply. Hello Anne and thank you for sending us a picture of your beautiful Tiger Oscar, that looks like it's in perfect condition.

Congratulations on the excellent care you are giving your Oscar.

I think one big Oscar in a big aquarium makes a wonderful pet. They do not seem to mind being alone without other Oscars.

Probably because an Oscar will quickly adapt to become part of your family and watch everything that goes on.


Customer Comments

Red Oscar Fish. Hey.  I have a red oscar named Earnie who is about 6" long now.  I don't know if it is a boy or a girl, and I don't know how to find out.  It lives with 3 plecostumes or whatever they are called (the sucker fish) in a 10-gallon tank.
I am saving up to get a bigger tank, I think I am gonna get a 72 gallon tank.  I just saw the albino tiger oscars and I want to get a couple of them.  At the store they sell them when they are about 2" long.
I was wondering if I could put my red oscar and the sucker fish into the 72 gallon tank and keep 2 or 3 albino tiger oscars in the 10-gallon tank until they get to be about 5 or 6" then put them into the 72 gallon tank with the other fish.
Thank you for your support, I have learned a lot about fish from your site, and the layout is very easy to navigate.
I attached a picture of my red oscar who is about 6".  It is good quality and his color is very bright, so I thought u might want to use it on your website.
Reply. Hello Poik and thank you for sending us a picture of your beautiful Oscar, Earnie.

Congratulations to you for taking very good care of your fish.

I'm amazed to read that you raised Earnie and three Plecos. in a 10-gallon aquarium, and I'm worried that others will read about it and try to do it too.

A 5" Oscar should be in at least a 20-gallon aquarium. But Earnie will soon be in a new 72-gallon and have lots of room to grow.

About Earnie's gender, we have no idea and no way to tell. Male and female Oscars usually look just the same.

When a female fills with eggs, she gets plumper than a male. But this is difficult to see, unless you have a lot of experience with Oscars.

You raised Earnie in a 10-gallon aquarium, and now you plan to push your luck and raise three Oscars in a 10-gallon aquarium.

I am almost certain that will not work, and if you could do it, I am almost certain Earnie would not want to share the 72-gallon aquarium.

I suggest getting some nice spiny White Tip Shark Catfish to live with Earnie. Click here for more about the White Tip Shark Catfish.

I think your picture is very good too. Thanks again.


Customer Comments

Hello! ... I've been reading about Oscars on your pages (great information ... thanks!) A friend of mine owns 3 Oscars, approx. 4-5" in length ... two are black with orange stripes/spots and one is white with orange stripes/spots.
He currently has them in a 20-gallon tank but wants to upgrade to a larger tank. They get along fairly well, but have been seen chasing (sometimes fighting with their mouths open) at times.
I'm worried it might be their small quarters that are causing them to act this way, and don't want him to end up with 2 or worse yet, only 1 Oscar in a few weeks. I've been reading about what size tank is a good size for Oscars and asking at local pet stores ... I keep hearing "the bigger the better", but would like to get your opinion.
I am hoping to buy him a new tank for his bday (next week) but would like to make an educated purchase. What do you suggest would be the best size aquarium for my friend's Oscars? Also, what type of filtration system would work best with the aquarium (he feeds them pellets and live goldfish approx. 2 times a week).
Thanks so much for all your help and look forward to hearing from you soon!
Reply. Hello Dolly. Even in the biggest aquarium, say 500 gallons, three Oscars will rarely get along well for a long time.

You must have at least six Oscars or the strongest Oscar will attack and make the other Oscars miserable.

An Oscar will grow to be more than 12" long and need about 80-gallons of water, so six of them will need about 500 gallons of water.

Summary: to successfully keep Oscars you need at least six of them and a 500-gallon aquarium. Or you can keep one Oscar in an 80-gallon aquarium.

The best filter for Oscars and for almost all other Tropical Fish is a Penguin or Emperor with a BIO-Wheel.

Click here for more information about BIO-Wheels.


Customer Comments

Suggestion: Put specific facts about each fish like how to care for the fish, the temperature rating, and so on.
I have a pond in utah and right now the temperature outside is about 38 degrees. I was wondering if there is anyway I could keep an oscar in my pond.
Reply. Hello Ryan. You probably could not find this page about Oscars on our website.

You can read in the paragraph just above that Oscars need a temperature of 78 to 82 degrees F.

You say that, "the temperature outside is about 38 degrees." I presume at this time of year that means 38 degrees F. So your pond is much too cold for Oscars.

I hope you'll find every thing you need to know about Oscars on this page. If not, send us another email, and we'll promptly answer you.

You can often find an immediate answer to your questions by using our Search Page.


Click here now to go to our Search Page. While you're there, bookmark it for future use by typing Ctrl+D.

There is also a link to the Search Page in the narrow table along the left side of each page in this site.

Scroll up this page a little bit now and look on left side for the link that's labeled Search Us, and click on it to go to our Search Page.


Customer Comments

... I have a red oscar. I feed it rosies and it looks like all the rosies have ich. If the oscar eats on of the rosies will it too get ich? Send me a e-mail as soon as posible ...
Thank you.
Ryan S.
Reply. Hello Ryan. In our facility we have always had a rule, not to feed anything that looks suspicious. Rosies with ich are definitely suspicious.

But to be honest with you, we're not sure it's risky, because we haven't done it ourselves. But I wouldn't risk doing it with my Oscar.

As mentioned in the paragraph above the copy of your email, Oscars are often fed feeder fish, but we don't feed our Oscars feeder fish.

We feed Oscars flakes when they are small and Hikari Cichlid Pellet food when they are bigger.

These foods are less expensive, less likely to contain pathogens, more nutritious than live feeder fish.

Click here for more about feeding fish.


Customer Comments

It ... seems strange that you are the only "Oscar expert" who recomends an Oscar to be alone. I can't see what could be wrong with having a couple? More than a couple is of course very hard for most people because of the space they will require.
Finding a couple is of course very hard but then who said it was supposed to be easy to keep cichlids. You buy at least six small ones and raise them until they are about 15 cm long. That's when you find out which is the couple.
You talk to your pet-shop owner before and make sure that he will take the rest of them back. When you have your couple you trade the rest of the Oscars for some pellets. Im afraid that's the only recomendation that will satisfy me.
Fredrik H.
Reply. Hello Fredrik. Thank you for your email. I think your recommendations are an interesting alternative to my recommendations.

Once a male and female Oscar have paired off, they will usually, but not always, live together without bothering each other too much.

Of course the people that breed Oscars have figured out how to get pairs of Oscars to live together, to spawn, and to produce the young Oscars that are then offered for sale.

So there are many pairs of Oscars living together, but getting Oscars to pair off and then providing that pair of Oscars with the proper environment requires a great deal of skill.

Click here to continue on to another page in this website with more Customer Comments and our Replies about Oscars.
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