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Premium Quality
African Cichlids for Sale
This page lists More African Cichlids for sale in our online store.
Click here to buy Mbuna Cichlids from Lake Malawi.
Click here to buy Peacock Cichlids from Lake Malawi.
Click here to buy Haps from Lake Malawi.
Click here to buy Lake Tanganyika Cichlids.
Click here for the complete details about how to buy from us.
African Cichlids for sale
Here is DrTom's wonderful pair of Kribensis Cichlids, which are shown just a few days before they spawned for the first time and produced about 50 babies.

African Cichlids for Sale




 Names & Comments 


3085 African Cichlids for sale
Jewel Cichlid at
Jewel Cichlids at
Jewel Cichlid at
Blue Jewel Cichlid at
Jewel Cichlid

Pictures: taken by one of us of one of our fish in one of our beautiful planted aquariums.

Click on each picture to see a bigger picture.

Click here to see more pictures of this species.
When we first got these fish, they were about 1" long with lots of bright metallic blue, but now at about 2" long they are much more red, and we think they are even more beautiful.
Scientific name:
Hemichromis guttatus
Click here for more about Jewel Cichlids.


Pundamilia nyererei for sale
Pundamilia nyererei for sale


Pictures: a 5" long young mature male, swimming in one of our aquariums.

Click on each picture to see a bigger picture.
This fabulous fish's ancestors lived along the coast line of several island in the south end of Lake Victoria in East Africa.
Maximum size: apparently about 3.25" in Lake Victoria but at least 7" in aquariums.
Scientific name: Pundamilia nyererei
Click here for more about this fish.


Buttikoferi Male, African Cichlid, for slae at, a cichlid breeder. Clickon the next page to see a bigger picture.
A large male Buttikoferi for sale
A big male Buttikoferi for sale

Buttikoferi Cichlid

Pictures: above, a 10" Male Buttikoferi, below, two pictures of a 14" long male. Click on the picture to see a bigger picture.
Maximum size: about 16" long.
Scientific name: Heterotilapia buttikoferi
Click here for more about this fish.

Paratilapia polleni an African Cichlid
Madagascar Cichlid an African Cichlid

Diamond Cichlid

Pictures: a 5" Male Black Diamond Cichlid. Click on each picture to see a bigger picture.
This species is from Madagascar, a large island off the east coast of Africa.
Scientific name: Paratilapia polleni
Click here for more about this fish.

Kribensis Cichlids at
Female Kribensis Cichlid at
Kribensis Cichlids at
Kribensis Cichlids at
Kribensis Cichlid

Pictures: all these pictures are of males except the third picture from the top.

Click on each picture to see a bigger picture.

Click here to see more pictures. Freddie says right now the females are prettier than than any of the males in these pictures! Wow

Kribensis is a longtime aquarium favorite Dwarf Cichlid from the rainforests of West Africa.

Wild Kribs are said to eat plants!

This is a very highly recommended aquarium fish.

Kribs love having a cave and will often breed inside.

Click here to shop online for an aquarium cave for them.

Even the smallest cave shown at that link is big enough for these Kribs.

Ours do very well here eating premium foods.

Click here to learn more about premium foods.

Scientific name: Pelvicachromis pulcher, but it was P. kribensis a long time ago, and that explains why they're usually called Kribensis.


Orange Chromide Cichlid from India at Click on this picture to see a bigger picture.

Chromide Cichlid


Pictures: a 2" Orange Chromide swimming in one of our aquariums, when one of us snapped this picture.
This fish's ancestors  lived in India
and Sri Lanka and were not African Cichlids.
Maximum size: about 3.25" long
Scientific name: Etroplus maculatus



 Names & Comments 


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