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Page 2 about

White Tip Shark Cats
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Note that White Tip Shark Catfish is an alternative name for the Columbian Shark.
This page contains Customer Comments and our Replies about White Tip Shark Catfish.

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Customer Comments

White Tip Shark Catfish, which is also called a Columbian Black Fin Shark.  
White Tip Shark Catfish, which is also called a Columbian Black Fin Shark.
My very happy, healthy black fin sharks arrived this morning. They were a bit disoriented when we added them to their new home, but calmed down within a few hours with the lights out and quiet in the living room.
I must say - I'm extremely pleased with the overall condition of these fish and it was worth every penny. Thank you for getting them to me so quickly and in such good health. I turned on the light briefly for a moment earlier to check their tank and their condition, and they perked up and started exploring their tank.
I took a few quick pictures and turned the light back off for their orientation. Here they are in their new home, thanks again for such wonderful fish!
~Sherece N.
Reply. Hello Sherece. Thank you for your email and you comments about the White Tip Shark Catfish, that we shipped to you.

These fish are also called Black Fin Sharks and I see that is what you call them.

Thanks too for the nice pictures you sent to us and for your complimentary comments.


Customer Comments

My friend has a white tip shark in which he also refers it to a silver tip or a columbian shark. I would like to know what you meant on your site when you said they are brackish fish but could live in freshwater with just some aquarium salt added to it, or did i just misunderstand and that maybe you just meant to add aquarium salt to the brackish water.
The reason i'm wondering is because i'm looking into getting some white tips and other brackish water fish myself and would like to know which water would be the best way to go. My friend said to put them in brackish water only . I would like your opinion because i really like this site and i have learned alot from it.
There is one thing i find interesting in which you may too. You said on your site that the white tips may get to be 12" to 16" in the wild and that they may only reach 6" in a tank he has two white tips one is a little over 9" and the other is about 8 1/2" and he also has other brackish fish that are 5 to 6" long, he has had them for a long time and has a 80-gallon tank, he said having a bigger tank is probably the reason they are bigger than 6" is that true ...
Thank you and keep up good work,
love the site.
Reply. Hello Mike. I read the paragraph that I wrote about brackish water on this page, and it confused me.

So I re-wrote it, and you can see the new version above.

These White Tip Sharks will do best in brackish water, which is fresh water with about 1-Tablespoon of Aquarium Salt added to each 5-gallons of the fresh water.

It's very interesting to read in your email that your friend's White Tip Sharks grew to be 9" and 8-1/2" long. I have never seen them this big.

Your friend's 80-gallon aquarium helps, but probably the crucial factor is the good food and care your friend has given his fish.

I love to see big old fish that have lived a long time and had a good life, and surely they've had a better life in his 80-gallon aquarium, than they would have had in a smaller aquarium.

I don't think that they directly sensed how big their aquarium was and then decide to just grow so big.

But the water quality was probably better in the bigger aquarium.

Maybe they got more exercise, and maybe they were less stressed in a big aquarium than they would have been in a smaller aquarium.

One more thing that I'd like to mention. A few times I've seen White Tip Sharks living in salt water aquariums.

Salt water has a lot higher concentration of salt than brackish water.

The White Tip Sharks did very well in the salt water, and they changed color to a metallic brass color. They were very attractive and looked quite different.

Caution: if you acclimate White Tip Sharks from Brackish Water to salt water, acclimate them over a period of many days and carefully observe your fish several times a day during this period of acclimation to salt water.

Mike, thank you for the compliment at the bottom of your email.

I enjoy knowing that you like this website, that you are making good use of it, and now you have made a good contribution to this website. Thanks again.


Customer Comments

White Tip Shark Catfish.
Hello Just wanted you guys to see 4 of my white tip sharks I bought from YOU about 2 years ago. They are so GREAT and are about 8" and are really healthy.
I was really happy with these fish when I bought them from you and still am happy with how good they are doing. I am planning on buying an 100-gallon tank and will send more pictures of them in their new home.
Reply. Hello. Thank you for your email and the picture of your White Tips, which are now 8" long.

Whoa that is cool. We ship them at about 2.5" to 3", so they have grown a lot in your aquarium. Congratulations.

Please do send us a picture of their new home! Thanks again.


Customer Comments

Hi, I was just at your site and read your information on White Tip/Black finned/Columbian sharks ... Most of the information is quite useful, but i noted a few things that may be helpful.
I recently bought a pair of White Tip/Columbian sharks from a local pet store. This store is very reputable for its fish and is the only place i go to purchase them. The White tips were kept in a tank with Emperor ID Sharks and seemed to get along great ... just another idea for tankmates.
Also, they were boarding a pair (which i happened to see and instantly fell in love with) that were easily 12-13" long ... and they had been bought from the same store 4-5 months earlier as 3-4" fish. (My pair are currently 3" each) ... a little insight on maximum sizes in captivity. Given the right conditions, they CAN grow to their full potential.
I was also told that they had been fed a mixed diet of carnivorous foods such as brine shrimp, beefheart and bloodworms. My little guys go nuts over beefheart, and it's been known to speed up growth ... maybe that can be added as another food choice for these fish on your site?
Oh, and the freshwater/brackish/marine issue is simply, the older they get, the more salt they like. Although an adult Columbian can live in freshwater, it will not thrive. They are brackish as adolescents and should be fully marine by the time they reach their full size. I'm keeping mine in 140-gallon brackish right now that's being converted to marine in 3 months time.
Wish me luck! :)
~ Krys G.
Niagara Falls, Canada
Reply. Hello Krys. Thanks you for your interesting and useful comments about keeping White Tip Sharks.

I hope you will send me an email once in a while with more information about your White Tips.

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