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is usually $36.99

Or only $17.99 to Southern California.

on Orders totaling $169.99 before taxes and shipping charges. 

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Fish Bowl Information
Click here
to buy a Fish Bowl.
Buying this fish bowl for sale at, an online retail Tropical Fish store.   This fish bowl kit has one Blue Male Betta, live plants, and some gravel. Accessorize your bowl with silk plants around your bowl (not inside the bowl), and put it on a piece of marble or tile.
Click here now to buy a Fish Bowl Kit from us.

This Fish Bowl Kit includes a 1.5-gallon plastic bowl with a plastic cover, your choice of one Male Betta or one Female Betta (your choice), one Live Aquatic Plant, a 3" Fish Net, the correct amount of Cultured Gravel and Lava Rock, plus a bottle of Water Conditioner.

You'll need to get some fish food as listed below in the paragraph titled Recommended Diet.

This Fish Bowl Kit is a very good item for children, senior citizen, shut-ins, and everybody else! Click here for more information about fish for kids.

This Fish Bowl is also a beautiful center piece for home decorating and Feng Shui.

Click here for more about Feng Shui.

Note: for many years we sold this kit with two Aquatic Snails, but under current Federal Law it's not legal to ship snails across state borders without a special federal permit for each state.

The cost of the permits is so high that it precludes shipping snails.

So we do cannot ship snails at this time, and we do not include them in this kit, but we still recommend snails, and encourage you to find them in your local fish stores.

Pet Fish Talk a Podcast about keeping pet fish in aquariums, fish bowls, and ponds.  
Click here to listen to a Special Show titled "Fish Bowls", an MP3 PodCast, hosted by the Bailey Brothers on Pet Fish Talk.

Appropriate Home
This item includes a 1.5-gallon bowl. Click here for more about fish bowls.

Keep this bowl away from sources of hot and cold air such as heaters, heater vents, cold or sunny windows, drafts, air conditioner vents, etc.

It's is important that this bowl be kept cool at about 65 to 75-degrees F. Put it in a place away from extremes of hot and cold.


Recommended Diet
We feed all of our fish premium quality fish foods, especially fish in Fish Bowls, because premium foods produce less waste and keep the water fresher and cleaner.

Click here now to learn more about premium fish foods.


You can add an African Dwarf Frog, but it will need to eat live food such as live Black Worms at least three times a week.

Click here for more about Black Worms.

Click here to read more about several other groups of compatible fish.

Why Does This Fish Bowl Work?
Several visitors to this site have sent us comments, saying that they were worried that one Betta are too many animals in one bowl.

We appreciate their concern for these animals, and it might seem like too many animals. But the crucial test is to actually try it, and we have tried it many many times. It works. Why?

1.5-gallons is 6-quarts and that's a pretty big fish bowl. We might put one Betta in a half gallon bowl but 1.5-gallons is much better.
Notice we recommend putting the bowl in a cool part of your home where the water is 65 to 75-degrees F. not 78 to 80.

The lower temperature allows more oxygen in the water and less fish waste because the animals' metabolism is slower.

The cultured gravel provides a lot of surface area that is covered with the essential nitrifying bacteria that turn fish waste into almost harmless residue.

Click here to learn more about gravel and biological filtration.

The piece of Lava Rock provides a place for anaerobic bacteria to live and denitrify the water in the fish bowl.

Click here to learn more about using Lava Rock to denitrify water.

We recommend that you change 20% of the water at least twice a week and replace it with bottled drinking water.

Click here for more about changing water in fish bowls.

We recommend that you feed premium fish food, because these foods leave less residue after being digested than most foods.

Click here for more about premium fish foods.

We strongly recommend you check your fish bowl 10-minutes after each feeding. If there is any uneaten food, remove it with a small net.

Click here for more about feeding your fish.

These animals are adults and have low metabolic rates. Why is that important?

Because they'll metabolize less food, so they'll eat less food, so they'll produce less waste, the water will stay clean, and they'll remain healthy.

We know that one small goldfish will not do well in a fish bowl, so we don't recommend putting goldfish in bowls.

It took us a long time to find the unique combination of this large bowl with the right amount of cultured gravel, lava rock, food, and animals that fit together and do very well together.

This isn't just a "first thing we thought of" combination that might work.

It's the pieces of a puzzle that finally fitted together to produce a combination that does work.

Click here for more about keeping fish in bowls.

Cautionary Comments
A couple of good folks have sent comments saying that they took this plan for this kit, then went out and "bought all the parts and put it together, but it doesn't seem to be working."

We checked and found out they had gravel but not cultured gravel, or they couldn't find any Lava Rock that's nontoxic.

The cultured gravel and Lava Rock are essential, and this combination doesn't work well without them.

We'll be glad to ship you the cultured gravel and Lava Rock, or the entire kit, and anything else you need.

But please for sake of the animals do the entire plan, or it may not work.


Size and Lifespan
Most of these animals can live for 2 to 3 years in this fish bowl.

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