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Page 5 about
Betta Fighting Fish
This page contains Customer Comments and our Replies about Betta Fighting Fish.

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Customer Comments

Hi from Bahrain I stumbled across your site looking for info on a beginner aquarium. I had a Betta about a year ago but he died. Now I know why.
The info given on your site has given me confidence to try again with the Betta and put the aquarium on hold for a while. I would like to copy your set up to include the snail & shrimp but with an artificial plant. Would it stress the fish to move the bowl around?
I have two cats and don't want to give them any extra meals! Would the artificial plant upset the balance - my cats would eat that too, given the opportunity.
To get the cultured gravel, if I asked the shop to put the artificial plant into one of their gravelled tanks for a week, and then move the 'cultured' plant into the bowl when I get the fish - would that work instead? I'll still have 1/4" gravel but it's un-cultured.
Where I live, the water temp. in the bowl is around 82 during the day and 75 at night. Is this too big a change? Lots of questions, I know, but you make it so easy!
Reply. Hello Manama. Thank you for your email and for your complimentary comments about

I gently move my Betta Bowl around. I also keep the plastic cover snapped on the bowl so my cat, Sarah, can't get into my fish bowl.

The plastic plant would be a good substitute for the live plant. A fish bowl does not need a live plant.

But the fish bowl must have cultured gravel, and a "cultured" plant would not be an effective replacement for cultured gravel.

I think 82-degrees is a little bit high for Bettas, but 80 is OK.


Customer Comments

I listened with great interest to last show that betta's do not enjoy joy rides! Our Betta, has been a member of our community tank for about a year, he loves to charge in out of the current from the bio-wheel and when he has had his fun he retires to his corner of the tank for a while.
When we had a Black Lace Angel in the same tank he squared off with it and made its life miserable and nipped his fins. When we transferred him to standard run of the mill Betta set-up he got so depressed and quit eating and we thought he was going to die.
So we got another tank, put the angel in it, put the Betta back home, and now he is going whee!!!! through the current several times a day and is a happy camper!!!
Tony from Evart MI
Reply. Hello Tony. Thank you for your interesting observations about your Betta Fighting Fish. I enjoyed reading your comments.
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