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Page 4 about
Male Betta Fish
This page contains Customer Comments and our Replies about Male Betta Fish.

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Customer Comments

Thanks for maintaining this very helpful site. I am mourning and regretting the loss of Fisher the Betta Fish who I bought for my daughter about a year ago. Being a novice at caring for fish of any kind, I totally missed that Fisher was showing signs of stress and then came down with cotton fungus starting on his tail.
I had seen some strings of fuzz on his tail but I dismissed it as nothing. Fisher still had his glorious coloring and seemed active since he was still eating. But, when I came home from work the next day, he was dead at the bottom, covered in fuzz!
I immediately looked for a site on the web to help me figure out what had happened and to keep it from happening to Rainbow Sparkles too. I went to (a fish store) that night and chose the best looking fish out of the three that they had. Since I had washed and prepared the bowl for him hours before, I slowly acclimated him to the bowl by floating his container in it for a half an hour. Then I placed him in.
The next day, he was top gasping and wouldn't eat. Great! Now what! I read your site some more and decided that I needed my bottle of Quick Cure. I had purchased Quick Cure months earlier to treat Fisher for Ich. However, I had loaned it to a friend a while ago for her Blue who was not very blue anymore.
Our local (store) seems to have a difficult time stocking this stuff so, I couldn't buy another bottle. Instead I chose some other products and immediately added the stuff to his bowl. The next day, he was covered with cotton fungus anyway! Urgency called for apprehending my bottle of Quick Cure! My friend was kind enough to bring it to me when she heard of my plight. Now the new, nameless, fish has had two doses of Quick Cure and two 20% water changes.
He is looking better and has less fuzz but not eating yet. He is emaciated and I am worried about that part. He was a small juvenile about 1.5" in length when I bought him 4 nights ago. He's a toothpick now. But, without your site, he most likely would have died already. Thanks for your informative site!
A little more about poor Fisher. When I bought him ... he had to be sick. He wasn't very good looking at all! But, my daughter was sick and she has severe cerebral palsy. I wanted her to have a pet to look at that would be all hers and he was the only Betta for sale. So I bought him. And my daughter enjoyed watching him regardless of his looks.
One day, when I was cleaning his bowl, he jumped out of his other little bowl and landed on the kitchen counter. I don't know how long he was there when I found him. I immediately scooped him up with my hands and through him back in the water. We both stressed out! Fisher had left blood on my counter! I thought he was a goner for sure!
However, I got out the Quick Cure and gave him a shot. He was a tired little fish for a long time. But when he recooperated he had completely changed color! He was a beautiful orange-red mix with white fins. Best of all his fins had a violet irridescent glow at the ends! Our duckling turned into a swan!
My only regret is that I didn't read your site before the problems came! All of these problems could have been prevented had I done this! Thanks again for helping my future efforts!
Reply. Hello Robin. Thank you for your interesting email about your Betta, and we are glad to know that you are now making use of this website. Good luck with your fish.

Customer Comments

 I just had a few questions about Bettas. I recently got a male, and he is absolutly cool. I noticed that he does recognize mine and my boyfriends face when we come to the bowlt o feed him, he gets all excited and flits around.
We also found this morning that if you put a drop of water on the outside of the bowl and let it run down the side, he kinda "chases" it to the bottom, and continues to look for it. He is actually a very active fish, and we have grown so attached.
But I was actually writing to find out if my feeding for him is ok. I feed him the pellets (about 3 to 4) twice a day. Can you feed them the regular earth worms from outside? Or do you need the freeze-dreied stuff. Please let me know, and is his excited behavior really that or is he trying to tell us somthing?
Thank You
Heather & Joe
Reply. Hello Heather. I like the fact that you are closely watching your Betta and observing his interesting behaviors.

We recommend that you feed floating food labeled for Betta Fish to your Betta. As a treat you can feed a few freeze dried blood worms, which are actually mosquito larvae.

One of my male Bettas likes dried baby shrimp and krill, which I have to squeeze between my finger to break up and make the pieces small enough for my Betta to eat.

All of these foods are usually available in stores that sell live pet fish.

Earthworms are too big for Bettas to eat. But Bettas love to eat a few live Black Worms. Click here for information about live Black Worms.


Customer Comments

I had a question about one of the fish that I own. I have a 2 gallon tank with a Betta and a few Danios. I recently tried adding a snail to the aquarium so that I had some kind of a bottom feeder so as to not over crowd the tank with another fish.
After a few minutes of being in the tank my Betta began to nip and kind of bite at the snail when ever he started to come out of his shell.
So I have moved the snail to his own little tank for the time being. Why does the Betta nip at the snail ,and will I be able to have the snail live safely in the 2 gallon with the other fish and not be "harassed" by my Betta?
Reply. Hello. I think your Betta is healthy, energetic, and just curious about the Snail.

If you put the Snail back in the aquarium, your Betta will probably soon stop nipping on the Snail.

If your Betta's nips start hurt the Snail, the Snail can retire into its shell.

Incidentally, I'm glad you did not get more fish, because it sounds like your 2-gallon aquarium is crowded with fish now.

Click here for more information about Bettas, click here for more about Aquatic Snails, and here for more about Danios.

Thank you for your comments. Good luck with your aquarium.


Customer Comments

First of all, thank you all for giving everyone this information. I love your site. Whenever I have trouble with my fish, I go here. Thank you.
Well, this is my real problem. Can I keep a betta with two small cory catfish? I've heard that bettas can get along well with many non-aggressive fish that aren't fin nippers. My friend used to have a betta in a community tank, and it did very well. And since they are at a different water level (bettas = top, Corys = bottom,) they probably won't pester each other. Do you think this would be okay? I really love both species of fish, and I want to put the two together. Please help!
I have 2 bettas, a gold gourami, and a cory cat.
Reply. Hello Amanda and thank you for your email. we are glad to know that you enjoy and make good use of it. We love Betta Fish and Cory Catfish too.

Yes, as you surmise, Cory Catfish are good tank mates for Betta Fish.

Click here for more about keeping Corys, where you will learn they are warm water fish that need to live in an aquarium with an aquarium heater adjusted to between 78 and 82-degrees F.

Also Corys are schooling fish that need to live in a group with several other Corys of the same species.

They also need at least one-gallon of water per Cory, when they are small, and at least three gallons per Cory when they have grown. So a nice group of six Corys will eventually need at least 18-gallons.

A Betta Fish should have at least one or two-gallons, so six-Corys and a Betta Fish need an aquarium with at least 20-gallons of water.

I see you also have a Gold Gourami, which can grow to be 4", maybe 5", sometimes even bigger, and need at least 5-gallons of water.

They also prefer to live a group of their same species, and a group of them requires a bigger aquarium.

Click here to read more about your Gold Gourami.
Thanks again for your email.

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