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Page 2 about
Betta Fish Females
This page contains customer Comments and our Replies about Betta Fish Females.

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Customer Comments

I read your comment under the fish bowl information about Bettas' lifespans. Just thought I'd share about my brilliant blue/green Twin Tail female betta. She's a little over 3 years old and living actively in a 20 gal. community tank with 6 male/female guppies, 2 platies, 5 ghost shrimp, a Chinese Algae Eater, and a Dwarf African Frog. As you can imagine, it is a very comical tank!
This female is tough; I tried to breed her once, she spent 10 days with a male in a 10 gal. and was no more beat up than he was ... and still refused to spawn! Now I can't put a male in my 20 gal. or she beats him up! She is the queen of the livebearers and keeps every tank mate in check. I don't think it would be a proper community without her spicturey personality! She's really unique.
Reply. Thank you for your interesting comments.

Customer Comments

I have been a lover of all animals for my entire life but since I have started college all we are allowed to keep in dorms is fish. I started the year off with a single betta. I have now 8 male betta 8 female betta, a black molly that just had 20 fry, a silver molly, and 3 small marble mollis that are all pregnant.
I have found that while I can keep my bettas and mollies together happilly not all females are suitable for community. I have a beautiful pink female who will flare up and attack anyone who gets near her. I find that, when with a male, she positions herself for mating and gets viscious if he doesn't respond to her advances. I still keep her in my commnity tank but she is in a tall skinny cylindrical bowl inside the tank. This keeps her amused and the other fish safe. It also looks quite beautiful.
I had only had my black molly for about 1 week when all the sudden I woke up and she had shrunk significantly. Luckily I had large glass stoned as gravel and al! l the babies managed to avoid the bettas until I could run out and buy seperators. I got those floating plastic seperators that still allow water to flow through. I love it because they are safe and yet my bettas can still see them and attempt to chase them. I have read that feeding the fry chopped up zucchini is healthy but I have been told otherwise by petco employees. I would like to know what is best before my babies are harmed.
People think I am crazy for keeping so many fish in a dorm room but I figure its a better hobby than some things other people are doing plus it has inspired me to work at an aquatics store this summer so that I can learn more about them. Also as long as I continue to take good care of them the only thing my hobby serves to harm is my bank account. I love to spoil my fish with special foods and decorations for them to hide amongst. Being an art major I love to watch them for their form and color but also because they are just incredible life forms.
My roomate and I adore watching them. I just wanted to share my input because I love talking about my fish. I would appreciate having a few questions answered as well. I would like to know about my babies, how to best care for them, and what kind 2 of my females are. they are tourquoise on most of their body but they appear to be pink females around their heads.
Austin TX 78705
Reply. Thank you, Leslie, for useful comments about your fish.

Click here to read more about feeding baby mollies.

Click here to read the whole page about breeding Mollies.

About your vicious female Betta. We have had a few very aggressive females too, and others have reported that a few of their females are overly aggressive.

Female Bettas are like people. They are not all the same. They have personalities. Some are aggressive and bold. Others are timid.

This means we can't say, "All female Bettas are ...", but rather we must learn to watch each Betta female and realize they have individual personalities, which makes keeping them all the more fun.

I don't know the name of your Female Bettas. Some people think it's great fun and enhances Betta keeping and breeding to give them lots of names.

I have known many fish breeders and most of them are not too interested in the names. But they are very interested in the fish and in breeding them. I tend to be one of the latter.

But once in a while I hear a really creative name, and then I can't deny that it's fun to name Bettas!


Customer Comments

... I am interested in having a tank filled with brightly colored female Bettas.  All the local pet shops tell me the only females they have ever gotten were a bland color, not the distinct bright colors.  I was wondering if the ones you supply have been "dyed", or do you have access to females that have bright colors naturally.
Martha M.
Myrtle Beach, SC
Reply. None of our female Bettas have been dyed and all of their colors are natural. Generally the colors of these female Bettas improves as they become older.

Click here now to see our list of female Bettas with pictures of several types.


Customer Comments

I have read with interest all your newsletters. I have kept 3 male Betta's at this time in a large bowl (different bowls) with plants. Recently my first two died after having them for 3 1/2 years.
I also have a 15-gallon aquarium. I had a female betta that was in the 15-gallon, that disappeared after two weeks. After approx. 3 months after she had disappeared, I changed to a larger 29 gallon aquarium.
To my shock, I discovered my female trapped under my undergravel filter! She was alive!! I was so happy to have found her, had her for only 2 weeks after her rescue when she regretfully died. I thought this would interest and hopefully help others who have this type of filter. I would never again use this.
Thank you for you newsletters..
I find something helpful in all.
Reply. Hello Rae. We're glad you enjoy reading our Newsletter and find them useful. Thank you for your email and your interesting comments.

We agree with your conclusion about undergravel filters, and we do not recommend them. But we've never had a fish spend months under an undergravel filter!

Click here to subscribe to our Newsletter.


Customer Comments

Hi, I really hope you can give me some advice. I recently bought my second Betta, a female. My first was a male and is being raised by my son. This one is different. She is constantly hungry!
When I come near her bowl she comes flying to the side, bites at the water, and looks like she is about to leap out. I feed her BettaMin and Hikari Betta Bio-Gold about every hour. She eats all of it within 30 seconds and is actually getting fat.
I am concerned about overfeeding and wondering if the fat rounded look is unhealthy or should I just keep up the constant feeding. Please advise if at all possible.
Thank you,
Kathy G.
Reply. Hello Kathy. Your observations about your Female Betta are very interesting and unusual.

Yours is the first email that I've received describing a Female Bettas that eats too much.

Many fish, including most Goldfish, and many people, including me, eat too much and would be healthier eating less than the maximum amount their appetites encourage them to eat.
I'll bet many of the folks, who try to breed Betta Fish, would like to have a female your your female, because it is usually difficult to get Female Bettas to fill with eggs.
If you want to breed your female, this web site has some helpful information.

Click here for more about breeding Betta Fish.
If you don't want to Breed Bettas, then you need to think about what to do with your chubby female. You could try to find someone, and there are many, who are looking for a Female Betta with a big appetite.
If you decide to keep her but not breed her, here are some ideas. You could lower the temperature of her water. Don't lower it too much or too fast. Just a couple degrees lower temperature may decrease her appetite.
You could also just feed her a few bits of Betta Food twice a day. She may be hungry, but she will slim down over a few weeks, and it will be better for her health.

Please write back with more information about your hungry Female Betta.

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